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I Spent the Night in a Balloon & Then This Happened… (Sleep in a Giant Balloon Challenge)

I Spent the Night in a Balloon & Then This Happened… (Sleep in a Giant Balloon Challenge)

– Alright, so today’s video is another one of my stupid ideas. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I know, I keep coming up with them. I think this is the
stupidest idea I’ve had yet. Yep. (laughs) So there was this weird big trend that happened like a year ago where people started getting
inside giant balloons. I don’t know how the
hell this thing started, but I bought a balloon at this time. I thought, I want a piece of this! I want to get in a huge balloon. That looks awesome! So I bought one. No, actually, I bought two, and then they came in the
post and they just sat there and I’ve never used them. So today we’re gonna use ’em. Hello? So here it is: a giant balloon. Look at this, this thing is heavy AF. It’s so thick. Is it just me, or does it look
like a giant whoopee cushion? It’s starting to rain. No, please no more rain. Please no more rain after that last video, where we made the huge
cardboard fort thing. (whimpers) If you didn’t watch that video already, go and watch it, but don’t leave just yet. There’s gonna be a link to that right at the end of this video. We made a cardboard fort and it got wet. It was windy, there was a storm. Why is it raining now? It’s literally not rained all morning, and I’ve just come out
with camera for two minutes and it’s raining! Alright, so weirdly enough, I’m gonna be getting in this thing. I know. Me. Me is gonna be in this
thing for a whole night. This is gonna be awesome, obviously. I’m gonna be spending the
whole night in this thing, so I’m gonna need food,
I’m gonna need drink. I’m just gonna need general
supplies and fun things to do while I’m in there just to
help me get through the night, you know what I mean? So we will be going to the shop soon, getting those supplies. I’m gonna be getting some
surprises as well, no doubt, but I’m not gonna tell
what they are until later, when it happens. But anyway… Go follow me on Instagram. I posted a cheeky little picture of this on Instagram before the video went online, so if you follow me on Instagram, you probably knew this were gonna happen before it happened, like a little teaser. If you didn’t know, you obviously don’t
follow me on Instagram. Link in the description below. My username’s @killemftw. Go follow me, I’m following back. Also I do stupid stuff like
this every three to four days, so make sure you smash that
subscribe button down below if you haven’t already. And if you are already subscribed, press that little bell icon right next to the subscribe button and you’ll be notified
every time I upload… What’s that thing, yah? Oh yeah! (laughs) Oh, this is gonna take me so long to edit. Why am I doing this? Just press that little button. It’s as easy as that! I’m gonna try and get in this. Let’s have a go. Moon, Moon, Moon, get the leaf blower! I’m in! (giggles) No! I can’t get my head in. I’m in, I’m in! I can kinda see outside. Can you see me? It look good? So this is what I’m gonna be doing. But spend the night in it. (Moon laughs) Yeah, that’s it. All that just for that, yeah. What? Yeah, we’re done. What did you do that for? I meant we’ve done the intro! No, we got other stuff to do later. Alright, so I’m in the
shop, supply hunting. I’ve wandered off somewhere. I don’t usually come to this shop. I don’t know where I am. (laughs) Hello? Go, go, go. So we’re in a different shop. We don’t usually come to this one, so I don’t know where stuff is. But anyway, today’s mission is
the supplies we’re gonna get have got to be round. So is it gotta be like a ball shape or is it gotta be round but can be flat? Like a ball? It’s just gotta be round. Filth. No fruit and veg, come on. Let’s go find some real food. I forgot to mention the
reason we’re doing round food is because we’re in a
balloon, which is round. It makes sense to me, I think. They look like little balloons. Let’s have ’em. What food is more known– What food is better known… I don’t even know what I’m trying to say. What food is more known than, than… Donuts are round. Cookies as well. I really like this round food theme. Ferrero Rochers, oh they’re gorgeous. Getting some really good food. Yeah, that’s good. Yeah. Come on, then, fruit again. I don’t usually get fruit. I mean, what’s this? Persimmon? I never heard of a persimmon. It’s got instructions. “Eat it whole, like an apple.” It says it on it. (laughs) Onion rings, do they count? Obviously we’re gonna be in a balloon. It’s a tight space in there,
so we can’t get too much food. So maybe one, maybe two
more things, maximum. Need some drinks? Is that it? Is that everything? Is there something else? Have I? What’s happening? I really want some cheese. Babybel, Babybel’s round. What’s this one? What? Final thing: drinks. I mean, I don’t know
what the hell this is. It says Monster. I like Monster. It’s round if you do this. It’s orange flavour, oranges are round. I’ll get a few of these. I got a few other surprises
I’ve not shown you. I’m gonna show you them
later, keep them surprise. It’s gonna be good, gonna be a lot of fun. Let’s go get in a balloon. For the night, 12 hours. (laughs) I’ve got the blanket here on the floor because when we blow the balloon up, we don’t the balloon to
pop on any sharp things here on the floor that we can’t see. Moon’s scared of balloons. Aren’t ya? Well, you’ve got to help
me blow this thing up. And finally, I’ve had to get changed. I’ve got some tight clothes on, because obviously when I’m trying to squeeze into this thing, it’s gonna be real hard if I’ve got baggy clothes in the way. I mean, these are like the
tightest clothes I’ve got. Let’s do one of them real
nice things with the music and make everything look cool. And easy. Go! (dubstep) Fill me up quick. There’s not a lot of air in here. Uh-oh, don’t rush, don’t rush. I’m gonna have to put camera down. Oh, awesome. That’s a really good idea. Hey, we’re in. (laughs) This is insane! I’m inside a balloon right now. No way. I’m actually recording this on the phone because when we got the camera in, I don’t know what’s happened to it, it instantly steamed up. It just stopped working. It doesn’t like being in here. So that’s why it probably looks a little bit different to normal. But we’re still in here,
we’re good to go right now. I’ve got all my stuff. Got my food, got my drink. And I got some other
cheeky surprises, as well. Not gonna show you them just yet. They’ll come later. I’ve got everything on my legs. I don’t want anything
touching the actual balloon. I don’t wanna risk popping
this thing, seriously. The only thing touching the
balloon right now is me. Everything I’ve got here is on me. Don’t want anything
accidentally pricking it and it all exploding at once. I feel like this thing could
just explode at any second, and it’s just intense. The whole time it’s just intense. This is crazy. This is crazy, let me
just do a quick room tour. Why not? This is it, I guess. I’ve got a good old G
Fuel bottle to plug it in. Here’s the walls and stuff. And me. Look at that. Ugh. We’re gonna do a real quick camera swap. We’re gonna to go to Moon vision so she can show you what it
looks like from the outside. Go! (laughs) – Hey! Obviously we’re inside a balloon. This is just dangerous AF. Seriously, could suffocate easily. So kids, do not do this at home, do not do this at school, do not do this at work if you work. I don’t know if you work. (laughing) Just don’t do it. When I did the Zorb ball video we had to refresh the air every two hours because there’s only a limited
supply of oxygen in there. When you breathe, it uses it up. So obviously we’re gonna have
to do that in here as well. I don’t even think
there’s one hour’s worth of air in this thing because this is a lot
smaller than the Zorb. Every hour we’re gonna
refresh the air in here. We’re gonna be in here 12 hours, so we’re gonna have to
refresh the air 12 times throughout the night. One more thing that’s like
an extra safety precaution: Moon’s not gonna be here
with me the whole night. Literally it’s just gonna be me and you, except when Moon comes
and refreshes the air. She’s gonna be in the house. She’s got a baby monitor. The baby monitor can watch me and hear me, so if anything goes wrong, she
can hear what I’m shouting, she can see what’s going wrong, and then she can get here
real fast if I need her. This Monster drink thing,
whatever it is, let’s try it. I’m so sweaty right now. It’s so hot in here. Really need a drink. That’s not bad. Tropical Thunder. Not much taste. I really wanna lay down,
my back is killing me, but I don’t want to
touch these sweaty walls. I don’t trust laying down. I don’t wanna pop this balloon. If it pops, it’s challenge over. Also, Moon has just gone. Literally it’s just me and you right now. So… What shall we do? (laughs) Hello? Anyone there? – [Toy] Bop it! Whip it! Pull it! Comb it! Pull it! Selfie it! Cradle it! – What the hell’s cradle it
and comb it and selfie it? What? This is to millennium for me. I’m a 90’s kid. I just want twist it, bop
it, pull it, that’s it. I’m simple, I don’t want
selfie it, hammer it, golf it, comb it, cradle it. Smash it.
– Bop to start! – Shut up! – [Toy] I’m going to sleep. – Yeah, me too. That’s a good idea. Moon! Moon, I need ya! Will you come here, please? Moon! I can breathe again. That’s good. Yeah. No, I’m well good, thank you. See ya in another hour. Bye. So a surprise that I bought
for us while we’re in here, we’ve got 12 hours, so
we gotta have some fun, I bought this little robot. It’s called Mip, says Mip on him, but society can’t tell us what to do. He’s not blocking our creativity. We’ll call him whatever we wanna call him. I’m gonna call him Pim. (laughs) So obviously there’s not
a lot of room in here to play with Pim. Literally there’s no flat surfaces here. I thought the balloon might have been bigger when we’re in here. I thought we might have had
more room to play with him, but I’ll give him a go. Oh, this is just disgusting. Pim, Pim! He’s freaking out! Pim’s freaking out! He’s attacking! Oh, Pim. Oh, Pim. (robot vocalises) What goodies we got in my bag? I’m gonna open it, yeah? What are these things? Oh, that’s a broken one. Let’s try this puffy ball thing. I don’t know what it is. It just smells like nothing. That literally tastes like nothing. Why does it exist? It tastes like nothing,
smells like nothing. I’m gonna try this fruit thing. I don’t know what it is. I can’t remember if it
began with a P or an S. Anyway, apparently you
eat it like an apple. Look at that. That tastes so nice. I’ll have to start eating fruit more. Don’t tell Moon. I’m not even really that
hungry, to be honest. It’s so hot in here and sweaty. I’m just losing so much liquid I really need to drink
more than I’m eating. I’ve only got three of these
bottles to last me 12 hours. (sighs) Whoo! Yeah. We done. I just had to turn the camera on. Why is it getting so hot in here? It’s just all of a sudden it’s just… Really, I don’t know what it is! No joke, seriously it
feels like a sauna in here. I don’t know how long
until the next air refill. I’m gonna have to stick my
head out here or something. This is just insane. (groans) (Moon laughing) What’s that? (distorted shouting) Moon! (distorted shouting) (coughing) Moon, it stinks! Why is it so hot? What’s that smell? The stink, what is it? Open garage door! Open the garage door! What is it? You made a stink bomb? Where is it? (gagging) I just can’t get comfortable. I really wanna lay down so much. My back’s killing, my legs are cramped. Look at this, my leg’s wet through. It’s disgusting, all this stuff is here. It’s leaving white powder on me. Ugh! Time’s been going so fast
since the last refill. Before that one, I’ve
just been sat on my phone playing games and stuff. That’s why we’ve just refilled it. I’ve not been recording anything. I’ve just been sat here, chilling. Trying to take my mind off of things, but seriously, this is so freaky. The first half an hour weren’t too bad, but it starts getting to your head, like. I can’t see outside. When I did the Zorb ball video, at least I could see outside. It made it feel a lot less claustrophobic, but in here, literally,
this is all you can see. It’s just red all the way around. It’s just so freaky. It plays mind games with you and I just wanna get out so bad. I just wanna get out so bad. (sighs) I want to go to sleep, I’m so tired. But that’s so risky, going to sleep, ’cause what if I go to sleep,
I ain’t got enough oxygen, I just pass out and then suffocate. I don’t know if I’m actually tired or if it’s because the air’s so thick and it’s just slowing me down. I don’t know. My back aching so much. (groans) I wonder if I could curl up into a ball. Oh, that feels so much better. Can’t really put my legs down. They’re just hovering. Oh, no! I can’t get comfortable! Nothing to look at. Nowhere to go. I’m in here on my own. If anything goes wrong, nobody’s here. What if I start suffocating
and it takes Moon 40 seconds to get here? I could be gone by then. Moon! Moon! Moon, come on! I need ya! Moon! I’ve gotta get out. I’ve gotta get out, Moon. I just can’t do this anymore. I’m freaking out! No, I need to get out now. I’m gonna break my way
out, I’m gonna pop it. (Moon screams) (gasping)


Thanks for these Killem, you really make me laugh – even when you're moaning and groaning about the situation you've put yourself in – you still make me laugh.

The balls you were eating are called goolgapas. They are eaten in India as street food with spicy water and sweet chutneys . BTW love your videos 💄

Aarh I think this might be one of the reasons why a lot of people thought that Moon was your mom. Straight after you said to Moon to get the leafblower, we see some footage of your mom and the leafblower. Hmm, could be the reason 🤔

ATTENTION: When moon came back in after leaving the stink bomb at 15:31, you can clearly see the bottle she left is closed LOL. So obvious staged film.

What you are eating is like a Pakistani desert type. Its called a gol gapa.
You put a type of yogurt and vegetables inside it and eat it in one go.
They are amazing

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