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I Spent the Night in a Phone Box & Wasn’t Allowed to End the Call (Payphone Challenge)

I Spent the Night in a Phone Box & Wasn’t Allowed to End the Call (Payphone Challenge)

(dramatic music) – I’ve had an idea. I want to spend the night in a phone box. That’s it, let’s go. No but seriously, I
want to spend the night in one of them old phone boxes, like you know the
typical English red ones. I don’t know why I’m pointing over here because there’s not a phone box there. But you know them red ones? (laughs) What is wrong with me? So I’m gonna spend the
night in a phone box. But I mean, here’s the little extra twist. (grunts) I’ve got a bucket full of money. I went to the bank and
I got loads of coins. Five piece, 10 piece, 20 piece, 50 piece. So I’ve gotta stay on the
phone for the whole night that I’m in the phone box. That is the extra twist. Who am I gonna call for that long? I literally, I went to the
bank, got this cash out. I wanted to film it, right? I got my camera out. I felt like we’re in GTA or something. I was scoping out the bank. I could, as I was filming,
see where the cameras were, where the air vents were. I’m gonna sneak in. I’m gonna do the best heist ever. I’m gonna come out with millions. (laughs) So I didn’t film it because I actually… I felt like a criminal. So I just filmed a little bit. This is me getting some coins. (dramatic music) I do stupid stuff like
this every four, three, five, seven days or so. I do them as fast as I
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below, following back go, go, go! No joke, I’ve only just
recovered from my last video. I spent 24 hours wearing VR goggles. That was insane! If you’ve not seen that video yet, go watch that thing but
don’t leave just yet there’s gonna be a link to that one right at the end of this video and then when you’re
finished watching this, you can watch that one. So what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna go to
the shop, buy supplies cause obviously I’m gonna
be in this phone box for 12 hours, night till day. Getting dark till getting light, 12 hours! I’m gonna be there for 12 hours! To the shop we go! (panting) That was close. That was close. Augh! Alright, so me and Moon
we’re here at the shop, we’re gonna buy food supplies and we’re going for a theme. Because we lack a proper
English tradition of telephone box, what we’re gonna do is the theme of traditional English food. Why not? (laughs) This could be fun. See what we can find, food and drink and stuff typical English. We’re gonna buy some fun games and toys and stuff as well, but
I’m not gonna show you what they are, we’re gonna
save them till after. So here we go! Tea, cup of tea, biscuits. Tea and biscuits, what’s more
English than tea and biscuits? (clattering) I did two. Toblerone, everyone knows
Toblerone ’round here. Everyone knows Toblerone in England. Curly Wurlys. Oh, it’s a traditional English dish. Prepared only in England,
very popular around it. Another proper English dish,
prepared here only in England. Twinkies. Twinkies, prepared here in Britain, a very British delicacy. Fish n’ chips is England. Alright, so we can’t take
actual fish n’ chips in there. You know, cause it’ll get cold and stuff, ain’t got a microwave
in there, so we’ve got fish n’ chips style crisps. English people love tarts. Little things with jam, very nice. I highly recommend if
you’re ever in England. And also, a Cherry Bakewell Tart. These are also very, very similar except they have icing instead of jam. Just a little (kiss noise) cherry on top. They’re very English. We’re in the proper English section, we’ve got Jezyki, we’ve also got Tigryski. I got these growing up
since I was a child. According to Google, I didn’t know, apparently Ploughman’s
sandwiches are English. It’ just like lettuce
and (mumbles) and pickle and salad, it’s very nice! I thought you would
like an English accent. So we got like main meal, we got crisps, chocolate, we’ve got a drink and stuff. I think we got plenty
of stuff for this thing. There’s loads more, like
typical English stuff. We’ve got scones and some other stuff. So what I’m gonna do now is
go on, get this in my bag, gather all my supplies and then get going. Here we go. Let’s do this. (hip hop music) No coins, I brought all my coins. There’s no phone! In a phone box. This is books. Why is there books in a
phone box and no phone? We gotta find another one now. (creaking) (sighs) (hip hop music) (laughs) What? TV? We’re taking that home after. Free TV. (hip hop music) We’re in the phone box,
it’s very tight in here. There’s not a lot of room. I’m just gonna show you around a bit while it’s still light, cause
it’s getting dark real quick and then Moon’s gonna go and, uh… And then I’m gonna have to
start talking on the phone. But here we go… House tour. (laughs) Alright, so when I look up there’s a light but it’s not on this, I think, that’s meant to be the hinge for the door and it’s not holding the
door, doesn’t stay shut. There’s, like, plants growing in. Lots of broken glass,
we’ve got the phone here and it does work if you listen. It says minimum fee 60 p. I think last time I ever used a phone box, I think I’ve used one once in my life and it were like 20 p. Phone prices have gone up. (laughs) Yeah, this is it. House tour complete. Where’s Moon? Moon! She was standing ’round the
corner, so you couldn’t see her. Moon! Moon’s gonna walk home and in the meantime of Moon walking home,
I’m gonna get some stuff out of my bag, try and get a bit comfy. Probably gonna ring you first. There’s a lot of cars, so I’m going. Bye. What? Oh, you better take my phone, ain’t ya. There’s no point having
two phones, is there? Here you go. I got no phone, I just
got this phone but… Does it have games? It stinks in here. Bye. I love you, bye. So I’m gonna get comfortable,
get stuff out of my bag and stuff, get nice and cosy
if that’s even possible. I need two hands so I’m gonna have to put the camera down, bye! (groans) Okay, so I’ve got these bean bags. I’ve brought bean bags with me, I brought duct tape. I wanted to, like, block
off all this glass. Especially this hole here because it’s so cold in here and I don’t want people to see me. It’s not sticking to the metal, it is just like a little clip. It just won’t stick! I’m gonna have to stay like this. I’m gonna have to… This big hole here, this big hole, wind coming straight in, it
started raining like mad. All the snow is melted, people can see me. I’ve got a light on my camera, just in case you’re wondering
why it’s bright in here. It is a little lot smaller in here than I thought it was gonna be, like, I’m literally, I feel like
I’m so close to the camera. But anyway, Moon has packed my bag for me. I don’t know what she’s
put in, but, like… A baseball bat. (chuckles) Why have I got a baseball bat? No way. A dart’s board. I don’t think I can play darts and baseball in here, for God’s sake. You’re joking. What’s this hopper ball? How much room does she
think I’ve got, Moon? Okay, so I’m guessing
I’m gonna have to start phoning now or else this is like the whole challenge is cheating. I’ve got Moon’s phone
number writ on my wrist so I know what to ring. Let’s make a phone call. (laughs) Oh God, I’ve gotta put money in. This is awkward. Oh, what’s this number? Oh, I can’t, oh. Hello, Moon? Can you hear me? It works! (laughs) I’ve not used one of these in years! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. No I put a pound in,
I’ve got 30 pence left. God, look at this, look! 15, 14, Oh, I’m not sped that up, like, it’s going down so fast. That’s it, a pound gone. Ah, quick, quick, quick! Okay, I’ve got it. Keep putting money in. This is stupid. Ah, it’s so cold in here. That draught, there’s like
a big draught coming in from where them bits of glass have gone. The rain is like… There’s rain dripping in
because it’s raining out there and it’s so cold, it stinks and I’m pretty sure… I mean, there’s some… Doo-doo down there and I don’t see why a dog would come in to doo-doo. So I don’t think it’s a dog. I don’t know but it
stinks like human stuff. I don’t know. What companion? (laughs) Oh no! Quick wait, wait, wait! Ah, this is insane. I’ll keep him on top. Yeah.
(laughs) Yeah, I think I’m gonna need it all. What? What? (laughs) Well, you go on I don’t like that everyone can see me. There’s people walking by and cars. What else have you put in this bag, Moon? Moon, Moon, Moon! No way! Bop It, this is tiny! Wait, wait, wait. I’m gonna put camera down, wait. – Bop It! – Whoa whoa whoa. Ah, I’m running out of money, no! I need to put one in quick! Oh, this is impossible when I’ve gotta use
phone at the same time. What’s this little bag? Travel Scrabble? I need two people to play travel Scrabble. What else is there? Oh! Oh, no way! A little drone! (beeps) Does it work? A what? Stunt drone? It’s not doing anything. Have you charged it? (groans) I don’t even get to play with stunt drone. I need to put more money in. This is gonna be a long night. What can we do now? No! (laughs) I can’t escape. There’s a Chinese right across the street. I really want one. No, no, no, don’t. Don’t answer that, no,
I don’t want Chinese. It’s just it’s like, you know, I’m on the phone and their
phone number is written right on the shopfront and… And I really want a Chinese. It would be good to have it delivered, it’s just across the street. No, no, no, no. Wait, wait, wait, no. I’ll see if I can play them
darts that you gave me. Hold on, wait, uh… Where is it? I’m gonna, like, stay on the phone but just kinda like
slightly hang out the booth. Wait! Oh! No way!
(laughs) I couldn’t even do it. I can’t even fool with it, they all miss! You’ve gotta be further away
so we can get some speed. Ah, disaster. Getting late now, I mean, you can see shops are shutting stuff. There’s not very many cars, there are no people around anyway. It’s getting really quiet. I’m, like, halfway down my coins already. That’s crazy. My legs ache so much. I really, really need
to sit down or something but it’s like it’s so gross down here. Ah. I’m going through so much money. I don’t know how long I can do this for. Seriously, I can’t do this all night. This is not real. People are looking at me like I’m weird. I just want… My legs ache so much. I don’t know, maybe I could crouch but this wall is disgusting,
it’s wet through. And the cable on the phone won’t reach much further than this. It keeps ripping out my hand. I’m not! That’s disgusting, I can’t get down. Wait, I can’t, it’s so gross. I think I literally will catch some sort of disease, it’s disgusting. I’m so cold. You’ve what? What, in the bag? (groans) Oh, this is a hand warmer? Electronic? Yeah, I’ve got camera rolling now. It’s awkward holding
stuff at the same time. Oh no, what, oh that is warming up! That is unreal! I never knew you could
get electric handwarmers. Oh, I could keep it in my pocket, it might keep me a bit warmer. (groans) The phone keeps coming away from my head. Oh, this handwarmer’s so nice. Oh, thank you, Moon. Thank you. You’ve actually put something useful in. (laughs) (moans) Tea and biscuits. It’s so good. I’m eating a sandwich. Mm. Just need to put my
sandwich down a minute. Yeah, that’s better. Mmhmm. What do you mean? That’s not disgusting. It’s on top. It’s only disgusting if it’s on the floor. What’s this? `Well, what’s this black thing? It’s like a walkie talkie. It’s a what? What’s it, can I listen in? What to police and stuff? (laughs) That’s awesome! How do you turn it on? (static) Oh, oh, oh, oh. I’ve been on this, uh… Thing, this radio, for
about half an hour now and still nothing, I can’t hear anybody. It just keeps, like, going through all these
channels and stuff. Oh, oh, oh, oh. – [Radio] Where some people
have called for a boycott. – He sounds American! Can he hear me? (laughs) He sounds American! How powerful is this thing? Oh, whoa. – [Radio] Queens road, Queen’s road. – Queen’s road? Whoa, no, no, no, no. Queen’s road! Yo, Queen’s road is around here. Are they talking about me? That sounded like the police. I think they… You need to come in. Is this legal what I’m doing here? I have to stay on the phone. I mean, I’m not doing this illegal. This is not illegal, is it? Why did you have militia? I don’t like this now. I wanna go home, I wanna go home, Moon. Alright, I’m lying– No! Okay. Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m calm now. I’m calm. They could come any minute. Police station’s not far from here. I’m gonna sit down. I’m going to. I know it’s gross. You put me sleeping bag in, ain’t ya? I’ve gotta get, wait… I’ve gotta put phone down. No, I’m not putting it down. I’m just putting it to the side just to… Just wait! Sleeping bag. Ugh. (groans) I’ve got to stretch. I’ve gotta stretch the cable. Um, wait, wait, wait. I can’t do this, Moon. I’ve gotta come home. I’ve gotta come home. I’ve got to… I’ve tried my best. I can’t, I can’t hear ya. I can’t hear ya. I’m laying in the dirt. And it’s just gross. Ugh. No. There’s more cars going past. I’ve seen people walking dogs around. No, don’t, Moon. No. Moon says she’s leaving. You can’t go. Seriously, you can’t leave me on my own. But who am I gonna call? I’ve got to stay on the
phone the whole time. Okay, uh… Yeah, just… Give me the number then and I’ll call it. Yo, dude, it’s me. Uh, it’s Tom. I know, I know, I’m sorry. You there? Can you hear me? Hello? He’s hung up. (grunts) Moon! No, no, no. No, don’t hang up now. See I called him but he hung up on me, so will you just please
just stay on the phone, leave the phone next to you, like, in bed and I’ll just leave the phone running and I’ll just keep putting coins in. I guess that counts? I’m on the phone. I know, it… It still counts, okay? Alright, so I’m just gonna… You put it down. Okay, bye bye. Ugh. It’s getting so late. It’s so late right now. Well, early. Whatever. It’s probably gonna get light soon. It’s just I’m so tired, I really want to go to sleep. Obviously I don’t wanna
go to sleep in public. People around me and stuff and I can’t… There’s nobody to stay on
the phone the whole time. We could do this, we
could do this together. We can make this. Ugh. (yawns) Ugh, we’re getting there. We’re getting there. Oh. It’s starting to get light. We’re getting to the end. Finally. Morning! Morning! I can’t believe we’re getting to the end of the bucket already. That’s insane. I can’t believe we’re finally getting close to the end. Ugh. I can hear Moon snoring, it’s so loud. It’s getting a bit warmer now, finally. The sun is coming up. I’m glad it’s getting warmer now cause I think the batteries just about wearing out on here. It says eight hours battery life, so. It’s just running low now. Oh. (coughs) Pikachu! We’ve nearly done it. We’ve nearly done it. Pikachu. Oh! Moon. I don’t know if you can hear me but there’s lots of people around, I think it’s as light as it’s gonna get. So, um, I’m calling at the end. I’m coming home. Finally. Yes. Yes. I’ve done it! (phone ringing) (hip hop music)


Love this video mate your crazy persona is best I wanna start doing stuff like this wow are there many call boxes still around?what editing software do you use?

What if killem was walking around carrying the bucket and met a homeless person would he have given the money to the homeless guyor would he just assume please help me solve this and also what would have been the best choice ps killem in any way if you happen to see this please reply

When you freak out about police coming for you in a phone booth on the friking phone but fearlessly put a tent on a roundabout and stay in it for hours and when the police did come you laughed about it 😂

Jezyki i Tygryski ? Export widac niezly 😀
Greetings from Poland, you need to try "Michalki", I saw them in the Video. "Trufle" aswell 🙂

aw I thought that moon was going to say a xylophone for her joke an not a saxophone a xylophone would of been much better

Ha our section (USA) is all junk food, sounds about right. We used to call those 'Phone Booths'. I remember going to those as a kid.

well that's something i've never heard before… a yorkshireman calling a scone a s-c-oa-n instead of s-c-o-n

Wait a second…. how can that phone hold that whole bucket of money? The coin box shouldn't be that large.

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