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I Spent the Night in a Tree Tent and It Was Exactly What You’d Expect (Sleep in a Tree Challenge)

I Spent the Night in a Tree Tent and It Was Exactly What You’d Expect (Sleep in a Tree Challenge)

– Help!
(dramatic instrumental music) I’ve still got my trampoline
from that last video! The one where I spent the
night on a trampoline! You guys absolutely loved that video! It’s got so many views. If you haven’t watched that
already, go and watch it. But there’s gonna be a link to that right to the end of the video, so don’t leave just yet, cha! So, it’s actually so windy today, which for today’s video is not good. So, yeah, you guys have
been sendin’ me pictures of this thing for ages. A link to my Instagram and
Twitter below, @killemftw. Cheeky bloke, go follow, followin’ back! So, finally I bought it online, it’s come in the post, it’s here today, and we’re gonna open it on camera. I’ve not even looked at it yet. What it is is, well, you
probably know from the thumbnail. It’s a real actual tent
that you can sleep in, but you hang it from
like a tree or something. So, it’s like sleeping in a tent– (sniffing)
Someone’s cookin’. Awe, oh, I’m hungry now. Can I have some? (laughing) So, we’re gonna be sleeping in a tent, that’s gonna be hangin’ from a tree! So, I’ve got loads of trees over here at the back of the house. I’ve got the tent here ready to open, but before we set it up, what I’m gonna do is gonna go to the shop, buy supplies for this video because I’m gonna be spending the
whole night in this thing. You guys know the deal, and if you’re new here, I always do stupid stuff like this every three, four, days or so. So, if you’re new, smash that
subscribe button down below. Or if you’re already subscribed, why don’t you press that
little notification button right next to the subscribe button, and you’ll be notified
every time I upload. It’s as easy as that! I’m really looking forward to this one. This is gonna be, ha, what’s that? I’m really looking forward to this video. This is gonna be awesome, it’s gonna be so much fun. I mean, it’s a tent
that hangs from a tree. What could be more fun that that? (laughs)
Seriously! Before we go, I’m gonna
crack this thing open, and have a look, here we go. Oh, upside down. So, here it is, it’s called a Cacoon, and there’s a picture of them like hanging from it just there. Let’s have a look what’s inside the box. Whoa! Oh no. These remind me of when
I set up the trampoline. We’ve got five legs. There should be six. We’ve got half a ladder. We’ve got loads of extra
pieces, we’ve got no springs. It’s all just complete disaster. (fake crying) I’m sure this is gonna go well. Please, please go well. So, it’s literally just the actual tent, a bit of rope, and some metal framin’. It should be really easy to set up. What can go wrong this time? Seriously. I mean, look at these instructions. It can’t be that hard. After this shot we go buy supplies, come back, set this thing up, and then I’ll be spendin’
the night in it, let’s go! Alright, so we’re in the shop now, I’m gonna buy my supplies, I’m so hungry. I’m gonna buy crisps, sweets– – What? What? What? – Argh! Okay, come on then, let’s go. – What? What now? – So, we’re gonna attach
magnets to all the items, and I’ve got to like get the string– (laughing) – Where did you come up with these ideas? – Argh. Come on then, let’s go. Come on. So, what we got, we’re in the
£1 or less aisle, here it is. What?
(laughing) So, I’m only up to there, half of this stuff is like cleanin’ stuff. So, we’ve only got this
little part of food. So, I’m just gonna get
some random stuff I guess, and see what we end up with. So, with this, we’ve
got sweets and crisps, and somethin’ I love, Daim bars. I’ll get a Daim bar. What’s this? Birthday cake popcorn. I’ve gotta try that. Oh! Big bag od crisps, jalapeno flavour. I’m gonna need loads of energy drinks. Never heard of this one, but
they’re just 30p, bargain. And one 7up, cherry flavour. Oh, look at that, four pack of Pepsi Max. – Bag of nuts. Look, is that like a
cheap version of Nutella? – Oh, oh, oh, and we got Twins. That does not look like Oreo. – Obviously. So, I think that’s it for the supplies, we’re gonna go back
home, set the thing up, and get in because it’s gettin’ dark, and it’s gettin’ late, let’s go. (upbeat electronic music) (upbeat electronic music) – Okay, I’ve got it set up. I’ve got my knot all done. I’m gonna quickly get in now because it’s gettin’ dark real
quick, look at this. (shuddering) Ah! Ah! Ahh!
(laughing) I’m gonna fall!
(laughing) Ah! I don’t like it.
(laughing) Ah! Ahh! (laughing) Pass me camera, and pass me my things in. Ah. (laughing) This is awesome. This is what I can see right here. (laughing) This does not feel real. Yeah! It just got dark real quick, like me, Moon, and my mom, who were tryin’ to get a real good thumb nail shot, and we’re a bit awkward. Just watch this. Ah. – [Moon] Go. – Now, I’m goin’ other way.
(laughing) (laughing) I just kept twistin’ all over the place. Alright, Moon’s just
gonna move these steps. There we go. That’s it, now I cannot
get down unless I jump. I can jump down, but it’s gonna hurt, so I’m not gonna do that, so I’m stuck in here now. Alright, Moon, will you just
pass me them supplies, please? – [Moon] Yeah, just wait a second. Pillow. Whoo-hoo-hoo, it’s gonna
be so cosy in here. Look at this!
(laughing) Whoa, can’t see. My bag of supplies. Is that everything? – I think I’m gonna get straight in. Awe! Oh yeah!
(laughing) This is incredibly comfortable. This is insane! (laughing) Ahh! Yeah! Does it look cosy in here? – [Moon] It looks amazing. It looks really good.
(laughing) I’m so jealous. – I can literally just
sleep in here all night. – [Moon] It looks really good. (laughing) – Let me show you around. Welcome to Crib De La Kill Em’. So, this is it.
(laughing) Small and all, but truly, this is it. I’m here, got my pillows, I got two behind me, I’ve got me quilt cover on me. I’ve got all my supplies here in the bag. One final thing, not sure what this is, but this rope goes right
from the ceiling down. I think that is just when
you get in and out, you know, you just kind of hold
this to support yourself. But anyway, that’s it, welcome! Right then, I’ll show you
what I’ve got in my bag. Argh! So, I’ve not got that
many things to be honest. I’ve got this cable,
which is gonna be used for fishing for food
along with the magnet. I’ve also got duct tape just in case. There’s also three more
things behind the camera that are surprises I’m savin’ for later. Plus, one more surprise
I’m gonna show you now. Huah! Lightsaber!
(laughing) Yeah! This is to protect me if any animals or weird people come along. You know, I can just like, yah! Rah! Yah! Get away! Alright, so the rules
for today it’s simple. I’m not allowed to leave this tent, and I get to call, Moon, my girlfriend, once to bring me somethin’ or do whatever. I just get one chance to call her. I’ve got my mobile phone. I’m allowed to use my mobile phone for entertainment as well. But yeah, that’s it, that is the rules. So, this thing isn’t
like an actual real tent. It’s just kind of like a thing
you’d have in your garden. You wouldn’t really use
this for actual campin’. The main reason being is there
isn’t actually a door, there. It’s just a hole all the time. You can’t cover this up. I mean, if there was like a door there you could zip up, I would feel
like 100 times safer in here. This thing just keeps spinning round. There’s houses around me
I just feel like people can look in and see what I’m doin’. I feel a bit weird to be honest. It feels like everyone out
there is just watchin’ me, and it’s so creepy. It’s pitch black. When the tent spins round, and I’m lookin’ into the woods, I can’t see in there, but I know that if there
is something in there, they can see me and it’s just so creepy, and I just don’t like! And also, because there’s
a huge hole there, if it rains, water can
come in, wind can blow in, it’s just, eh! Alright, so it’s time to show you one of the surprises I’ve got. (wheezing) Ah! Just shut up! Here we go, here we go!
(laughing) (laughing)
– Will you stop? – It’s a Furby!
(laughing) We’ve given it a name. – [Furby] Oh my God! (laughing) – I had to put him to sleep
because he wouldn’t shut up. (laughing) We’ve actually named him. Well, Moon, gave him a name. His name is Sir Digby McCain.
(laughing) Hello, Sir Digby McCain. (speaking furbish language) No, I’m twistin’, I’m twistin’. Ah. That’s actually really difficult. The tent’s twistin’, I’m trying to hold my camera, I’m tryin’ to get the thing it wants. Ugh! No! I tried to get the popcorn and the magnet just came straight off. It didn’t glue on. Let’s see if we can get
a drink or somethin’. Argh. Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes! Victorious! (laughing) I really don’t like this. I’m just here in the middle
of a field in the woods on my own in the middle of the night. I just don’t like this. There’s so many freakin’ noises goin’ on out there. Like, I know it’s autumn, the leaves are falling from the trees. I keep hearin’ ’em fall around. But I keep hearin’ twigs breakin’. How do you explain that? What’s that? It’s gotta be animals or people around me for twigs to break. Why else would a twig break? And no joke, multiple times
I’ve heard like a noise like, (thudding)
on this tent. Is a twig just randomly fallin’
onto the tent from above? Why would a twig just
randomly fall from a tree? I dont know what it is, but you just hear freaky bang noises, and it scared the hell out of me. I just want a door on this tent. If I had a door I’d feel way safer. (fake crying) I’m starting to regret this big time. Oh, no, I’m gonna be sick. I think I’m gonna be sick. I think I’m gonna be sick. All this spinnin’. Oh. It just the thing with the wind, it keeps spinnin’ the tent, and it’s just not good, it’s not good. I feel like I’m on a boat. Oh… Hu, oh… Mmm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm. Alright, so I’m gonna show
you my second surprise item that I’ve bought for the video. So, I figured, I’m doin’ all
these spend the night videos, you know, I’ve sat here for
a long time doin’ nothin’. I might as well use that
time to learn somethin’ new. So, I’m like, “Why not
learn a musical instrument?” I just wanna be awesome
at playin’ the recorder. Who doesn’t wanna be awesome
at playin’ the recorder? It’s the coolest instrument out there. Name one instrument
cooler than a recorder. (off-tune recorder music) Come on, come on! No. You know–
(grunting) I’m gonna put the camera down. Yes, yes! Yes, I got the bag of crisps. Hmm. (laughing) Oh, so good. I could really do with like
an energy drink or something because I’m gettin’ so tired. Let’s see if we can get one of them. Oh, the magnet in it, oh, wow. The energy drink can must be made out of like a different material to this because this one stuck, but the energy drinks
just aren’t stickin’. It’s the only drink I’ve got, and I finished it, and–
(groaning) Ah, when I call Moon,
I’m gonna have to ask her to bring it or somethin’
like my one life line. (sighs) (bright recorder music) Alright, so surprise number three, the third and final surprise. I’ve literally bought this
thing just for this video. So, you–
(thudding) What was that? So, you’ve all been tellin’ me like, “Why don’t you buy something like “a portable DVD player or
something for your journeys,” but I’m not a real big movie fan. So, I bought something even better, just for this video. I got a Nintendo Switch.
(laughing) I’ve literally just bought
it today for this video. I’ve got like a new Mario Odyssey game. This thing is awesome, just look at this! (slow instrumental music) I’ve loved Mario games since I was a kid, like the original Mario on
Nintendo Entertainment System. I’ve always loved them, so I’ve just gone to buy this. I’ve also got Zelda and Mario Cart, so I’m gonna have so much fun tonight. This is gonna be just so lit! And this is gonna be an awesome night! And just while I’m talkin’
about all this stuff, you know, I’m not like sponsored by anyone. I’m not bein’ given brand
deals, this is not an ad, I bought all this stuff
just for fun for this video. Just so I’m not bored on these I Spent the Night things, you know. (laughing) No way, Moon’s just rang me, and I completely forgot
tonight is the night the clock’s go back an hour, so like, I’m tryin’ to
stay in here for 12 hours, the clock’s gonna go back at 2AM. It’s gonna become 1AM, so I’m gonna be relivin’ 1
to 2AM if that makes sense. And it’s literally, it’s almost
2 right now, look at this. Just watch this. 1:59. 1:00!
(laughing) No way!
(laughing) I’ve never actually seen that before. It went from 1:59 back
to 1:00 instead of 2:00. That was so weird!
(laughing) Now, I’ve gotta relive that hour! I’ve gotta be here an hour longer now. I’m perfectly fine with that though, it’s so comfy in here. I really don’t mind. This is gonna be so good, what? (laughing) I’ve just heard something. I dont know what that was. I just heard like leaves crackling, twigs breakin’, I dont know what it is. If it’s an animal, it
must be a really big one. Oh no. Oh, what is it? (yelling)
(screaming) – [Thomas] Moon! Where’d you get that mask from? (laughing) Moon, come back! Come back!
(laughing) – Where did you get that mask from? Scared me to death!
(laughing) While you’re here, will you pass me them energy drinks down there, please? – [Thomas] Go, go, go, go! – Bye. So, that counted as my
one free call from Moon. I’m not allowed to call her anymore. I’ve got my energy drinks. And some Daim bars. Awe, I need these. These are gonna keep me awake. Ugh! Ugh! Alright, so I know I
said the Nintendo Switch was the final surprise, but I’ve surprised myself
because there’s one more. I completely forgot about it. I was looking for the second
battery for my camera, and I came across it. Completely forgot about it. Simon Says game. I’ve always wanted this, and I’ve got it, so let’s just give this a try. I’m like the king of
this game, here we go. (bright instrumental music) (buzzing) I hate that game! It’s still goin’! Stop! Stop! (buzzing) (laughing) I’m so tired. I really think I’m gonna go to sleep soon. I mean, I’ve just playin’ Zelda game. I’ve been playin’ for like so long, I’ve been doin’ loads of Mario, just started Zelda now, you know. Both games are so good. I’m having so much fun, you know, but it’s so early now. Oh, I’m really nice and comfortable. I think I’m gonna have a nap now. It’s gettin’ really late. I wanna be nice and fresh in the morning when it comes to waking up, and when that sun comes out. I mean, like, before I go to sleep, I just wanna say like, I know that sometimes in these videos I do actually complain a lot, but like, overall, I
really do actually love sleeping in these weird places. It’s just so much fun. You just won’t believe it. I mean, I only video myself
complainin’, you know, because it’s somethin’
to talk about and stuff, and let you know what’s going on. But overall, it is just actually awesome. I love this, I love doin’ this. It’s so much fun, so much–
(furby snoring) His little mask fell off!
(laughing) I’m sorry. – [Furby] I’m sleepy. – [Thomas] Go to sleep. – [Furby] Goodnight. – Go to sleep. (laughing) Shh.
(yawning) I’m gettin’ so tired, so anyway. What if like a squirrel or somethin’ starts to chew the rope
that’s holdin’ me up? I’d just fall. (alarm jingle) (groaning) I’m still recordin’. Yo, it’s actually mornin’. We’ve done it.
(laughing) Yes, just look at this. Look at this. Mornin’! I set an alarm on my phone
so I didn’t oversleep like I did in that last video. This was actually so luxurious, it was real comfortable. I could’ve slept straight through. I can hear the birds
chirpin’ and everything. Look, I just keep spinnin’ around still. Mornin’ birds! Mornin’! Mornin’! Mornin’! That was legit so much fun. Seriously, I recommend
anyone to get one of these and just spend the night in it. It was just actually dope AF.
(laughs) (bright recorder music) (bold electronic music)


I play the recorder and i have belts for every song i learn it is like karate i am on black belt level 2 i am really god at recorder and there is a recorder that is 6ft tall

That’s not a challenge millions of people do that because they like it and they don’t do it for other people

The amount of random snacks that I am not familiar with as an American annoys me. I need to try some foreign snacks.

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