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I Spent the Night in Ikea and It Was Absolutely Incredible (Sleep in a Supermarket Challenge)

I Spent the Night in Ikea and It Was Absolutely Incredible (Sleep in a Supermarket Challenge)

(dramatic orchestral music) – I usually like to intro my
video outside in the garden. I don’t know why, it just
feels good, but it’s raining. It’s a miserable day. I’ll do it anyway, come on, let’s go. Oh, so because it’s such
a miserable nasty day, I’ve obviously gotta
spend the night tonight somewhere indoors because
I don’t wanna be out in this all night. So a lot of you suggested that
I spend the night in a shop like Tesco or Asda. And if you’re in America,
that’s like Target or Walmart. Some of you have even said Ikea. So I really like the
Ikea idea because in Ikea there’s a lot of places to hide, which means it’s more likely
to be a successful challenge. So I’m gonna go and do it in Ikea. I’m gonna spend the night in Ikea. (shushing) So I just got back from the
Netherlands this morning, just landed back in the UK. If you didn’t already,
go watch my last video. That thing was insane. But don’t leave right now,
there’s gonna be a link to that right at the end of this video. You’ve gotta check that out,
that thing was crazy AF. (laughs) Me and my girlfriend, Moon,
we’re gonna go head out to Ikea right now and on the way
we’re gonna go to the shop, pick up supplies, because
you know I love my supplies. I need food, I need drink,
I need entertainment. Because if I’m gonna be spending
the whole night in Ikea, it’s gonna be very boring. I need stuff to do, I need food to eat, I’ve gotta survive this thing. Oh god, this rain, this
is such a horrible day. Just a little heads up, go follow me on Twitter and Instagram for aftermath pictures,
behind the scenes stuff. My username’s @KillEmFTW. Link in the description below. And also, if you like this video, you’re gonna like my other stuff as well. I do stuff like this
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press that little bell icon right next to the subscribe button. You’ll be notified every
single time I upload. It’s as easy as that! So for you veteran subscribers
that have been around for a while, you’ve been asking
me recently what happened to the chilli peppers that you grew? There they are, there’s
one, there’s on here, these ones all around here. They’ve actually got
peppers on them as well. Should I eat one? This is a Trinidad Scorpion,
one of the hottest peppers in the world. (gags and spits) I gotta go. (gagging) So because I’m gonna be
hidden in this video, we’ve gotta buy quiet foods. I can’t have crisps or anything. – Quiet foods. – I can’t be loud. – I can’t be loud. – Just loud stuff. Fun stuff, loud stuff,
whatever we can find. Let’s go crazy. (laughs) Popping candy. (laughs) I’m gonna have a shark,
I’m gonna have a shark. Oh, that could be fun. I need a new laptop, I can edit my videos while I’m in there. – Yeah, I think it’s got USB. My First Laptop, so it
much come with everything. (toy singing gently) It won’t stop. I’m gonna get some of these. These are individually wrapped,
that’s gonna be so loud getting them out. (laughs) Biscuits, biscuits are always loud. Breadsticks. (laughs) No way, look at these, look at these. Candy cane flavoured crisps. Crisps that taste like
candy cane, what the hell? (laughs) Coated peanuts are always loud as well. And finally we need some drinks. Obviously cans is the
loudest drink you can get. (makes sound of can opening) Here we are, we’re outside Ikea, 7:00 PM, it’s getting dark. The shop shuts at 9:00, so
I’ve got two hours to go in, find the perfect location. Maybe have a little bit of
fun while we’re in there (laughs) and then we’re
gonna do this thing because it’s gonna be shutting real soon. Come on, let’s go, we
ain’t got no time to miss. (bass intensive electronic music) No, that don’t work. (laughs) Not that one. (laughs) What about in the shower? – [Moon] No. – Quick, help! Put the camera down and help! We’ve found it. This is the place. Look at this. Quick, quick, quick, quick. (duct tape unrolling) So we’ve got a bit of a gap across here, a bit of a gap down here, and
a hole there and a hole there. So I’ve duct taped it all up. So if I turn my light
off now, completely dark. You cannot see anything. Not only can you not see anything in here, it means that the people
outside can’t see the lights from the inside, but it
also cuts the noise down. So when I’m making noises in here, people outside won’t
hear me as much. (laughs) So we’re all good to go. I’m not gonna let Moon know so she can go. She’s got the car keys, she’s going home. It’s just gonna be me and you now. (knocks on door) Moon! – I’m done. – See you in the morning, bye-bye! It’s just me and you. (laughs) All right, so first let me
show you what I’ve brought. I always bring duct
tape, I don’t know why. But it came in handy. I’ve got my light. I also don’t know why but
I’ve brought a first aid and survival kit. I brought my drinks and stuff, all my food that you saw earlier, and my fun things, my shark, my laptop so I can get some editing done. In the front I’ve got that candle thing and a lighter as well so I can light it. And also, in my pocket
I’ve got my mobile phone, that’s my entertainment for the night. I can’t stand up for this long. I’m just kind of like stood here and I’ve got my bag on that bit. I might have to flip around. I might have to sit on there
and put my bag down here. I can’t just stand up all night. (sighs) It’s actually getting so sweaty in here. All right, so obviously
it’s getting a lot quieter out there now, it’s gone 9:00. Probably got some
security guards out there, some people still working maybe. I don’t know if they’re still filling the shelves after hours. This is where it starts
getting a lot more intense. Like I don’t want to make too much noise. There could be a security guard
around me and I don’t know. There could be cameras
out there listening. I don’t know if CCTV cameras have sound. This is where it gets more serious now. (sighs) Oh god. (laughs) This is actually so exciting. At any moment I could get caught, which makes it just so intense. But at the same time I’m trying to chill, I’m trying to relax, I’m trying
to survive the situation. It is just … (laughs) This is so cool. I cannot believe this. So the first thing I want
to mention is that I’ve seen all the videos of people trying
to stay the night in Ikea. The thing that they all do
wrong is that they get out. They get out of their hiding
place, start wandering around, and they instantly get caught by security. If you want it to be
a successful challenge you don’t do that. So I’m gonna be in here the whole night. Nothing is gonna get me out of there. That’s like my plan, that’s my plan. I’ve seen what others
have done, they failed. I’m not gonna fail today. We’re gonna do this. So I’m staying in here. I’ve gotta be as quiet as I can, but I’ve got those loud
foods and it’s gonna be hard. Now everyone’s left obviously,
I don’t know if security go around and check if everyone’s gone. So I’m gonna be quiet
and lay low for a while. I’ll keep you updated
and I’ll see you soon. Okay, let me do a room tour, room tour. This is what we’re working with. Let me show you. It’s literally just this area to stand, this area to sit, and a rail above me. I’ve got a warning sign. It says to not let it fall on me. That’s good. It’s actually getting so hot in here. Because we’ve sealed all this off. It’s like there’s no fresh air coming in. It’s so unreal, like look at the walls. The walls are fogging up. (lighter flicking) (sparks lighting) (blowing) (coughing) (blowing) (coughing) I can’t breathe. (duct tape ripping) Should be getting some fresh air in now. All right, I definitely need a drink now. I’m probably gonna get some food too. And then let’s play some games and stuff. I got that shark, let’s
play with the shark. I got my laptop as well. Hey, hey. (laughing) (can opening) (shushing) Oh, it’s so loud. (wrapper crinkling) (shushing) That is so loud. (wrapper crinkling) (shushing) (chocolate crunching) I’m so sweaty, I really need the toilet. I really need the toilet. I got nowhere to go. I’ve got nothing, I forgot, I didn’t bring anything to go in. I know there’s toilets out
there, but I can’t risk going. (breathing heavily) I’m gonna have to. I’ve got to. (duct tape ripping) I can’t see any cameras anywhere. I’ve got to, I’ve got to go. I can’t hold it much longer. Okay, I’m going, I’m going, I’m going. (breathing heavily) Go, go, go. Yes! I did it, I did it, I did not get caught! Yes! (bag crinkling) You ever had that moment in a cinema when it goes really quiet but
you want to eat some popcorn or something and it’s just so awkward? You just wanna eat it but you feel like everyone can hear you? That’s what I feel like now,
but like times a hundred. Let’s try these candy cane crisps. Candy cane flavoured crisps. (crunching) No. (toy singing and speaking) No, no! Shut up! (toy says “I love you”) Okay, so I’ve just heard four
steps walk right past me, no joke. Probably security. Could be someone who’s working
and filling the shelves, but I don’t know. My heart is pumping so fast right now. I mean, I looked online
before we did this video and I couldn’t see anywhere
that says you’re not allowed to be in a shop after hours. I don’t know if it counts as trespassing. Would I get done by the police? But I also did not see anything
that said not to do it. But someone 100% just walked right past me and I was so scared. I’m not gonna joke, I’m
not lying, I was so scared. It just got real. This just got real. It felt like a joke before,
but now it’s like … It’s hit me how real this situation is. It’s a lot better since
I took the duct tape off, but it’s just so hot and sweaty. I’m regretting this. There’s no going back,
I can’t get out now. If I try and escape, I’m gonna get caught. If I make a noise, I’m gonna get caught. I’ve literally, I’m stuck right now. I’ll keep you updated. I really need to sleep soon, but it’s hard to get comfortable in here when you’ve just got a standing
area and a sitting area. I’ve just been chilling, eating
some food and some drinks and stuff, let me show you. I’ve had some of these,
I’ve had some biscuits, these were really nice,
I finished my drink. It’s really sticky now. I’ve thrown them crisps down
there, they were disgusting. (loud rustling) I might actually try and have a sleep. I’m actually so bored. I’ve been watching Netflix, I’ve been watching YouTube videos. I’ve got quite good signal
in here on my phone. I’ve done everything I can do. I’ve played with all my
toys, I’ve eaten all my food. I’m really not in the mood for Pop Rocks or breadsticks right now,
so I don’t want them. I’m just gonna try and sleep. I mean, I guess I can just
kind of like, this I guess. That’s not too bad. I’m just gonna sleep like that and hopefully time will
pass quicker and I just hope I don’t make much noise when I’m asleep like snore or something. I’ve not heard anyone
walk around for a while, so hopefully no one will. It’s hard work. I’m gonna get some sleep now, I’ll just let you know what
happens and keep you updated. (yawns) I’ve heard people, I can
hear a lot of people. It’s like 9:00 AM right now, I’m sure the shop is open right now. I can hear people walking around. I don’t know if it’s
just members of staff, I don’t know if it’s actual customers, but there’s definitely a
lot of people here now. What I’m gonna do is I’m
just gonna throw everything in my bag right now, get out of here, because we’ve like, we’ve done it. We’ve basically done it. All I’ve gotta do is get out
of here, get out of the shop, and it’s mission successful. I can’t believe it! I can’t believe we’ve done this! (laughs) Yes! Come on, let’s go. (wrappers crinkling) Here we go. Let’s go, go, go, go. I’ve done it, I’ve done
it, I cannot believe it. I’ve done it, go, go, go. (laughing) I’ve actually done it, I can’t believe it. I am not going to Ikea for a long time. (laughs) I actually feel bad for
being in there for so long and not spending anything. Oh, come on. (laughs) (bass intensive electronic music)


Hi killem I never yoused to like you(sorry I’m 10 dunno how to spell that) but now I do I’m subscribed

What if this is what happened
He bought supplies film getting in
Then filmed getting out
Then bought the cupboard
Film the rest
Return the cupboard

I feel bad for whoever bus that closet because they’re gonna be wondering why does my closet always have bugs in it little did he realize that killem spilled a drink and ate food in it

All these people saying Thomas didn't wash his hands after going to the toilet. .He probably did wash them but it wasn't filmed . A lot was cut . He made a dash to the toilet then the filming was stopped for a few minutes until he got back in the cupboard.

next up: sleep in a zorb ball on a pool filled halfway with slime with a 20 point limit on supplies challenge

You acidentaly got in SCP 3008 you are lucky you got out did you hear the noise "The store is now closed please exit the building and you saw workers with no face and deranged bodies welp your in scp 3008 your a legend

Toy laptop makes noise-


Spills drink-

throws toy on floor-
stamps on it-


i like how he say's people leave and move about then one he leaves to go toilet and two set off a sparkler or what ever it is

Killem: takes tape off the top and dosent say its loud

Also killem: opens ferroshey and says its super loud

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