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I Spent the Night in My Own House & Nobody Knew (Sleep at Home Challenge)

I Spent the Night in My Own House & Nobody Knew (Sleep at Home Challenge)

(dramatic music) – So today, I’m going
to be spending the night in the wood, wait, wait, wait, just look at this hoodie. Hold that, Moon, show ’em my hoodie. Look how cool this is,
look, it’s a normal hoodie, but it’s backwards as well. You can wear it the other
way around, wait watch this. (laughing) Which way do you wear it? Right, I’m gonna wear it like this for the rest of the video. Today, we’re gonna be spending
the night in the woods. This is gonna be crazy. So what I’m gonna do, is
I’m gonna go out there, with a shovel, dig a
hole, and spend the night in the woods, in a hole, by myself. That is the plan. Alright, Moon’s gone. We’re not actually spending
the night in the woods, in a hole. Moon thinks we’re gonna be doing that, my mom and dad thinks
we’re gonna be doing that, but I’m tricking them. I’m actually gonna spend
the night in the house, and they’re not gonna know. I just had to make that
up as like a backup thing. They think that I’m gonna be doing that, but I’m not actually gonna do that. I’m gonna be in the house,
and no one’s gonna know. This is gonna be awesome. (laughing) So, today I’m not allowed supplies. I’m not allowed to go
buy supplies or anything. The only supplies I’m allowed to have are ones that’s already in the house. I’m gonna get all my stuff, all in my bag. My big shovel, gonna
start walking out there. While Moon’s there, she’s
gonna think I’m going out, and then when she’s gone back
in, I’m gonna sneak back in. This is gonna be awesome. So anyway, the plan is– Oh, hello. Hey Moon. Yeah. Come on then. Alright. We’ve gotta go buy supplies. We’ve gotta go pretend
to buy supplies now, because Moon thinks we’re buying supplies. So, just to go along with it, I’m gonna have to go buy supplies now, and then we’ll do this thing. Anyway, if you didn’t watch my last video, that thing was crazy, I’ve just finished filling up that hole. If you don’t know what the
hell I’m talking about, go look at my last video. I dug a hole, I made my own
coffin, and I spent the night in it, that thing was crazy! But don’t leave just yet, there’s
going to be a link to that right at the end of this
video, and as always, go follow me on Instagram and
Twitter, I’m following back. Link in the description below,
my username’s @KILLEMFTW. If you’re new here, I do stupid stuff like this every three or four days, so smash that subscribe button
down below if you’re new. Or if you’re already subscribed, why not press that little bell icon right next to that subscribe button, you’ll be notified every time I upload, it’s as easy as that! Oi! That’s my line, that’s my line. You did it in the last video. Come on, come around, let’s go. Supply hunting, here we go. I’m sorry I gotta do this,
Moon thinks we’re actually buying supplies, so I’ll
make this as quick as we can. I don’t wanna spend a lot. Um, should we do just a 10
pound limit or something? We’ll just go crazy. Yeah, we can do it. Yeah I’ll get one of these sandwiches. Oh, it’s reduced, oh
yeah, we’ll get a reduced. Shh, saves me a bit of money. (laughing) What about a balloon modelling kit? Okay, but I always like
to buy something fun. We’re gonna have some fun with that. Big bag of cheese puffs is 85 P. Finally, a Pepsi Max, that’s just 1.39, it should just be less than 10 pounds. So I think that’s plenty, we’ve got sandwich, we got crisps, drink, and we got something fun
to play with, as well. Yeah, it’s plenty, that.
We don’t need any more. So we’re gonna go, pay,
back home, get ready, and then do this thing,
here we go. (laughing) Shh. Alright, so Moon is
upstairs in the shower, my mom and dad are out, I
don’t know where they are. That under 10 pound thing was
like a real last minute idea. I had to do it because Moon,
she was like, really into it. She wanted to buy all this survival stuff. It would’ve cost me a
fortune. (laughing) Oh, god. I did not wanna spend that much money, so I just made the 10
pound thing up real quick, just so I didn’t waste loads of money on all this stuff I don’t need. And it’s actually
getting dark, real quick. Just look at this. Look at that, the sun’s
going down real quick, it looks beautiful. In like, an hour or so, when it’s dark, I’m gonna go pretend
that I’m going out there, then obviously sneak back in,
but I’m gonna do it later, like when mom and dad are back, when they’re all doing stuff,
so it’s a little bit easier. I’ll keep you updated, I’ll see you soon. (electronic music) It’s go time. Alright, so here we go, it’s actually, it’s dark outside now,
it’s been a few hours since you last saw me,
I can see my breath. So I’ve got my bag, I’ve got
my shovel, I’m ready to go. If you keep hearing bangs behind me, it’s actually bonfire night. (fireworks whistling) So bonfire night, I’m pretty
sure it’s just a UK thing, but if you are from the UK
and you wanna let everyone know what bonfire night
is, let everyone know in the comments, I can’t
be bothered to describe it. So you’re gonna leave this
door and the gate unlocked, just in case I need to come in, for an emergency or anything like that. So I’ll see you in the morning. Okay, let’s go, let’s go. Alright, I’ve got my torch out my bag. I’ll just close this gate. It’s actually so cold I’m glad I’m really not doing this
challenge. (laughing) So my plan is, I’m gonna wait until these lights have gone off. You can just see, all the
downstairs lights there. And I’m gonna go straight
into the utility room, or washroom, whatever you wanna call it. Where the washer and
the dryer is and stuff. I’m gonna hide out there, and
come up with a real good plan. I can’t make a real good plan right now, until I know exactly where everybody is, when I’m in the house. So just now I’ve gotta wait
until it’s completely clear, good to go, and then we’re in. I hope it’s soon because it’s freezing. It’s been 15 minutes and the
lights are still on downstairs. What is Moon doing, seriously? Like, 15 minutes, I
thought she would’ve just gone straight upstairs after I came in. Come on, Moon. Ugh, it’s been 25 minutes. Come on, Moon, what are you doing? Oh oh, I can see movement. Oh, wait wait wait wait
wait wait wait wait, wait. (gasps) The lights, it’s
gone, it’s gone, it’s time. Gonna attempt to get in
without being noticed. I’m gonna leave my bag
in the bushes, here. Let’s go. Okay. (gasps) (running) Oh, whoa, no no no no no no no. Someone came back, someone
came back into the kitchen. That was so close. I’m glad we got this trampoline back. I’m just hiding under the trampoline, I just dove straight under
it like natural instinct, you know? (laughing) The light’s just gone off. Let’s go. Okay. (floor creaks) I’m in, I’m in. This is it now. Oh, god. The washing machine is
going, which is good, it’s quite loud, so, if
I make a bit of a noise, I’m off the hook a little bit. It’s only got eight minutes left though. What do I do now? Let’s see what my family get
up to, when I’m not around. This is gonna feel weird
AF. (laughing) Seriously. I feel like I’ve broke
into someone’s house that I shouldn’t be in,
and I can’t get caught, otherwise you know, I’m gonna
go to prison, or whatever. But I’m allowed to be here, and I’m, I’m not gonna go to
prison if I get caught. It’s just such a weird feeling, sneaking around in a house
that I’m allowed to be in, it’s just so stupid, yet
genius at the same time. Let’s see if we can do this. Someone is in the kitchen,
I’ve had to turn my light off, just to make sure they don’t
see the light coming through, but look, I can see the
light in the kitchen. This is oh my god, this just got real. I can’t do it, I don’t wanna do this. This is stupid. (laughing)
I don’t wanna do this. No. (gasps) (laughing) How did I not get caught?
That was so close. So my mom came into the kitchen. She then came in here, took
the washing out of the washer, put in here in the dryer,
the dryer’s on now. And then she’s left
the kitchen completely. The light has gone off. Oh my good– (laughing) I’m not safe in here, I’m not safe. I’ve gotta make a move, I’ve
gotta leave this room now. As fast as I can, because
that was too close. I think I’ma go upstairs
into my mom and dads bedroom, because if they’re both in
the living room watching tele, I don’t think they’re gonna
go into their bedroom. I’ma go there now. I’m gonna have to turn
my torch off, though. I’ll get under the bed, under the bed. No one should find me here. Oh, ew. Alright, so um, I’m under my
mom and dads bed right now, I only just squeezed in here, I didn’t realise they had
so many boxes in here. Last time I knew, like when I were a kid, this was empty under here. (laughing) Why, it’s all shoes and stuff, why have they got so many shoes? I’m so sweaty. They shouldn’t come in
here for a good few hours. I mean, they’re downstairs
now, watching TV. Usually, they’re there until real late. I should be good here for a few hours. I can here someone come in, no joke. What, I’ve only just got here. Definitely coming in here,
quick, turn the light off. Ugh. (singing) I’m under the stairs,
there’s not a lot of room. Look at this, we’ve
got the vacuum cleaner, we’ve got some power
cords and stuff, a brush, we’ve got a freezer, and a mop. It’s so cramped in here, oh god, oh god. I thought my dad were gonna
find me when he were upstairs, and I can’t believe he
was singing. (laughing) I’ve never heard him singing before. I can’t believe I’m just
stood underneath the stairs at my own house, and nobody
knows, this is insane. I just don’t know what to do. There’s no where to sit or
anything, this cupboard is tiny. I’m starving, I really want
a drink so bad, that like, I’ve got chance, like people
keep going out of the kitchen, mom and dads in the living room, someone’s just come downstairs. One need food, I need food. It’s getting so hot in here. This thing must take so much
electricity to run this freezer because it’s getting so hot in here, and I’ve got this big hoodie on. I can’t take the hoodie off
‘cuz if I leave it somewhere, someone could find it, and I’m meant to be wearing
it out there. (sniffs) I can smell cooking. – Dinner’s ready! – I can’t believe it,
mom never cooks a meal. As soon as I go, she cooks
a meal for everyone, what? She cooks a meal when I go
out, well that’s not fair. I’m starving in here, it smells so good, it’s like a Sunday
roast, it smells so nice. I don’t know what they’re
doing in the kitchen, they’ve all been there so
long, I’ve heard ’em all laughing and joking,
it sounds like they’re having a really good time,
and I’m stuck in here. I’ve been in here ages. I’m so desperate for the
toilet, I’m gonna have to go. What I’m gonna do, is I’m
gonna sneak to the toilet, as fast as I can, but
I’m gonna have a quick, cheeky look, see what
they’re all doing in there. Come on, let’s go. (all celebrating) (laughing) What the hell? First, they’re having a
cooked meal without me. Now, they’re drinking champagne in like, really fancy glasses
and everything, what?! My mind is blown, what’s happening? They never drink, they never drink! Why are they drinking champagne in there? All three of them, like
they’re toasting or something. I’m not here and they’re all celebrating. Anyway, I’m gonna go to
toilet, but I can’t flush it, I guess, that’s gonna be way too loud. If I flush it, they’re all
gonna hear it, and be like, “Why did the toilet just
flush itself?” (laughing) If any of them need the
toilet all of a sudden, and they try to get in
here, I’ve locked the door. The door’s not gonna open,
obviously I’m busted just then. And that’s it, game over,
so I can’t be in here long. As soon as it goes quiet or something, I’m going straight upstairs. (sighs) It’s been an hour, I’ve
been in here an hour. They’re all laughing
at everything in there. I don’t know what they’re doing. It sounds like they’re having the best time of their life. Seriously. What are they doing? I’m
gonna go have a look. I’m just gonna run upstairs right now, and I’m gonna have a cheeky
look what they doing. – [Woman] Yay, that’s mine, that’s mine. – 2,000 pounds. (all exclaiming) What the hell were they
doing, all playing Monopoly? I ask to play Monopoly like every night, and they always say no, no, no. Now they’re all playing Monopoly! I’m not here, they all
go off, play Monopoly! What is happening tonight,
seriously, this is unreal. Usually, they all just sit,
watch TV, and go to sleep. They’re all usually in bed by
now, and they’re all out there playing Monopoly, playing
Monopoly, drinking champagne, having lovely, cooked meals. I give up, I give up. It seems awfully quiet down there, I mean I’ve not heard anything. I’ma go check it out. Sounds like, keeps coming from here. Let me turn the light off. I can hear laughing, what they doing? On the trampoline, what? (laughing) What? No way! What did I just see, seriously? What did I just see? They’re all bouncing on the
trampoline together, what the? Did I just see that right? Did I just, my mom, my dad, and Moon are bouncing on a trampoline together. What?! Moon is out there right now. What do I do, I’m stuck in her wardrobe. Moon is playing on my Nintendo Switch. She’s playing on Splatoon 2, she knows that’s my favourite game. She promised she would not play on it. She better not mess my game save up. Ugh. I’d never use that gun, ugh. I’m so cramped up in this corner, there’s no other position
I can sit in because I can only just fit in
here, this is crazy. Moon’s just been playing games,
watching Netflix and stuff, and I’ve just been laid here. So anyway she’s turned the light
off about half an hour ago. Now I can hear her
snoring, so she’s asleep. There she is, she’s asleep,
I’m gonna turn my light off. (whispers) Right, let’s go. Okay. Here we go, into the living room. In fact, first, I’m
gonna get me some food. So it’s actually almost
three o’clock right now, it’s twenty to three. I’m gonna get me some food, some drink, I’m gonna go into the living room, and spend the rest of the night there. Crisps. Some water. Jelly as well, oh yeah. Mmm. Alright, so I’m in the living room. We should be good to go now,
everyone’s upstairs, asleep. Like, we’re completely safe now. I think it’s pretty much safe to say that we’ve completed this challenge, but we’ve not completed it just yet. For those of you veteran subscribers that have been here awhile,
I used to have a hamster in my videos called Mrs. Pebbles. She’s still here with us
today, here she is. (laughing) She’s sleeping just now,
but the is Mrs. Pebbles. Look at this, she’s living
in hamster paradise. I can’t believe it, this
has been an awesome night. I can’t believe it’s
another challenge success. This was quite easy to be
honest, I’ve enjoyed it so much. (potato chips crunching) What time is it? I made it, I did it. What are you laughing at? (hip hop music)


Of all the toilets u could've gone to, you went to the one right next to the room that everyone else was in 😂

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Oh man I laughed so hard when moon said " you left your bright red shoes at the back door". Ty for making my night so much better.

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