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I Spent the Night on a Lake in a Bouncy Castle & It Was Too Much Fun (Sleep on a Lake Challenge)

I Spent the Night on a Lake in a Bouncy Castle & It Was Too Much Fun (Sleep on a Lake Challenge)

(dramatic music) – So since we hit 1,000,000 subscribers, I haven’t properly celebrated. I kind of celebrated, you know, I just had loads of
McDonald’s in 24 hours, that thing was insane. If you didn’t watch that
video already, go watch it, but don’t leave just yet,
there’s gonna be a link to that right at the end, so today is gonna be the proper celebration. I’m gonna celebrate in style. (laughing) So I’ve been and bought this little beast. Look at this. This is awesome. (laughing) This is a kid’s bouncy castle. It’s like three metres
by two and a half metres, it’s even got a slide on there. This thing looks awesome. I haven’t opened it yet. So what I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna go to the lake where I did the Zorbo video. I’m gonna spend the night
on that very same lake, but in a bouncy castle. Tell me who’s done that, seriously, who has done that? Weirdly enough, this is not my idea. You guys have been suggesting this. Where do you come up with this idea from? You guys are crazy. Let me know in the
comments below what else you want to see me do. I mean, your ideas are just insane. I’ve just got to do them. Just hit 70K on Instagram
so go follow me on there, if you haven’t already. Link in the description below. Use the name @KILLEMFTW, go, go, go. So let’s just open this little beast and see what’s inside, but before I do, if you enjoy this video,
you’re gonna enjoy the rest, you know, I do stupid
stuff like this every two, three, four days,
smash that subscribe button down below and if you’re
already subscribed, make sure you press that
little bell icon right next to the subscribe button
and you’ll be notified every time I upload. (gasping) (laughing) Let’s open this. Oh, yeah. I think these are pegs
to peg it to the ground. Don’t need them. (grunting) Oh. Oh, that’s the pump. So the thing is, when you’re at the lake, you don’t really have
anywhere to plug something in. So. Wait. (revving) I’m gonna blow this thing
up with a leaf blower. (laughing) This is huge. This is gonna be fun. We got a problem. Big problem. When you blow the bouncy
castle up, it’s all good. You take the leaf blower
away, tie the hole up, and the bouncy castle just goes down. The material of the bouncy
castle doesn’t hold the air in. Air comes out through the
material, so it means it needs constant air going in. So, I have an idea. A generator. You put petrol in it. And then you can plug electrical items in. I just been and bought it. Come on, let’s try again. Just making extra sure that it
is air tight and water tight. By going over all the
seals with duct tape. (revving) (laughing) Come on. (laughing) Yeah. I’m gonna let this thing down, and then we’ll go buy supplies,
and then off to the lake. Let’s go. All right, so because
we’re celebrating 1,000,000 today’s theme is party. Party food, party accessories,
party games, party fun, party everything. Let’s get some party stuff. We’re on the party aisle. Let’s have a look what we’ve got. Party hats. Party poppers. Glow sticks. Light up balloons. Fruit juice. Party rings. Big tub of popcorn. You’ll see why I want that soon. (laughing) And what’s a party without a cake? Cake. Oh, yes, that is absolutely gorgeous. Oh. Let’s go. 1,000,000 Moon face reveal, and I know you’ve been asking for it, here we go. (laughing) (techno music) (laughing) So there’s a couple things I bought that I’m not showing you what it is. It’s gonna be a surprise until later. All I’m gonna say is I need this. Maybe that’s a clue, maybe you
can guess what it is or not, I don’t know, but this
is like a big part of it. (laughing) OK, it’s time to go to
the lake, here we go. So just gotten home, I mean, I’ve just got
some shorts on instead. Jeans have got like sharp bits on there, I don’t want to accidentally
puncture the bouncy castle. I got all my stuff together. I’ll show you what I’ve got. I’ve got little sneaky
surprise things, as well, I didn’t show ya. Me and Moon literally spent
like four or five hours, we’ve duct taped the whole of the bottom of the bouncy castle, and up the sides. So this thing is completely waterproof. This is it, the big
moment, I’m so nervous. It can’t fail. We’ve put so much duct tape on it, it should be waterproof. We’ll soon find out. To the lake we go. (hip hop music) Now, the ultimate test,
I’ve got to get in. And let’s just hope it still
doesn’t go, where’s it going? Here we go. Yeah. (laughing) Yeah. Yeah. (laughing) Yeah. Whoa. (laughing) We’re in, baby. (laughing) I can’t believe it’s worked. I’m on a lake in a bouncy castle. (laughing) All right, so the thing is,
this is a kid’s bouncy castle, it’s not made for adults. We’re already on water, I
don’t want to start bouncing on it and put a hole in it. Not just yet, anyway. We’ve got to stay here for the night. The only thing I don’t like
is that there’s like holes, holes everywhere, like this, look at this. That’s actually a hole right there. So there’s like little holes everywhere, which is why we’ve had
to duct tape the whole of the bottom so that we
don’t start getting a leak and sink. Oh, this is so cool. (laughing) Aw, yeah. Slide. So this is what it looks like, there’s the pier I’ve jumped off, there’s the blower thing,
there’s the generator behind it. This is what blows it up. So Moon and my dad are both here. They’ve like, they’re
controlling the generator and the blowy thing, they’re making sure everything’s good, and
I’m just gonna be in here, just having a good time, I guess. I feel bad. (laughing) If you get a bit of like
a kink in that tube, the whole thing starts
to go down, seriously. You put it straight again
and it blows itself back up. It’s like this close to
just anything could happen at any time. Quick, quick, quick,
the generator’s started, I don’t know what’s happening. I can feel my bum’s touching it’s so cold. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. No. No. Oh. That was so cold. The plug pulled out of the generator. I just said at any moment
things could go wrong and then literally a minute later it did. It’s all touched bottom
and soaked through. Wet through. I’ve got loads of things in
my bag I want to show you. Let’s get this thing looking nice. Let’s pimp it up and make it look awesome. We’re gonna have an awesome time. 1,000,000 subscriber
bouncy castle lake edition. (laughing) So I’ve been and got a new bag,
and I filled it with stuff. It’s a new bag, but it’s
like the same one that I used in the Zorb crossing country one. I loved that, this bag is
awesome, so I went and got another one, I bought two. Woo hoo. Yeah. So I’ve got my sleeping bag,
just in case it gets cold. I’ll put that over there. I got all my party stuff we saw earlier. I’ve got some lights. I’m gonna put these
awesome little fairy lights all around the top so
it lights everywhere up and it’s gonna look real pretty, as well. (laughing) Torch. Drink. A sheet. I’ll show you why I need that later. We’re gonna keep that
a secret still for now. And I’ve got a waterproof bag. This waterproof bag is in
case things go real bad. I can quickly throw my camera,
my phone and everything in here and then I can swim out. Just to keep everything protected. I’ve also got power bank
for my phone so I got battery all night. Whoa. Whoa. Just duct tape it on. So as I was saying, I’ve got power bank, so I’ve got phone entertainment all night. And I’ve also got spare
batteries for the camera. I mean, you don’t want to
know that, it’s boring. I’m just letting you know what we’ve got. I’m gonna put these lights up. Because it’s starting
to get dark real quick. Sun’s going down over there. I’m gonna start having some
food, having a good time. Unfortunately, we’ve got
that noise all night. We’ve got to keep the generator on to keep the air pumping in. You’ve seen what happens, we go down. So there’s gonna be that
loud noise all night. It’s now officially a party. It’s not a party until the party hat’s on. Yeah. (laughing) That’s awesome. So my dad’s gone back home
to get a cable extension. What he’s gonna do, he’s
gonna put the generator really far away, and then
we’re gonna connect the blower to the generator using an extension so then the generator
will be really far away, and we shouldn’t be
able to hear it as much. It’s going dark so quick. Good job I’ve got my lights. This is awesome. Aw, this is actually so comfortable. I’m just so worried. I’m not enjoying this
as much as I should be because I just feel like this
water’s slowly dripping in and we’re gonna end up
sinking, but hopefully we’re gonna spend the night. So we got here at six PM
because sunset’s at six. So my goal is to stay
here til at least six AM. That means we’re doing 12 full hours. So I have got one huge surprise left that I’ve not told you about, but I’m gonna do it when
it’s completely dark. You’ll see why soon, but for now, I’m just gonna chill, you know. Chill, eat some food, have some drinks, have some fun. This is so awesome. (laughing) Yeah. I don’t know if you can
tell a noise difference, but my dad’s actually
taken the generator away. Here it’s a lot quieter. I don’t know if it is on camera. I’ve got a hot date
with a cake called Mia. Oh, yeah. (laughing) Mm. (laughing) Yeah. Moon’s looking at me like she wants some. Should I throw some? Did you get it?
– Yeah. (laughing) – Dad wants some, too. You can’t have birthday cake alone. It’s not the same. I really want to bounce
on the bouncy castle. But I don’t trust it, no. (laughing) Oh, that sun’s nearly gone. It’s almost pitch black. (laughing) No. (laughing) Whoa. (laughing) Yeah, now it looks like a party. (laughing) What, yeah, whoa whoa. Does it look good out there? (laughing) It feels like an actual
birthday party on a lake. I just wish we could get
like 20 people in here, like a huge bouncy castle with 20 people. That would just be awesome. One that you can actually
bounce on, as well. I’ve got my big secret left. That I’ve not told you about. I might do that soon. Oh, come on, let’s do it, let’s do it. This is gonna be awesome. This is gonna change the night completely. It’s gonna make sense in a
minute, I need this plain, white sheet, I’m gonna open this up first. Right. Spread that out over there. So now we’ve just got like
a plain sheet draped over the thing, right? Now what I’ve got is this. Projector. It’s gonna project stuff onto my screen. I can watch films. I got my big tub of popcorn, I’m gonna be sat here eating
popcorn watching films on my big projector. (laughing) Watching films on a
projector in a bouncy castle on a lake, I mean, who else could do that? (laughing) So I open this up. Put my phone in there upside down. Close it. Whoa, look at that, it just kind of like shoots out of here, that is so cool. Anyway, I’ve got to turn
my lights off first, so we can see it properly. Wait, wait, yeah, wait, yeah, there we go. We got Rick and Morty on big screen. On the lake. (laughing) Yeah. This is awesome. (laughing) So far. I watched like three
episodes of Rick and Morty, now I’m watching White Chicks. My dad and Moon are back there. We’re all watching,
I’ve shared some popcorn with them, I’m so full,
I’ve eaten too much, look at that. I still can’t believe it. This is awesome. I’m a little bit cold,
I think I’m gonna get in my sleeping bag now. My legs are a bit freezing,
but other than that, I mean, it’s awesome. So I’ve got a sleeping bag here. This thing’s brand new. That time I spent the
night on a boat on a lake and I ended up falling in, the sleeping bag got wet through and got damaged, I had to throw it away. That was a yellow one. This is the same thing,
but green, brand new. Everybody loves the brand
new sleeping bag smell. Woo hoo. I’ve kind of weirdly
got my hand hanging out the sleeping bag holding the camera, but this is awesome. (laughing) I’m just floating on a
lake in a bouncy castle in a sleeping bag, this is so comfortable. This is comfier than the Zorb. I might get to sleep. I mean, after watching
all that Rick and Morty, and White Chicks, and I’ve
eaten all that popcorn, I’m full, I’m just ready for sleep. Whoa. I’m gonna do all these
glow sticks at once, here we go. Whoa. Whoa. All right, so I’ve actually
made something awesome. Get ready. (laughing) Look, they won’t fall off. I duct taped them to my head. What you doing? You come to party? – Yeah. (laughing) – Hey, how’s my cake? You going already? Where’s my popcorn? So it’s gone three AM now. I mean, we’re well into the night. But I’ve been doing cinema the most, I did that for hours. I’ve been playing games
on the phone, as well. Obviously I’ve been
playing with the balloons and glowy stuff and everything. It’s actually been a real awesome time. I’ve enjoyed this so much. I’m just looking out at
the view, look at this. You can see the houses nearby and stuff. You can see the lake and some trees. The sky’s actually lit up bright orange, that’s from the town. You can see all the
reflections in the lake. Maybe it’s one or something. So if we didn’t duct tape
the entire of the bottom of the bouncy castle, I don’t
think I’d be here right now. I think it would have
just like immediately sank and we’d have to have abort
mission straight away. I’d be back to land, wouldn’t
even last half an hour. This material’s like, it’s
not made to be waterproof. It’s made to let air out so
that when kids bounce on it, it pushes the air out and
then the blower pushes more air back in, so there’s
always air coming in and out. Which is why this is not
good for floating on water. We’ve had to completely change it. I made a mess of this thing, look at this. It’s just stuffed everywhere. I mean, the lights. We’ve got silly string hanging from them. Party poppers. My awesome cinema’s still there. I’ve nearly eaten all the popcorn. I might have some more cake. So like I said, it’s
gotten three AM already, so like I might just sleep
for the next three hours. Get a good nap because
I’m well tired, seriously. Like, it’s cold. I don’t know if you can
hear, I’ve got a bit of a stuffily nose. What’s stuffily mean? (laughing) Oh, I’m just so tired, I can’t think. No, but seriously, I’m
gonna have a nap now. It’s time. I’ll keep you updated. I’m gonna sleep, see you soon. I just can’t sleep,
that noise is too loud. I just thought, I may
as well just catch up with some YouTube videos, you know? So I’m just watching them. I’ve been eating some more party rings. My cake’s almost gone. We’ve got an hour and a half rest. So probably just gonna spend
the whole hour and a half watching YouTube videos, I guess. It’s still absolutely
pitch black out here. Sun’s not showing any
signs of coming up yet. Everything’s getting real damp. Everything’s like wet through. It’s like morning mist,
you know what I mean? It’s just everything’s covered. It’s disgusting. I keep hearing ducks
or a swan or something. Boy. Boy and swan. Boy and fish. All right, so it’s five o’clock right now. I mean, I’ve just been
watching some Rick and Morty and stuff. (chattering) What? So apparently the generator’s on empty. I mean, we should still
have enough petrol in there to get us to six. I’m gonna just start
packing up and stuff now. I mean, we’re in the final hour, so. Here we go. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What happened? What’s happened? What happened? I can’t. I can’t stand on it. I can’t. I can’t get out. (grunting) Cold. (grunting) That did not end how I expected. (hip hop music)


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Spend the night under water get a huge container then tie the tops with string attached to it sandbags do this in a small pool then use oxygen tanks to make more space for ur head

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