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I Went Skating W/ An Olympic Figure Skater! (Adam Rippon)

I Went Skating W/ An Olympic Figure Skater! (Adam Rippon)

“Let’s compare. How many medals have YOU won?”
“Mmmmm, it’s not a competition”

Ummmm is anyone else just like overwhelmed by how beautiful molly is? Like she is all the time but in that first shot with that lighting like wow

I saw this on fb I had posted I understand about Having freedom That's I like the long when I go swimming And I'm underwater Until my hand it's the wall lol Lol

One of my good friends, who used to do figure skating but couldn’t because of an ankle accident, hosted Nathen Chen before he was all famous. He skated with one of her friends and he stayed at her house when they were younger.

He seems like such a sweet man 🥰 I had the biggest smile on my face ughhh where can I get friends like him in Toronto

Molly ice skates so much better than I do and I am a sighted person. I haven't gone ice skating in a long time and when I did I would just hang on to the edge and I would not let go other than when it was passing the entrance and exit

My gosh, Molly, I love how confident you are in this. Also just watched Adam's video. So inspiring to see you all free and twirly. Loved it!!

You looked cute together! I know, it’s not going to be a thing, but still. Adam showed admiration in his eyes and he is such a gentleman! What an honor to skate with an olympian! Plus, I think you’ll become good friends. 🤩

they are so cute I ship this friendship, I need them to be great friends and go on brunch dates where they discuss and shit men can be ugh

Love knowing Gallop is happy on ice and was helping through our icy weather in Montreal, such a hero! I love to know now that your french commands for him were in french-quebec accent and words. This video is skillfully made, félicitations ! Love from Montréal !

You look beautiful 100% of the time, no matter what.. However, you look extra beautiful in you're intro..

Montreal, cold? You're kidding right? I'm from Saguenay, like, a bit more than 2 hours away from quebec and girs, this is cold AF here, lots of snow, lots of snowstorm. Here we think montreal have warm winter!

Don't forget that Dorothy Hammil could not see very well when she skated since she could not wear her glasses.

Ice skating is on my bucket list. I can't roller skate. I did as a kid, but I tried again last year and fell and broke my butt. Roller skates are not my friend, but I would still LOVE to try ice skating.

The thing about ice rinks smelling like hockey is so accurate 😂 I’m a Canadian that can, confirm! 🇨🇦

I love that molly was so fearless on the ice ( I know she used to skate ) I’m not blind and have a mini heart attack every time i skate 😂

I curl in an ice rink. They smell so much worse when the hockey players are out there compared to when we're playing. Less sweat soaked pads and unlaundered uniforms.

Molly, you're a big reason this part of the internet is so kind and friendly. You're kindness rubs off on the rest of us. 🙂

You literally look like a kid in a candy shop in this video… SO FREAKING HAPPY AND ADORABLE. You should do another vid of you skating! 🙂

one of the best things about you is your sense of humor <3, I loved seeing you so happy.

Wow she's so amazing 😭❤️ Molly is a inspirational. I couldn't stop smiling watching this

I love watching your videos and I hope that one day you and BTS collab because both of you talk about learning to accept and love yourself. It's truly amazing.
Love you!

Adam is being so so sweet and adorable and I’m glad that he was allowing her to move freely but still being protective of her. Also his sense of humor was just, perfect.

I was a active skater for 12 years, coach for 5 years and are now working as a judge and been doing that since I stoped as an active skater so for 12 years and coaching someone who's blind I've missed out on. 😮 How did he do!? I will have to watch his episode! People watch that for entertainment and I will watch it to learn som new coaching-styles. 😉

TBH dog ice booties are more important for avoiding chemical burns from the salts that cities use to melt the ice, so I'm sure Gallop loved the short time on the ice with his mountain dog genes!

this makes me miss ice skating. I was a ballet dancer so ice skating was easy. I only did once in a while but I loved it. After i took a bad fall in dance, i couldn't skate or dance for a while and lost my ankle strength so i can barely do it anymore. This video makes me want to try and get back into skating

Hey Molly can’t see the screen good enough of your video but I was wondering did you try and do a pirouette

You killed it out there on the ice, Molly! You looked incredible and I could tell you were having the best time. Also, your hat is super cute. Love it!

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