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Ice Skating Basics : Ice Skating Posture

Ice Skating Basics : Ice Skating Posture

Here I am again. The next exercise is step
on ice, steps on ice and skate, and step on ice on skate, and lean down and lean up and
down then up then down then up. This is the exercise, this exercise is very important
to develop your muscles for the skating. Lean down and lean up, lean down and lean up. This
is very good and important exercise for helping to aid the bending knees; always bended knees.
This is very, very important. Lean down, and lean up, lean down, and then up. Stand ups,
skate, lean down, lean up, lean down, lean up; this is good exercise, good exercise,
for developing your skating, technical practicing the basic elements and just follow these steps
and you will be semi-pro skater. We will try skating and sitting, and forward stretch the
arms. Forward stretched arms skating and sitting and forward stretched arms. It isn’t difficult.
You have to try this and practice, always bend your knees, always bend, yes, that’s
very easy and important. If you do that properly, then you can jump a little higher.


i just skate a few hours ago..and its my first time,.i didnt take any lessons so i ended up falling
but thanks for this information it help me alot,.maybe i'll practice more..^^

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