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Ice Skating Tips for Beginners : Basics of Intermediate Ice Skating

Ice Skating Tips for Beginners : Basics of Intermediate Ice Skating

Now we will see the combination of all of
the steps together. O’kay let’s try this. Bend your knees and step and skate, body weight
shifting and pay attention for the pushing too, pushing, pushing, yes. You can raise
your arms a little bit but just so. Raise your arms and push and push and push. Raise
your arms and push, shift the body weight, bend your knees. Here starts the professional
technique. If you do this you have the chance to be a professional skater. It is easy, not
so difficult but you need to practice. Pay attention and you must not use the inside edge. The
outside use let your body fall forward and raise your arms but not the shoulder, just
the arms, just the arms. That was the combination of all the steps together.


Hey morron this is the basic and you could become expert if you practice basic , alot of kid skate badly and keep their bad habit all their lives… good work men…

push push push pushing pushing pushing,.. O.O on the other wid he keeps going . left, right , and left, and right , and left , and right…. if u do this you have a chance to be a prfesional skater o.O? really so im a profesional cause i can do that? -.-'

He is very good ice skating instructor, I ve been watching all his video before i learnt ice skating first time and it helps a lot, three days later, i have a chance to be a professional ice skater. lol. Thanks to him.

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