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Impact Miniatures Roller Derby Game

Impact Miniatures Roller Derby Game

So I’m here with Tom Anders. Hello. And what do we have here? This is Impact City Roller Derby. This will be coming out later this year. It is a a board game based on flat track roller derby, which is currently the fastest growing sport in the United States. Even men and women’s? Women’s is, women’s would be considered the fastest growing, but the men’s, men’s is popular for those who follow it. We’ve been working on the game for a year and a half, playtesting it in different kerplots. It’s been out for the last 2 months with 30 different roller derby teams throughout the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK, testing the rules to make sure they match up with how derby works. This isn’t new to you, you already are a miniatures manufacturer. We already were a miniatures game manufacturer and I have several other sports games that Impact Miniatures has produced. Elfball. Elfball, most all of our games so far are fantasy based. This will be our first kind of real authentic miniatures game to represent a real sport. Will there be larger figures? Because these don’t seem too realistic for some of the women in roller derby. Oh, we have a big beefy blocker woman who will be finished being sculpted at the end of this month. And she will be available probably within-, by the end of May and she will also be part of our Kickstarter. And so you’re going to be on Kickstarter? Yes. April. Our goal right now is to start on Kickstarter in the first week of April to raise the final funds and to make the game a reality. Do you know that total yet? Huh? Do you know that total yet? We think it’s going to be about 20,000. 20,000? Yeah!

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