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Impala Roller Skate Product Review

Impala Roller Skate Product Review

Almost ready… Just gotta finish braiding my hair really fast… How’s my mustache? Good? Alright. What’s up Planet Roller Skaters?! Indy Jamma Jones here and today we are going to review the Impala Roller Skate. ♪ Five, four, three, two ♪ ♪ LET’S ROLL! ♪ ♪ This is how we roll, this is how we roll ♪ ♪ This is how we roll! ♪ ♪ LET’S ROLL! ♪ ♪ YEA WOOHOO YIPPEE! ♪ What’s up you guys? So today I am doing an Impala Roller Skate review And truth be told tis is probably the number one question that I have ever had in the history of Planet Roller Skate. Like, you guys really really want to know what I think about this skate and this brand and I am excited to finally be getting this review out to you guys. In this episode I am going to focus only on the product alone. Um, I am going to tell you what I think about it my experience in this skate and what you should know before you buy So be sure to watch this review all the way through because there is a lot of helpful information that will help you make a good desicion in your roller skate purchase. Before we get going I just want to stress the importance of purchasing your skates from a skater owned retailer. Like PlanetRollerSkate.Shop We have all the resources and knowledgeable customer service team available to you to help you troubleshoot if you ever do have any issues with your skates. We also act as a liason between the skaters and these big brands so that we can tell them what you guys really want and need and changes that we see that need to happen So, um, whether you buy from PlanetRollerSkate.Shop or another skater owned retailer just keep that in mind when you’re making your purchase And uh you know, even if it’s not free shipping on Amazon Prime know that you are purchasing like a real service with your skates. I also just want you guys to know that no brand is paying me for this review it is 100% honest yes we do carry this skate on our site but we only carry skates based on what our customers want and what we believe will bring value to the future of the beautiful roller skating world. Ok so! Quick overview of this Impala Skate: These come in from $99-$120. They come in lots of different colors and they really tap into current fashion trends and what is popular in mainstream culture. So they have a really fun Volt Green skate out They have a holographic skate A Marawa Rose Gold skate Coral, white, aqua… So there are lots of colors and I’m excited to see what other colors they will put out in the future. Impalas come in Women’s sizes 1 through 10 and select colorways even go to 11, 12, 13 and even sometimes a women’s 14. So not only do you have a lot of different colors they also have full size ranges. These skates are made in China but the factory that makes these skates has passes a very strict certification system. So the same factory also makes Disney licensed products. Which means Disney actually sends people over there to make sure that there is no child labor, no forced labor, and that everybody there is getting fair living wages. The boot is PETA approved Vegan. It has a padded interior for comfort. It also has a… I believe this is called a roller cuff for comfort um and it also has these hooked lacing things at the top here that make it easy to lace and tighten your boot when you are putting it on On the bottom of the skate we have An aluminum plate, a bolt on toe stop, soft outdoor wheels, and bearings that are ready to roll right out of the box. So visually everything looks really good. But for $99 I’m still skeptical. Whenever you are considering purchasing a lower price point skate the thing you really need to ask yourself is, Is this functional, like is this going to roll? And is it going to be safe? I have about seven years of serious skate experience and in that time I have purposefully skated on a lot of really sketchy skates. A sketchy skate to me is a skate that doesn’t have wheels that roll. So you you pull it out of the box and even after adjusting the nut if the wheels still don’t roll, that’s a little questionable. Um, sometimes these skates have hard plastic wheels instead of actual urethane so that when you try to push to stride your feet slip out from underneath you. And sometimes really really cheap skates will the truck will bend so much that the wheel actually touches your boot and makes you come to a complete stop. That’s pretty scary. So to me those are indicators of an unsafe skate that I would not recommend. These are the skates that are sold at KMart, Wal-Mart, Target your local sporting goods store, the big box store, these are the skates you really should watch out for. When I finally tried the Impala skate for myself, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. I was able to roll down my street, I have since then worn them at the rink for several hours at a time. I have worn them street skating for several hours at a time. I did my best to try and make the wheels touch the plate but I couldn’t. I stopped fast and the breaks worked just fine. I felt fine putting my full force behind my stopping and my sprinting when I went forward. The plate itself has good maneuverability So I felt like I could turn and carve It has all the functionality that I would recommend to a beginner skater. And I think that’s the key. Whenever you’re buying a 99 dollar skate you’ve really gotta bring your expectations to the 99 dollar level. And what that means is you are absolutely going to sacrifice Comfort, quality, and durability in purchasing this skate over a mid or higher price point skate. If you are an experienced skater you’ll be able to tell pretty quickly from skating in these skates that they aren’t the most quality parts. You can just feel that the performance isn’t quite there. The thing you really need to be concerned about before you purchase these skates is the durability. As far as durability goes, these skates do come with a three month warranty. But because the boot is synthetic it does break down quickly. So if you plan on doing any sort of like aggressive or rigorous skating there’s a good chance that this boot will not last you very long. Now there have been some reports online of the heel ripping off of this skate right here and sometimes that is happening before the three month mark and that’s one of the reasons we wanted to wait a while before we did the review for these skates because we wanted to give you guys as much information about them as possible. We’ve seen these reports online, but on our end in the past year that we have been selling skates we’ve only had two instances of people having issues with the skate ripping Our friends at the Moxi Skate Shop have only had two instances and also our friends at Wicked Skate Wear have only had two instances. So as far as we can tell, in relation to how many skates are actually sold the ones with defects are not that many. But with that being said there have absolutely been reports of this skate ripping. I actually just got off the phone with Impala the company themselves and they let me know that starting with the coral the material is thicker, which I actually did notice with this skate and the heel is reinforced. So hopefully that problem has been fixed Again, if you buy from a skate retailer please let us know if you are having these problems and then we can make sure we communicate it to these brands Um, yea, but let me know in the comments below I want to hear, if you’ve had Impala Roller Skates how long they’ve lasted you and how long you skate in them. Because I think that would be really good information for anybody planning to buy these skates. As far as comfort goes I’ve skated in these up to three or four hours at a time in the black version and the holographic version. Um, I didn’t get any blisters or anything I didn’t have any pain that I recall Um, on the other hand, Pigeon has wide feet and she found these very painful. So if you have wide feet this may not be a good option for you. The holographic materials, like the holographic and the rose gold, those are pretty stiff and they don’t have much give And actually most of the material since it is synthetc is quite stiff. So if you’re between sizes I would definitely err on the side of the bigger size. Just give yourself some more room in these boots because they are pretty stiff Um, alright, so… Who would I recommend the Impala Roller Skate to? I would absolutely recommend this skate to beginners on a budget. So if you are just dipping your toe into the roller skate waters and you don’t know if you want to get all the way in yet then the roller skate is a great skate. I call it the “Gateway Skate.” It’s something that rolls good enough and functions good enough, and looks good enough that you feel like you’re a part of roller skating, you feel the wind in your hair you get the freedom in your heart and the sparkle in your eye *deep breath* and then, you must never stop skating And then you buy your new bigger, better pair of skates. And that’s why this entry price point skate is so important in the market. It is absolutely a skate that not only have you guys been asking for for a long time. But something that’s really necessary to bring new skaters in. And that’s why I support the Impala as a product and I believe it brings a lot of value. Because it actually makes skating accessible to people that might not be able to do it otherwise. I would recommend this to the fashionista. I can see somebody that just wants a different pair of skates for every outfit. I also recommend them to kids with growing feet. I don’t recommend this to the skater that knows this is going to be their new life. If you know you are going to get these skates and wear them every single day If you’re going to do a skate daily challenge or if you’re trying to go to the skate park as soon as you can or if your trying to jump over a handrail or grind a handrail or jump down a staircase as soon as you can these skates are not going to be able to withhold that kind of impact and even if you are successful doing that kind of skating Kudos! Awesome! But they probably aren’t going to last you a very long time. So if you see yourself in skate parks jumping staircases in the streets, you may want to save up and invest in a higher quality skate. So that you don’t end up buying three pairs of a less durable skate and just shred through them fast, you know? So that’s definitely something to consider. Um, I guess let’s wrap it up! Thank you guys so much for watching this episode. I hope you found this review helpful and informative. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. I am going to do a follow up episode in conjunction with this on my friend Rebel AKA Queer Girl Straight Skates’s channel. We are going to talk some more about the brand and their involvement in the skate community. So if that is something that interests you then head on over to Rebel’s channel where you can learn more about the skate brand. Again, thank you guys for watching, Be sure to like, comment, subscribe… Hit up PlanetRollerSkate.Shop for everything you need from helmet to toe stop, And until next time, LATER SKATERS! 😀


I’ve ripped out heels/soles in two pairs of moxi vegan skates. Took months to do it but …. Reidell actually replaced both sets of boots at no charge though!

Thank you so much for the amazing review Indy! Love you from one fellow gymnast to another much love and take care from Riverside ✨

i got some impalas not too long ago and after a couple weeks of having them, the laces started to rip through you boot:( i returned them and got a refund but i was pretty bummed about this.

"how's my mustache? good? alright!"

😂😂😂 i love how you don't care about how ppl see the hair on your body. it's beautiful, and you're gorgeous 💜💜💜

So what about the people who got dooped into buying Impalas before they thickened the material? I bought a pair and after less than a month I had to send them into be replaced. Got a new pair and same issue so I just gave up on impala skates!! Not worth the money or hassle. Better to save up your hard earned money for a better quality skate. Also I was skating with the first pair and my left toe stop rolled off! It was frightening!! Thanks for bringing more awareness to this situation! I hope impala does better for the skate community!!!

I got my first pair of Impalas in late August, and they barely lasted a month. As a fairly beginner skater, I wasn't doing any special tricks, just small skate slopes and skating backwards, but the boot began to tear away from the heel after less than 10 hours of use (I kept a log). I was refunded and got a new pair the exact same, but I'm worried they'll have the same fate, however, Impalas are the best option financially for me at this stage. It pleased me to hear Indy say the new "Coral" boots have reinforced heels – they might be worth a shot

My Impala's never rolled straight broke on the heel within 3 wears, max 6 hours in them. I was given a second pair for free and that broke within the first month. This was my first time buying skates.

I'm a new skater and have bought these. They're really, really fun.
I obviously don't have much experience, but I've done a few hours at a time of street skating (commute) and mucked around on my driveway. It's been half a year now. Going to go to the skate park soon with them.
I live in NZ and it would be cheaper for me to buy about 10 pairs of impalas Vs say, a pair of moxis.
I'd obviously love to buy moxis tbh. But it's just not in my near future. I'm reasonably committed to destroying a few pairs of these before I actually get a pair of moxis..
But, I really don't the difference. They fantastic. I feel secure on them. They look awesome. Even with my kind of ugly handmade toe guard. I hope to get another year out of them at least!!!

I love how you have the best interest of the customer always in mind. And that you convey the customer feedback to the manufacturer! You're awesome!

Thank you for the review. All of the marketing/team drama aside, I think people are forgetting that these are $99 skates. They are expecting Moxi quality for 1/3 of the price.

I got the holo ones last spring and I love them. I skate casually. A few times a month outside usually and these are perfect. I definitely scraped the holo off the toe on the first run though. lol.

Great review, thanks Indy. Super detailed and hit all the important points. I think you've already seen my comment on Instagram, but repeating here for everyone's benefit. I'm a 30 year old total beginner skater. I bought the aqua Impalas 3 months ago from my local skate store in Australia. They were recommended to me as a good beginner skate, with a great price point and the versatility to try skating both inside and outside. My sister and I both bought a pair. We've now been skating for 3 months, for around 5-10 hours/week. We skate both outside on smooth trails and also in the rink. Neither of us has had a single problem with the skates and continue to enjoy learning in them. Now that I've fallen in love with skating and know that I'll keep at it, I'll consider buying something like a Moxi Lolly or Beach bunny, but I'm still getting great mileage out of the impalas and plan to keep using them until they are well and truly thrashed.

Will you be doing a review on the Chaya kismet? Thinking about getting the new pink Barbie patin ones that are coming out soon

Can you review the Roller Derby Pixie skates? I bought them at walmart..the blue with pink laces.Please review them…i think they arent the best and they are kind of hard to turn but i think they are still good enough for 50 dollars…I need a second opinion❤

I got pink impalas for Christmas as my first pair of skates, and I can’t wait the 25 of december to practice roller skating !

I really love your work, it’s so inspiring and your videos mede me obsessed about roller skating!

( sorry if my english is bad :(( )

I've had my pair of Impala's for probably close to 6 months now, and I've had little to no problems with them personally. I am a beginner skater, and these were my first skates, so I have to admit it doesn't take much to impress me in terms of a good skate and I don't have previous experience with anything else other than rentals at the rink. That being said, I only really have one complaint, The wheels wore away a little to easily, granted I got these in the summer time so I was skating more than I am now. But within about a month or so the wheels had cracks and little ruts where I've used them so much. Now like I said before, I'm a newbie so I don't know if that's the standard shelf life for those kinds of wheels. But I still skate in them with the wheels as is until I get replacements and they still get the job done… I just have to be careful there's not any debris in my path.

I bought these skates as my first pair six months ago, as they were my first pair they had road marks and tears all over them within a week. The skates held up during my phase of learning, but when I got better and started to become a more aggressive skater, the boot started to come off at the heel. These are good skates only for beginners and calm skaters. The brand is not the best, so look into that further if you plan on buying these.

I bought Imapala whilst visiting NYC. Your Planet Roller Skate team were so helpful and patient with my emails. But I've still not started skating yet. They're sitting in my wardrobe 🙁 So want to skate, so scared to start! But the skates are cute as hell!

I will never give Impala another cent. I bought the purple ones in May. The plates were put on the boots CROOKED, and the trucks were crooked as well. They caused me to fall badly and hurt my tailbone. The heel tore from the boot after only 10 wears of basic flat street skating.

Despite me showing proof of all of this to the company, they refused to give me a refund until I threatened legal action.

Never bought the impala, So cant say much about them I will say the beach bunny will be my fav cheapo skate till the dawn of time, love the support it gives you and you can jump a 5 stair with them! I've been aggressively park skating with mine for about 2 years now they've held up very well a little seperation on the back of the boot but as you say thats normal and the boot hasn't completely separated yet at all! I have mine of course updated for more of a park set up I have CIB vertex wheels, cheezeball bearings, spark derby laces, and gumball toe stops! You can add a CIB slide block for grinding and your completely set for the park! The only thing I'm scared to adjust on the bunnys are the trucks! Not so sure about those! (I'm wanting so bad a jack boot but they are so dang expensive and I spend all my money on funky clothes to skate in LOL!)

I have been skating for real for a little over a year. I got the Impala silver hologram as a 'disco' skate. I have a better skate that I skate more often. But the Impala skates have been pretty good for the money. I replaced the wheels fast because they sqeaked after ten hours. The laces also sucked so I replaced those too. The toe stops are huge (I was used to an adjustable toe stop high up for learning to dance). I definitely was recommending Impala to beginner skaters but there's definitely some ethics questions about the company now. My roommate has the Rookie classic skates and they also seem very good entry level skates!

I'm getting the holographic Impalas for my birthday in less than a week. I'm a beginner and I'm hoping they will work well for me! XD

Tbh the wheels are frustrating and very slow no matter how much I toggle with them it feels like I'm on mud or something so I'm gonna change the wheels and the pivot nut became loose somehow so I had to use a wrench to fix that but I haven't had a problem with the boot lifting up but it is peeling.

Hi Indy!! You'll probably never see this but I was wondering where is a good place to find fellow skater friends?! I live in New Jersey and go to school in Long Island NY and it seems like no one here skates:( I am a somewhat new skater and I get anxious skating alone and would LOVE to go out and skate more with a group of people who have similar interests! If anyone else knows any helpful starter skating tips id love to here them!!!

I started skating in my impalas 7 weeks ago. They have been amazing to learn on, but I fall so often that one of the seams along my toe has been shredded and they are starting to fall apart. They're still safe to skate in but it will only be a few more weeks before i really need to upgrade. Recommend for people who want to learn to skate without a big investment, but know that after about 2 months if you are going to the skate park and taking risks, you are going to need to replace your skates.

Hey Indy!

My experience with impala is – I have never skated before and last year I wanted to start with my friend (who had moxis) but I didn’t want to spend money like that just in case I didn’t like skating (especially as a single mum) and I found impalas for $120 AUD for a pair and they didn’t last 2 months without the heel coming off, the wheels where blunt etc keeping in mind i am a beginner skater, like couldn’t stand up on skates kinda skater. Then i messaged impala and they sent me out a free pair of skates again they didn’t last 2 months so I sent them another message and they sent out another free pair. And by the 4th time I just asked for my money back and they said yes. I love skating now and I am saving for moxis so I’m really glad there was an option like impala because it was a great introduction to the vibes of skating and I fell inlove and now saving for better quality skates. So yes they didn’t last long at all, I got replacements whenever I asked them and got my money back. It got me into the skating world and now I’m hooked and can’t wait for my moxis. If it wasn’t for impala I would have never tried skating.

I have had my impalas since March or so of this year. I come from derby where I do a quick knee tap when I am about to fall. I take responsibility for not getting toe guards but almost immediately they began to tear and wear. The toes are pretty messed up on both pairs. I can feel my toe about to poke out of the front. It was a really nice skate for casual skating indoor or out, however the more I skate outside the more I think they're not going to make it. Will be buying moxis soon I think for the next summer.

Girl YES! Rock that stache. The other day before leaving to skate, my husband looked at me in my leggings and said “You have camel-toe” so I hiked my leggings up even higher and said “Good. See you later, honey!” 😂 Love my man, but sometimes… 🤦‍♀️✌️

No you shouldn’t buy these skates. they don’t pay they’re poc for they’re time modeling/promoting their skates. they’re not well made and that isn’t an opinion!!

I am from Hungary, Europe, and I would like to ask that the Moxi roller skate is available in Hungary? Or only in the USA?

So glad I went with the moxi lollies after going to a real skate shop for my first pair. I asked the lady and she said she personally hates the impalas. It’s so much more worth getting a pair that will last, and I love the lollies. Not only that but with all the controversy with impala right now I definitely don’t want to have supported a company that blatantly just revealed they are clearly racist.

Should also mention all the hardware is incompatible course threading and the wheels are skateboard wheels with skateboard spacers. I think it’s a good way they discourage altering the skates because they really perform bad in skateparks (I changed the plates after feeling the difference almost like they turned the opposite direction) thanks for coming to my TED Talk

My twin sister and I skated Impalas as our first set of skates, we started at rink and street stuff but then moved into skate park stuff, her heel ripped up to a point that she couldn’t skate on it and mine started to rip up after about 3/4 months but we found them really good as a beginner pair

That happened to me. I bought a pair of Yellow Impala Roller Skates and in-realtime they lasted me about 10 hours. Like you were talking about, the end of the skate started to pull apart and lift off after that time. I then got a refund and got them in a different color but then after about a month I just returned them and bought $600 skates which i have been using since early october and they are AMAZING!

Hi! I've been wanting to get a pair of rollerskates for a little while now, but as it's winter and everything is wet here in the Netherlands, I haven't done so yet. I have been doing a lot of looking around at what's on the market and I'm personally quite interested in Rookie Rollerskates, in particular the Classic II and new Artistic model. Both of these come in at the same price as Impala Rollerskates. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a legitimate review on them. I know this is probably a long shot, but I was wondering if you have any experience with these skates and if you could maybe do a review on them. It would be very helpful, as this is probably the best, most honest and informative review I've seen on a lower priced skate.

The boot is peta approved?
But is the entire skate vegan approved aka the glue that holds the boot to the heel?
Because f it’s glue made in China then isn’t it tested on animals by law?
Making the Impala skates not vegan?

I have a pair of impalas and I love them. I’m still learning but I can’t wait to get better. They are comfortable. Good ankle support and I can skate/ practice for hours. I recommend buying an extra pair of laces though. The laces mine came with were much too short but that’s it.

As a beginner skater Im glad I went with moxie skates. As cute as Impalas are its better to invest in a quality skate that will last all the falls! ✨

So for a beginner who's getting better every skate, how long do you think this might last them, especially if they're being used a few times a week even if it's just for balance practice??

i bought them for my first skates… once i put them on i was disappointed with the quality (one of those "i have no idea what i'm looking for but it certainly isn't this" moments). i returned them and bought a pair of moxis from a local derby shop. no regrets.

Looking into buying impalas to wear for the occasional rainy day skating, planning on changing out the wheels/bearings to something more grippy and outdoor friendly but really just looking for something to wear when I don't want to risk the suede on my Lollys. People that have bought impalas, what do you guys think? Still a good buy?

My impalas we’re a great first skate or fashion skate if you’re not going to go too hard, for ramps the heel came up in just a few weeks, and was unusable in 5 weeks off ramp/street skating the reinforced heel may help though. unlike most I prefer impala wheels since they are softer but smaller and I found the trucks to be a little tight for later on but good for beginners, and really good for recreational skating in not so rough areas, since they look so bomb

I think they're a fantastic beginner skate. I know there's a lot of controversy surrounding the brand, but if you're just starting out and not sure if you want to spend the big $$$ yet, these are great. When I bought them I skated maybe twice a week at the rink for between 2-4 hours at a time and my feet were never sore. They broke in so easily and I didn't have any issues. I definitely had to size up though, the first pair I bought were way too small. I also skate outdoors on the same wheels and they seem fine to me. I'm a beginner for sure but I have no regrets buying these, they're super cute and have got me through the beginner stages, I don't have any plans upgrading any time soon. If I did get to the stage of needing a new skate, I'd probably go with moxi or something that's a little higher up in the market, purely because by the time I need a new boot, I assume I'd be ready to upgrade. I'd personally recommend these, I think they're wonderful for beginners 🙂

I broke my ankle in three places in this skate. It was probably my fault but I still am weary to put it back on when I heal. I’ve never in my life fell sideways in a skate 😒

I brought Impala Rollerskates beginning of this year. They sent me two pairs w/ defective trucks and the final pair they sent me one of skates plates are off balance. I can not stress enough I would not recommend these skates to anyone who wants to get into heavy street skating

okay so I am a novice skater and purchased impala skates in July. I didn't even know that the base plate or trucks or cushions or whatever could be mounted on incorrectly/crooked. How do you check for this? I have no idea what to look for in my skates when im checking for any "crookedness". any help is appreciated <3 love your mustache btw! fuck the haters!

They didn't pay their PoC promotion team until they got called out by the two PoC skaters, while paying their other promo team $400 and "couldn't afford to pay" two more people. I do not support this company.

Skated religiously on the impalas they held up past 6months, however I am still a beginner/ intermediate skate and with hitting a year mark with these skates I've just notice the heal starting to separate. I'm not mad at all.. well worth the money and time I put into them. I am definitely getting a better quality skate after my pregnancy though.

Impala skates are good for beginning stages, learning and getting the feel for it all. I’m about to upgrade for Moxis 😍 so excited!

So I’ve been skating with the sure grip boardwalks for about 9 months now and was wondering what “advanced” skate should I set my eyes on for the future. I wear size 12 in men so my options are VERY limited. Most companies (moxi *cough cough*) stop at size 10 😢

My heel started to separate from my boot only one month into using them. THEN they offered to replace them but BUT they sent me the wrong size lmaooo so I just sold them. They're a good price, but I would recommend saving until you can afford a better brand. I bought Moxi Jungle Roller Skates and I love them!

I’m already skating backwards so I would so I’m in intermediate skating do u think I should get impalas or get moxis

I bought impalas for my first pair of skates, I hated the wheels for outdoor use and the heel is separating from the boot already (bought in February). I upgraded myself to some customs and buying Sure grip Boardwalks next. They were great to learn on though!

I've got moxie jack boots and the holographic impalas. I've been skating for 20 years and I love the impalas. They're definitely for cuter occasions but I think they're excellent.

Beginner skater info! I am a beginner skater and purchased the purple impalas earlier this year as my second pair of skates (first pair was candi girl skates after watching indy’s review) I much prefer the impala boot to the candi girl as the candi girl tongue would fold up on me easily and cause pain. However I was not a fan of the wheels that came with my impalas, I switched them out with my candi girl wheels, I felt that the candi wheels were gummier and wider thus making it easier for me to learn. I primarily skate outdoors on cement but I have been considering switching back to the impala wheels when I go to the rink to dance skate. I don’t skate everyday but I have had no issues with my boot/heel tearing yet (it’s been about 6 months) I have noticed my boot is starting to get a crease mid ankle from trying to get my foot in it, I imagine the crease will continue to worsen over time. That being said the impala padded boot is wayyy more comfortable to me than candi girl or any other low price point skate I have tried on. The toe stops are great quality, the colors are rad, I feel safe and am learning with them more and more every time I lace up. I have been skating almost a year now and I am very happy with my impalas! I’m saving up for a pair of moxi’s but the impalas seemed like the right move for me financially before I can get my skill level up to justify spending moxi money. I hope this info helps someone, I spent soooo long looking for reviews and comments about these skates before this video came out. Happy skating! ❤️

Thank your for your review!
Heres my experience;
I got my impalas, first ever skates, in june, started learning to roll forwards and they separated after 3 weeks, using them upto 2 hours at a time about 3 times a week. I took them back to the shop and got a replacement, and the replacement started lifting the second time wearing them. I have since upgraded and am not using them until they are fixed. Extra glue didnt hold mine together and I am now investigating how to mechanically strap them to the heel. I paid $150 NZD for them so not worth getting them mended at a cobbler.

My Impalas ripped at the heel my second day skating them, so that being said I don't think I'll be getting another pair. Which really sucks because I love the colors of mine

I baught the holographic pair last april? And they have lasted 9 months so far. They have shredded at the toe -But they still have a good shine ! they where a bit stiff at first but i broke them in and i make sure to clean the wheels and check for any mishaps !

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