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Impractical Jokers – Murr’s Grand Slam (Punishment) | truTV

Impractical Jokers – Murr’s Grand Slam (Punishment) | truTV

Hey! We are coming to you live
from Murr’s punishment, where he’s going to have to take
out a roller-derby professional. [ Indistinct shouting ] Sal: That’s right. In every lap that he does not
take out someone, we are going to use
his computer to send an e-mail
from his account. And once an e-mail
has been sent, he cannot negate it,
he cannot apologize for it. That e-mail stands. Are you ready,
Murr? No! [ Whistle blows ] Go ahead,
buddy. Get out there,
pal! Let’s get
a round of applause. Let’s get a round of applause at
the Dirty Jersey Roller Derby. Here they come! One more lap, and the first
e-mail gets sent, buddy. So I would, uh — Check someone,
Murr. Q: Check ’em, dude!
Check ’em! There you go,
Murr. Here we go. Murray’s approaching
from the rear. Here he goes! Oh! Get to the box,
Murr! That’s a failure. Oh, come on! You went around,
but you didn’t check anyone. Them’s the rules. There you go. All righty,
Murray. This is e-mail that we’re now
sending Carsen, your assistant. “Hey, Carsen….” And that is for a home
massage chair off of Amazon, one for each of us,
my friend. How much
are these chairs? They’re, uh,
$1,400 each. Yeah,
they’re $1,400 each. Murr: Come on! Sal:
And there you go! Sent!
Boom! [ Whistle blows ] Oh, here we go again. Who are they booing at? Oh, geez. What the hell was that? They’re showing off. Sal: Oh,
I like this taunting. Murr,
check someone! I can’t! Oh! That is not — You need speed,
Murr. [ Laughter ] You can’t win! Murray’s afraid of them
and trying to grab them. Yes!
Look at her! Oh! Oh! Hell of a try
that round, Murr! To the box! So, we’re gonna go
to his sent e-mails, and then follow up on something
he’s already e-mailed. Come on.
Okay, who’s Todd [Bleep] My lawyer
for my will. All:
Your lawyer for your will? Perfect. There’s somebody
we wanna talk to! Start it out
on a cas. “Yo, Toddster…” What? Oh, come on. [ Laughter ] And send.
Send! Oh, and the e-mail responses,
by the way, are coming back in! Yes! Your assistant
has written back… Thanks for the massage chair,
man. [ Laughter ] There he goes.
You gotta get serious. The next one’s tough. [ Cheers and applause ] Oh, the crowd has turned!
They’re rooting for Murray! There he goes! He’s picking up speed. There he goes!
Go, hit her! Oh!
Oh! You almost had her!
You almost had her! You got deep! Go it for it, Murr,
you got speed now. Take her out!
Oh! He’s done it! James Murray
has done it! Oh!
Congratulations! We’re proud of you. I’m not. [ Grunting ] [ Laughter ] Thank you for coming out,
ladies and gentlemen. We’ve been
the Impractical Jokers. ♪♪


On the NY Comic Con talk Murr spoke about this punishment and said that they did actually get the chairs with his bank card!

Murr better get paid the most out of all of them lol, the others would definitely quit if they had to do even a fraction of the punishments Murr has.

Poor murry his punishment always seem to cost him financially…… i wonder if they are salty because Murrays net worth is double

The thing about Murr is that he doesn't take himself that serious and doesn't mind losing, even knowing he always get the worst punishments… He just want to have a good time with his friends… On the other hand, Joe and Q are more competitive and would do everything not to lose…

I have always loved this show. super funny and great guys, but in my opinion this show has ran its course. I think it’s starting to become a tiny bit stale. Don’t get me wrong I still watch the new episodes.. just nothing like the old impractical jokers when they first came out. Every time I watched it my sides would hurt from laughing so hard

Whose **** do I have to suck to get a like?

I am important! Hurry up!

– Cranjus McBasketball, you know who I am

I like how ppl complain about everything,like Murr receiving the most brutal punishments,and then if he does get easy ones,y'all complain about it being weaksauce.

I think Murray can afford spending 4400$ in punishment. So people commenting it's hard for murray, he gets hardest punishment haven't seen Impractical Jokers before.

Sal gets disgusting punishments
Joe & Q gets embarrassing
Murr gets long term or financial punishments

I feel Murr is the one that's had the worst punishments

I feel sorry for Murr… But I Love the show anyways.

Its getting sad how bad of punishments Murray always gets. I just find it really unfair. It seems like the rest of the jokers hate him :/

wouldn't that be great if after their movie the show got bought by a channel that appreciates it's viewers. these clips could at least be as long as a normal tv segment. is Lars Ulrich the CEO?

Sometimes I wonder if they secretly hate Murr, most of the punishments they give him either affects his social life, money or his physical appearance.

lol it's funny how butthurt everyone is about Murr being 'bullied'. It's a show guys, calm down. That's the point of the show is to do stuff like this

I wonder if James lawyer was watching this episode and saw what his friends sent, then looks at his email but didn't feel bad enough for him to reply

People are complaining about the other guys basically taking $4,500 from Murr. That's not anything when you consider them blowing up Q's Jeep which is probably over 10x more than $4,500.

It’s impressive how murr has an assistant… I always saw him as the assistant tbh. But still kinda crazy how he’s probably got millions

I love reading these comments. I think the millionaires will be ok with this punishment. These guys went from doing 10 person comedy skit shows to a huge successful show (deservingly). I'm pretty sure they are fine with sending each other $1,500 massage chairs. Remember where you came from!

Witness the majestic skating ferret tumble as human females slam into it, causing him to fall over and his friends to make very weird e-mails.

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