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Inline Ontime Commuter

Inline Ontime Commuter

do you see yourself in this crowd we do and without a scientific and logical
approach to business travel in the decade of the nineties you may soon find
the world closing in on you like a trash compactor on the death star now wouldn’t you rather be a part of this
ground these people are with it they’ve overcome the congestion of the
nineties and discovered a relaxing convenient and safe way to commute they’re inline ontime communiters! let’s get you started first, the proper equipment is essential.
a skate that’s just right for you will make for a swift, hassle-free commute. this news skater has found an attractive
skate, but it may not be right for his demanding needs. now ,that’s more like it. a snug fit is essential to a successful
inline experience. lacing the boot properly is essential but we suggest a new skater take extra
safety precautions with optional knee pads optional shoulder pad protection as well as elbow pads crotch protection and full cranial protection now let’s move on to our next stage proper spacing between skaters our new inline commuter looks confident
but he’s far too close to the commuter in front of him, hence this accident and an unnecessary altercation proper turn signals our inline skate is using an improper
left turn signal and hence, another accident and unnecessary altercation proper passing technique. our impatient
commuter can’t wait for an open lane. he simply chooses to remove the obstacle to
his unchecked acceleration. more courtesy would have prevented this
totally unrelated altercation proper parking technique parallel parking is a breeze for the
inline commuter. simply locate a space jump into the space exite the vehicle and pay the special reduced fare token in summary, inline ontime commuting is
here to stay, and by adhering to some simple and easy to remember safety tips
your inline commute will be a fulfilling and unforgettable experience.
remember, proper equipment proper spacing proper signaling proper passing proper parking oh, and maybe we should mention
proper concentration good luck commuter


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