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inline skate technique: How i land my skate? (pascal briand vlog 58)

inline skate technique: How i land my skate? (pascal briand vlog 58)

in today video we’re going to talk about the landing of the skates for me the landing of the skate is a quite important moment in the technique because it will influence a lot how you can build your pressure under your skate so basically what I like to do is to land the front wheels first and then all the other wheels and try to do it as slow as possible what most of the skater do I think is about to land the skate getting a kind of in a flat position and what is dangerous to do is to land the skate with the back wheel the first little bit like when we are working you must remember this is the silicon [Music] in both situation if you like to land your skate flat or with the front wheels first it’s going to be really important to land very very slow and smooth so you will get much more filling much more time to control your skate and it will build a better pressure to get the right push also what I like to do is to make my skate land as much as possible under my bodyweight because it will help to get more pressure also if you land you skate too much to the front the risk is to use too much the to Lana with the back of the skate first so it’s little bit dangerous to put your skate too much to the front it’s little bit the same if you bring your knee too much to the front there is a big risk of landing from the back of the skate you must remember okay Stella Kaine [Music] at the moment one island my skate I also like to have a little bit outside outside edge at this landing moment it’s not too much so I can have some option to use some active double push or to just use a control my bodyweight folder by controlling a more outside edge or just keep very smaller outside edge [Music] [Music] you must remember artistical Akane [Music] and one last little tip to find out if you land your skate quite good or not I mean at least if you can feel if you learn to add or not it’s just to listen the noise of your skate if your skates make noise when it’s landing that menu you go to other to the ground you have to go slower and I should skate don’t make noise when it’s landing and I would say it’s quite good


Thank you Sir,
It is very important to learn each accurate technique & knowing exact reason behind it.
You are great to teach each of that.
thanks once again

Hi Pascal, would be very nice if you can explain the right timing of the landing. I learned the timing of landing, that the push is almost done and than you land your skate. But when you look at many pro skaters, it seems that they land their skate way earlier. It seems that they land their skate after the bodyweight shifting is done. And after that, the push starts to the side, like you can see in your video at 3:52. Maybe you can do an extra video for the timing of the landing? Best regards Michael

Hi Pascal. Can I get good form and good speed from a cross-training skate (100mm or 110mm) or do I really need a speed skating boot. Thinking of buying some skates, but near my house there is no track or good place to just speed skate so wondering if you have any recommendations regarding a more advanced-level cross-training skate.

I just noticed that you have the same frames on your skates as mine ^_^ I was trying to practice landing with the front wheel first in today's training session, but I still find it quite challenging! I am still so used to landing flat, but I can feel that my skates would be better positioned if I could land with the front wheel first.

Hey!! Your one of my favorite channels out here!! Really helpfull content. I’m having some trouble with my starts. I’m giving some hard but long pushes which I found unsuccessful. Do you have any tips that will increase my quick feet?! Thank you !!

Thanks Pascal! Listening to our skates for noise at the landing is a good indication of smooth technique (no noise = good landing). Same in xc skiing, classic style, where we want ''quiet skies''!!

Hello Pascal,
Thanks for that information. But our Technic is the by inline Skate the same as by Ice skating.
It means: last wheel first.
Why is this wrong by Inline skate?

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