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Inline Skaten lernen für Anfänger (dt. + engl. subs)

Inline Skaten lernen für Anfänger (dt. + engl. subs)

Hi guys, it’s us again, Nathalie and Yann. Today we will show you how to skate inline skates. How to accelerate, how to curve and how to brake. If you are rookies like me, I recommend to ensure sufficient security. This may look quiet stupid, a helmet, kneepads, gloves, even elbowpads is a good choice. At least to start with. Definitely, yes. Have fun watching our video. To go straight ahead / to start you push yourself of. It takes a little practice to untill you can keep balance on a single leg. As a general rule: push off rather strong and keep sliding for a longer period than to make short and frequent steps. Now let’s go to the curves. To drive the curves, you can use several techniques. You do it like skiing. The inner curve leg keeps contact to the floor all the time and you push of with the curve outside leg. This is simple and even boosts you a little. If you simply want to change the direction, set the leg in the direction you want to go slightly forward and outward and steer outwardly. The other leg automatically follows with your body. If you are traveling faster, spread the legs even more and get lower to bend the knees even more. This type is ideal for extreme direction changes. If you are driving a curve and you don’t want to lose speed you can cross over your outer leg in front of the inside leg. Like this you push off and gain speed at the same time. Of course you need a lot of practice to do that. Let’s get to the braking techniques. By T-Stopping you take a leg and put it in a 90° angle outwards on the floor. Like this you brake fairly easy. If you are so lazy just like Yann you can also simply use his hard-stop technique. There you just need to drive against a curb. It is definitely important that your waist is leaning backwards, so you will not fall forward and brake with your face. To stop you can also swerve with the curving technique which we just have shown to you. If you have to slow down very quickly, this very cool move will help you. To initiate this stunt you start the maneuver as if you were driving a very sharp curve just to go exactly in opposite direction thereafter. You push the leg that moves the outer curve firmly on the ground to quickly come to a halt. Of course you can also slow down with the stopper of your skates. For this you just need to the corresponding leg forward, put your foot up so that the stopper touches the ground below. In addition you can also push on your leg in order to enhance the braking effect. In an emergency braking situation, we would not recommend this technique because the braking distance is simply too long. The braking technique of falling down is actually listet in the textbooks. To do this you simply fall on your knees, elbows and hands. You will pretty quickly lose speed and additionally your dignity. It looks incredible sh*t so just leave it. So, that was inline skating for beginners explained by “unbeschwert erklärt”. I hope you liked this video and you share it diligently on facebook, whatsapp or wherever. And subscribe to our channel, so you never miss a video again. Yes. and post a thumbs up. Thank you! Until the next video.


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