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hey guys it’sa me tiago the french inline skater! i’ve been to portugal this week with my family that i only guet to see like once or twice a year! I wanted to make some videos there, but haven’t really been able to because, my family had a lot of plans, like -hey tiago, today we’ll go to Viseu! And I was like
-Aww but I wanted to record a video! but at the same time, I also wanted to spend more time with them so it was difficult to make videos there! But, I managed to record a few things! so welcome to this vlog like episode of my vacations! oh and by the way, I’ll soon start making tutorials again! so don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see them! Hey guys it’sa me tiago the french inline skater and i’m here in Portugal with my family! Today I’m gonna skate a little bit. It’s very hard to find places to skate here because well, this is the country of cobblestones I’d say Let me present you my cousin, Yann How are you today? He doesn’t speak english Now I’m gonna work on a technique I still struggle It’s called Corvo. I don’t know it it has a different name in other countries I’ll try to show you how I do it; I’m still working on it! The sun is setting down, I’ts cold and very windy; I think I’m gonna go back home I’ll try another time again, until I manage to do it correctly ! 🙂 So, see you…soon! 🙂


I have the Seba FR 2 skates, is there anything I can do to them so my feet are able to move around like yours? Mine have very limited maneuverability and it's boring like that 🙁

I saw you on Lino life sir. Totally made my day. That corvo trick looks like a real challenge for finding that balance point. Nice to see you had a great time with your family and I'm very much excited to see more flow and tutorials from you. My favourite still being the stop tutorial which I watch pretty regularly .

Seems like there is more travel during the ice skating. Your speed increases rapidly. Love the channel! very inspiring!

Did anyone teach you to skate? Or are you self/internet taught? Cos you're really good!

Also, your cousin Yann is good at Ice Skating, hard to believe it's his first time

Hi bro¡¡ Its me, again 😀 jaja im learning french & im was asking myself if u would like to do a french talked video….I really love that language

Tiago, you continue to inspire! Tell that cousin I think he is a fast learner! I have followed Naomi Griggs grapevine tutorial this week and almost have it, after 3 weeks physical therapy on my knees! Hoping to follow up with tutorials from you!

Great fun to watch Tiago! 🙂

Your slalom skills are amazing but I still think you're getting better in every video. I realized when watching that the thing you do that inspires me the most isn't flashy tricks or high speeds or whatever – it's just that you flow above the ground. You know the term "flow" as in comfort zone / when you feel productive etc? I think your skating is kind of like a physical manifestation of just that. You always keep moving and instead of stopping, turning and starting over, you just direct your movement in a new direction without slowing down. It's super nice to watch, I really want to be able to do that like you one day 🙂

No alentejo á bastante pessoall inlineeeeeeeee e nos costumamos fazer descidasss tens de passar ca em santo andre , sines e santiago 🙂

this was fun to watch! i love your videos; they always inspire me to throw on my Trix and work on something new. ;D

does anybody know what wheels is he using? and hardness?
nice slaloms tiago ! im not into slaloms but i'd want to have the maneuverability like that. its good for freeskating.

I was watching your video on a roll until it told me video not available. So I could not watch it anymore. 🙁

Following your videos for a long time and I didn't imagine that you would speak Portuguese! Nice video! Grande abraço!

Hello Tiago! I'm from Brazil and I'm really enjoying your videos! I saw you speak portuguese also, that's amazing! The trick that you called It's correct, Corvo, It was created by a professional inline skater called Robson Corvo, there are some videos at Youtube that you can see. And I use your videos to practice my english and I learn two things at the same time!!!

I'm watching it at work and I wanna go skating 😐
BTW ur cousin's amazing, my first time was a mess and a panic and I laughed so hard at myself I learnt nothing 😀

Tiagooo!!! Quer dizer que falas português?? Que máximo! Sou brasileira e fiquei impressionada com sua pronúncia e gramática acuradas, parabéns!

How do you travel with inline skates? Like how to store them and where to store them(luggage?) I would like to bring my inline skates next time I travel.

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