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Inline skating in Shenzhen, China with triskates

Inline skating in Shenzhen,  China with triskates

click on that pal button click on your
bad click on the top button and click on ola youtube my name is Raquel lino and
a wheel addict in China check what I am right now I’m on the 20th floor from a
hotel not really hotel it’s a wig place where I am anyway and I wasn’t watching
these but you might like it for everyone that sent me the message saying that I
should download a translating app thank you so much I don’t know why I didn’t do
it now I’m gonna go out and enjoy skating
it’s like 31 degrees or something like that I’m in China
everyone is so good with spinning on skates I need to learn this track one
that fell off but that’s the building where I’m
staying this talk oh my gotta go somewhere just gonna skate the worst
thing that can happen is actually starting to rain and it’s been raining
quite a lot so see oh I always see these things that’s
crazy okay but I really want to do it but at the same time can be really
dangerous it’s bad it’s really fast and it’s wet fun okay now with the sound good let me try
to explain you what just happened basically I’ve done that thing once then
when I just got to it with the exact same place where I am now like five
hundred meters away from the bridge I realized that that I did not film it so
I went back and I did it and then I realized that I didn’t get it with sound
so you know what I’m not gonna do it a third time I’m happy with what I did and
now there’s more of these men I just don’t know what I’m gonna do there’s way
too many of these second ramp this one is different not as steep but it has
like a few slopes so let’s see it’s actually cool I really have no idea
check what the typhoon did crazy and everything is wet here so maybe not the
best place to be right now how are you doing yeah hey Lego that’s what he said
I don’t know what it is but it’s it was being with me I always heard about China
as the Marvel paradise and there’s like everything is marvel just thank you
budget not the most perfect one but Marvel okay my dear friend you better be ready
for some streets la loma you know what no one tells me anything
about scaling inside the shopping malls I did it the other day and I was I was a
bit scared that someone would come with something a little bit forbidden and
I’ve been scanning here obviously I’m going slow and I’m not causing any
trouble I’m just kidding around not causing any trouble it’s cruising
and the security saw me it didn’t say anything I still didn’t found any food
place and it’s actually a really something else
I said on average the Royal its gates to now I know that I’m not doing anything
illegal there was a little girl with kids I might need to get the food from
the outside because I wasn’t too lucky on the inside okay they tried to resist
to American food sighing at that point Burger King I
didn’t want to get some fast food but I’m still too scared so if someone can
actually make me a suggestion of a place that I can eat that will be safe for my
stomach and please let me know anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this video I will
keep riding I’ll probably make a video about what’s gonna happen tonight
celebrations here in China in chenza the capital of technology in China if you
want to see what I’m up to make sure to subscribe to the channel click on that
pal button click on your bad click on the tower bottom and click on
click on that Bell button and you’ll get the duplications every time I pull one
of these and like I always say don’t forget why we all started skating and
that is because it’s fun cheers guys and CeCe
click on that Bell button and you’ll get notifications every time I upload one of
these and like I was saying more important than anything else don’t
forget why we all started skating and that is because it’s fun cheers guys


Hello and thanks for making all these great videos! I'm curious what frames, bearings and wheels you have on those evo skates. Maybe you could make it a habit to write that in the description? Just a suggestion 🙂 Thanks once again! <3

Why is there no LOVE button?? Cause I'm loving seeing how your adventure is going lino, rooting for you bro! Stoked for the next video!

Awesome, I love China. Burger King?! You're in China, man the fuck up! Eat all of the sketchy street meat! Just make sure they cook it well done. Never got sick. However, carry some wet wipes just in case; I don't know what they do in toilets with no paper. Haha

Cool to see some of China, whether it's good or bad (big empty skate park???),
nice skating! have fun Lino!

That's awesome! You are really in China. Hope all went well out there and the meetings were good! BTW I clicked the bell 13 times for you. BK ftw.

You’re in China, and just getting junk food. I’ll just say it’s a SIN. Lol…if i were in China now, i would try anything my eyes wanted me to try.

Whats the difference between Evo and Tau boots? Are they same grade only newer version, or they have different usage? I got Tau and they are too hard for me in place where mounting is, feels like plate of flat steel, can not hold it for more than hour, thinking about Evo, it seems you can skate them in city without problem.

Plz come to the Chinese University of Hongkong, Shenzhen! It's in Longgang district which is a little bit far away from downtown. The campus is new and beautiful. There are a lot of place for skating! Come here during national holiday:)

Hi Ricardo, I been wondering to ask you if you can make video for backwards fast speeding . I seen some rollebladers skates more fast backwards then clasic front and it s look awesome.

Love your videos, I’m getting back into rollerblading because of them a bit lol
Quick question, I did ballet for a few years (up to pointe shoes) but quit because I got pregnant. Is it possible for me to use toe gel pads in my blades, if needed, for comfort?

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