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Inline Skating in the City Center of Cape Town

Inline Skating in the City Center of Cape Town

Oh yeah thank you so much
ola youtubei my name is Ricardo Lino and I’m a wheel addict im in Orchard in Cape Town I’m
about to go skate my new skates which are just sample I think you talk too
much about them but talking that I’m about to well what are the healthiest
more energetic rules that you can this is a safe board and I say it’s a
it’s a super berry that comes from Amazonian forest in Brazil and I guess
that’s the only place in the world that you can find it the acai they make
something like this which is like that varies crushed and it’s usually it takes
it’s kind of like ice cream is super super cold and then they mix it with
fruit and it’s like the superfood a little few times you know it’s really
good and after that I’m gonna try to skate the city and I’m gonna try to show
you a little bit of Cape Town now that I’m leaving I really need to show you
before I leave so that’s it let me enjoy my I say ball and then I’ll see you in
the streets of caper okay I have to be home in two hours so I
have proximately one hour thirty to take you around k-town thank you yeah so right now we are one of the main
streets with shops in canonical we should actually try to go a little
bit Daniel because here it’s just boring I can do especially with different thank
you so much man muhaha sickening cars behind me well at
least I go on the right way yeah when I go a well how we do here you you might have seen already micro videos
because the winners silly let’s see if I can scare it it’s just some little flat
bank okay I’ll get it those streets with a lot of color
so you also in the micro video if you haven’t seen that one maybe just go
somewhere here you’re gonna drop that link now let me see if I get it
this guy losing his pants outside there’s a guy losing his pants I love old speed anyway keep going close there’s the garden here that’s because girls today and I was squirrel affection from this
video that’s cool
Irie man can I sit here and listen to you okay let’s do that
show your mom what’s the best you got okay one the best show me the best okay
let me try okay wah-ha-ha-ha Hakuna Matata some Guinea Lea yeah when I go a well how we doing de Tocqueville around thank you ha ha I want a hug
thank you so much what is it about what is Millia
yes Louise video Gitta okay so it’s about the woman that gave you the guitar
yeah that’s amazing right son let me see something that’s amazing
for Balea the woman that gave me the guitar yeah amazing
yeah I think check this I might not have South African money but I have from
other countries and I’m gonna leave it all with you I don’t know how much it is
it’s yours thank you I don’t know I think it’s from
Dubai from other places boom my mum we love you thank you
that was a fun one big up to be Lia forgiving that you talked to that guy
that was amazing that was cool now let’s keep skating I hated when I go ahead these old let’s
go over to the train station sir more market stuff you can
even get married do that with your wife isn’t there’s more stairs that’s not a lot more year there’s some
stairs that I also did on that micro video I might just go back to the
scooter because I’m starting to run out of time there’s this bolt around the
corner I’m just go to one last spot then I come
back to the stairs think about Africa is that a lot of
friendly really friendly people so that’s right there like a swimming pool
maybe something like a water feature that because of the time
well it’s not really working anymore but it became like skateboarding spot
well not get bored we’ll check this up are you doing I’m out of here just wanted to sure –
did at one place here that I actually love this lot but it’s been raining so
sometimes when it rains the surfaces get a bit too creepy because it just washed
them and against the wind maybe not I can and because I’m almost there and I
don’t want you to see me going uphill well that’s it I hope you guys enjoyed
this video gonna stuff for now a little bit but I hope you guys enjoyed this
video if you did enjoy this video do not forget to subscribe to this channel and
give me some thumbs up if you liked it for the musician porn acai bowl whatever
give me some thumbs up if you didn’t like something well give me thumbs down
but let me know what is it liked about this video and other than that don’t
forget why we all started skating and that is because it’s fun now let me try
to get some ride with this guy right here
I’ll be amazing anyway that was good


That song and the entire video is full of nostalgy (saudade?) and you´re not leave yet…. Nice video, so much feelings and good vibes! Big hug dear Ricardo!

Could be just the video but it appears you are pronating more in those skates. Only commenting since they are in the experimental stage and it may be due to how the frames mount. Awesome video! Always enjoy them.

I love city skating and therefore I love this video! The new skates look sick! Thanks for this perspective skate of Cape Town!

You are the best! Bronx New York here you are my favorite Blader, thank you for being you brother 💪🏾

That’s song was so perfect with the rough audio of the video. I wish we had a way to get a copy of it and give that man some money.

Am always curious to visit new places to skate so it real interesting thanks. The guitar guy was great, loved his song

One of the most striking things about your channel is the example you set for how to make friends and just generally let your light shine on people. You really are a light unto the world, in my opinion..

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