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there’s the new inline skating website Olá my name is Ricardo Lino and I’m a
big wheel addict and today I want your attention and because I want your
attention I’m gonna get color you’re looking at you right now right okay so
it’s called deep wheel blading and the guy behind it website you might know him
for brands such as 4×4 vicious bearings neem the guy who studies website is
young Welsh young rush was the original creator of come mag around the late 90s
and then the magazine which was the online maggot first if I’m not mistaken
he came so good like they had such a good following that back then he got
offered to start working for the biggest magazine back then the magazine was
called daily bread they made some of the best videos that ever came out from 4×4
leading the blind drip drop I think they were both made by
young Welsh and with Pat Lennon maybe young has been into skating for a while
but after the death of rat tail like four by four wheels neem and vicious he
somehow got out of skating not really stopped skating but it wasn’t as much in
the industry as we were use the same but about one year ago he started using
bigger wheels I even made a podcast with Jenn when he says how he got into big
wheels the two things four months ago Yun started working on
these new project and I’m super super excited to see this happening the thing
is we’ve seen the big wheels thing growing there’s more aggressive skaters
wanting to skate bigger wheel frames like the mushroom blading with like
bigger wheel the truth is the name big wheels came from I think the first thing
that I saw with the name big wheels came from the mushroom blading guys they had
big wheels one bagels – as full-length videos and like two three weeks ago they
even made easy to call big Lou’s file which is like five times 100 millimeter
wheels frames and like Leon passing and those other guys from Canada amazing
really really good but young got that name and he made a website around it and
if you ever seen it it’s WWB will bleeding calm you need to see it it’s
like the first thing is there’s an interview about it you need to see that
and then there’s for the release of the website there’s an interview on Dustin
my best key which is probably the best guy to ever put a pair of big wheel
frames on big wheels case whatever and then there’s some content about mountain
blading off-road skating I don’t know you call it and then there’s this guy
man his name is Christoph master Jacques I think that Cristo
must you suck Monsieur Shankara know the name looks polish to me I don’t know if
he’s a polish but I do know that the guy where is it this is my friend Tony Tony
Martinez or Tony Martin’s that annoy call him from France he’s originally
Portuguese but still anyway he lives in France this guide is Christoph Martin
sake II released the video we’d the try max frames on some shadows case and you
need to see it that’s all I can see it’s a must watches like this guy use these
try max frames with 110 millimeter wheels and this case off-road but it’s
just amazing you need to see it output it is a bit of the video here and that’s
it website is really really cool though there’s also some some content about
downhill skating and the plan from what young Welsh told me basically everything
that you can skate would be wills like slalom speed distance fitness free
skating whatever you use big wheels young needs your help and that’s why I’m
making this video these website looks awesome it was released like I told you
yesterday but now John Welsh is going to need your help
okay so young is planning on making interviews with slalom skaters speed
skaters downhill aggressive skaters very aggressive on big wheels I think if it’s
big wheel blading I don’t know I reckon it’s planning on putting like
the grass is skating I have no idea but with the name of the website being big
wheels lady I’ll speak about a name later also yarn is right now on the way
to Colorado and they’re going to make these Colorado road trip and I think
it’s something that people have been doing for a while and he’s working on a
story about this trip this Colorado road trip that that should be quite
interesting but again if you keen on helping young with these here’s young
female young female is young Erick Welsh at big wheel blading calm please send
messages send him content just tell them on what you want to support this thing
and whenever let’s all get together for the same the goal with is is to make
skating grow and young as so much passion for days he’s been doing it for
so long like he’s not living from this it’s
something that it does for all of us just like I do these videos so don’t
forget to go to WWE lady calm the name well I would call it big wheel scaling
because I made a few videos about how I think we should be calling it blading or
whatever but it’s not up to me to judge what I can tell you is the website is
also if you didn’t watch it yet go watch it now also if you haven’t subscribe to
the channel do it now you see the color of my beanie if the button underneath
this video that says subscribe it’s in the color of my beanie that means that
something is wrong that means that you’re not subscribing to the channel so
if you click on it it’s going to become white just like my hand like real white
and then on the side there’s like a little belt click on that Bell and
you’re going to get notifications every time I upload a video one last thing
before I shut down this video is if you’re skating just don’t forget why you
started it’s fun cheers guys


You must have some sorta spying device in me Lino. As of late I've been surfing around the net for websites to inline skating in general. Here is another to add to my list. I confess I'm still a "small wheel" guy but maybe….probably, I'll get some kizer frames for the speed kick and join the big wheel boys and girls from time to time.

It's kinda funny how the movement towards smaller wheels kinda passed me by, and now bigger wheels are in trend. I'd love to try out a pair triple wheel skates, if I can ever get up the money.
I'm far from what anyone would consider aggressive — I just like to skate on the street and go really fast — but I welcome any new websites that are out there!

Lino, First off…love your videos. Seriously. Not only do you answer questions, you've shown us peeps different aspects of the skating world…whether it be inline or quads. Thanks to you…I've actually started skating again. (Broke out the Salomon st9's.) I actually have a pair of Seba Fr 310's in transit as we speak. So just to let you know…you are helping create more wheel addicts out there. And thanks for the website heads up. I'll be hanging out there for sure. Keep the content coming my friend. 🙂

In Optimus Prime's voice: "Wheel Addicts…Gear up and Roll out!" 🙂

Bro you keep me informed! Lino bro you are our inline skate journalist hahaha. I'm asking myself what am I doing to promote skate? Humm I got something to think about and promotion to do. Thanks bro
Skate safe.

Great vid, Ricardo! Lots of names 'dropped' that I never heard of – but looking fwd to getting to know them better through the new BUT- I tried to sign up for the forums and couldn't find any link for registration. Sent off an email to Jan about it… Maybe I'm just missing it. Looks like a great site though- they should pay you for advertising it! 😉

Have you tried the triskates from flying eagle skates?
Also I spotted you in the triskate mag from powerslide! 😀

link leads to a blank page when I google it or put it on the search bar. Also the link doesn't auto-convert to hypertext – odd.

Ricardo, you've awakened a beast. I used to be quite an adrenalin junky in my teens and early twenties. After I got married I slowed down and now I'm a bit out of shape. After watching a few of your flow videos I bought a pair of PS 125's and they have been my preferred method of commute. The weather here Niedersachsen is not always skater friendly but I'm out every decent day! Just wanted to say thanks! Are you doing the Marathon in skates?

Speaking of Big Wheels… please to a review of the 150mm Road Runner wheels. I just got them in, and put them on my Kaze SUV frames. Super Fast! I think it's my new favorite. I feel more stable on them for sure. I don't feel like I'm going to fall back on my head with them.

Hola! Gracias por tus vídeos! Podrías hacer una comparativa sobre patines off road en español? Ruedas 125 o 150…comodidad, rapidez…si las botas permiten ejes urbanos…muchas gracias

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