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hey guys it’se me tiago the french inline skater and
welcome to those videos today I decided to go get you a little bit to see how
many is going so why not going from the Eiffel Tower to the gums on ass there’s
around 1.7 kilometers between the Eiffel Tower and the Gong vomit where I decided
to take a different path called random seriously I didn’t plant anything so I’m
trying to make my injured knee get used to skating again so I won’t push too
much at this for the moment I’m actually working on the next tutorial and try to
guess what it’s going to be about I’ll give you some tips but will help you
skate backwards in no time trust me I’ll do my best to make a cool video like my
previous tutorial I really enjoyed doing that one I’ll put a link in the
description so you can watch it if you want here’s the Eiffel Tower now let’s
start the running path to eternal darkness like going under a fancy bridge
and the mi Wilson weight is one for this couple stones it’s a night wet skip here
let’s go outside much better now I can go wait there’s a mud man in the bag and
go all that time was where my scape I miss it so much
good just like this weather I recently received a very interesting comment by
Danny buoy which says how does it feel to skate after some time from wearing my
skates to hit with a pavement after a long time so it’s only been two months
since I slowed down and even stopped men screaming because of my knee injury from
a basketball game but to me it seems like an eternity so I find it really
cool to fill this and describable feeling like when you bite your first
bears case and you’ve all this magic feel do you see what I’m talking about
so this is what I was experiencing during this flow I may not be smiling
here but trust me I’m very happy to wear my skates again the other part of
Danny’s question is why do you enjoy skating very cool
let me tell you how everything started I was and still am a huge manga and anime
lovers and I discovered a manga called Air Gear when I was a kid and it’s an
amazing Shonen manga about inline skating I really recommend you to read
or watch it right now basically it’s about a young dude who began practicing
a new discipline inline skating with hi-tech inline skate but enable you to
make incredible things like skate involves super high jumps and a lot of /
crazy stuff and it’s all about the beauty and the feeling of skating it’s a
very funny and amazing manga and in the French edition at the end there are a
few pages with some inline skating tutorials from Tai Chris you know of a
man who jumped from the Eiffel Tower on the landscape
a few years later everything of mine introduced me to inline skating and I
began to understand what the characters of this manga were saying of course I’m
not doing the same level of tricks they do sorry I can’t jump over building
sweeping landscapes I’m sorry but I quickly began addicted to it I focus
more into fulfilling my tricks provide than their aesthetics so why do I enjoy
skating because inline skating makes me feel so good hey so I look like I know
where I’m going I told you I took a round have to go to the tour Madonna but
how do I stay on track I just try to locate by building I think it’s the
tallest building in Paris without counting the Eiffel Tower always it’s
not a building it ok nevermind there is something about the place I’m going to
become a bonus this is the meeting point for preparation Friday night skate
called Valhalla every Friday thousands of
inline skaters go there and we all skate together this is also where I’ve met
some of you it’s a very cool event if you are inline skater and you come to
Paris we definitely have to do this so basically we make it to of Paris of
around 30 kilometers there’s a lot of down and hop hills it’s a very sporting
event and I really like be Friday nights can have a few problems
these last days the police started reading this event rates okay now we are
mobilize to protect this association we still have our Fright Night case
wha-ha-ha-ha-ha nobody will take this from us do you
have inline skating related events where you live please tell me in the comment
section I’m very curious about it I’m discovering this pair of bars at the
same time as you I’ve never been here so I’m looking everywhere Oh a camera
shop but now something happens my skates I forgot to tighten my frame after all
that time what wearing my skate so just after passed these people I felt
something was very strange my frame was going nuts
it was completely loose they come don’t move too much I got this black again is it good now looks like so
let’s continue I think I talked too much I’ll let you enjoy the flow we’ll do a
little bit I’ll be back very soon enjoy I am in a huge uphill now what do you
think about scaling uphill I personally like it because it’s more difficult and
when you manage to overcome this obstacle it’s very rewarding at least to
me it’s like when you come back from an intense training when you feel your
sword body it means that you’ve done a good work and it’s what I’d like to do
to gain more strength on my legs almost there I can clearly see the two on
ghana’s now it’s dark building in the middle okay almost there keep pushing here it is finished not over I have to
go to the over side of it what if a Friday night skate begin Wow this place is very slippery I bet
this is amazing place to do slides in a new spot for me a gala vilified in Montana’s yes very
merciful girl he’ll appear in France and not just in Paris but this one is less
popular compared to the one in Omaha and here we are this is the meeting point
for preparing for a Friday night scale and what’s cool of it is that this just
in front of a subway and railway station so you can come here easily ITIN essence
we were doing construction stuff but it’s okay if you want to participate or
what more information about it and recommend you to go to our website you
can find everything you need to know about this event and yes it’s totally
free to participate participate participate oh I don’t know anyway I
really hope you enjoy this slow don’t forget to subscribe for my next tutorial
and please help me making a skinny one popular machine these videos your
friends you can change everything think about it alright guys see you in
the next episode


Wow it looks cool around there. I live in marbella, spain. There are only few places to skate here, and only a small number of people skate. I started 3 months ago and can't stay 2 days without skating and trying to learn new stuff so im waiting impatiently for the tutorial. I skate with a "fitness" type skates and soft wheels 82a. I burned one wheel after breaking hard on asphalt :/ could i put harder wheels on them?

So weird what introduces us to the things we love. Back in 1991 I was a skateboarder. I saw a movie called Prayer of the Rollerboys, this was the first time I saw inline skating. I was only 9 at the time and it was pretty awesome. Still though it wasn't until 1993 when I saw the movie Airborne that I asked my parents to get me a pair of inline skates. I skated for a few years until partying and girls stole my interest lol. Glad I'm back skating though I wish i never stopped. If you haven't seen those movies check them out man. Yeah they're pretty cheesy when you watch them now. But they're an important part of inline history. I've started watching Airgear myself. Though I was admittedly disappointed to find it only has one season lol.

Have you ever not listened to a car because of the hedset? Isn't it dangerous to cover your ears while skating in the street?
I have a friend that uses headphones while skating too and every time i see him i go nuts. I just think it's better to be aware of your sorroundings… Paris looks beautiful, by the way

Damn I envy you the city, back here where I live I cant just "wing it" and go anywhere – if I want to skate I have to carefully choose path. Otherwise I will end up on unskateble surface

ugh i hate going up hill! there is this outdoor mall like shopping center that everyone hangs out in but its on the bottom of a hill. going down is fun but going up is a literal pain in the ass >.< what i hate most is that i always just barley miss the light to cross the street. it only has one perk, braggin rights. i was in class (this hill is by my school) and someone asked me about it. i say that i just do it and impressed my whole class with comments like "nah i would take them off and walk" and "that must be good for your butt" its worth it though

Love the flow vids. Seeing the streets of Paris in your vids, Toronto in Bill Stoppard's, Vancouver in the Mushroom Bladers', SingaporeSkater's videos… inline skating isn't as popular as it used to be here in California, but seeing flows from around the world is a beautiful and inspiring thing. Looking forward to your next upload. Stay safe out there!

Events in my city? no. Going with rollerblades up hill? pain… xD I don't know anyone here in my city a little bit pro, they are all bagginers… i hope i will find someone…

Happy to see you back on skates again! ^^ And that was a great flow to watch, Paris is a beautiful city!
Also I got an idea for a video sometime in the future: I think many people (especially people who haven't decided exactly what's their discipline) are not sure about what kind of skates to buy (recreational, freeskate/freeride, aggressive, 3-wheel etc). But one problem is that when we look for videos on youtube we most of the time watch advertisement for specific skates, which means you just hear positive things about the skate, they never say the bad stuff about the product, of course 🙂 . I think it would be awesome with a short and straight forward video that showcases some different types of skates like: What are these called, what do you mainly use them for, what are they good at, and what are they bad at etc. And maybe throw in a short video in which you skate a bit in each different skate so viewers can actually see the difference. I think that would be really cool 🙂
BUT, first… I'm sooo looking forward to that tutorial about backwards skating!! 😀

Nice video thiago ! How to go downhilll ? I willl probbably die … Can you do tutorial how to go downhill wthout hurt your self or die .Thanks have nice day !

Dude ur vids are great ! Love em so mach ! Warm regards from Russia ) I and hope to watch more vids from u soon )

In berlin we have the Skate by Night. And it starts next Sunday. Woohoo. The meetings are once per month for 5 months.

Great Video ! Keep it up… BTW I wanted to show you a bit different concept of inline skating I hope you like it…..Nobody did it before, check it 🙂

We skate Wednesday nights in Brisbane City every week. We meetup on Goodwill Bridge 7:15pm. We also got Saturday Mornings at 7am at the Ship Inn just outside the Goodwill Bridge.

Once a month we have a few thousand skaters rolling through the city streets here, but it's kinda lame because very slow (a lot of girls though).

o man i really love the air gear story, it is what got me back into skating aswel! used to do it years ago but quit.. and everytime i read air gear i wanted to start skating again, so i did! awesome to hear more people share this feeling

This "skate rush" feeling you talked about.. it's a feeling of doing something new and extraordinary, maybe a bit forbidden or rejected by society… I think it's the exhilaration of risk and adventure. Unfortunately, for me it no longer occurs when I put on the boots. I also felt it (stronger) when I went nude swimming in public for the first time. And just as with skating, it no longer excites me the way it used to, now it's just nice but normal. :/

Nice flow ! iam a ancient ' newbie' inline addict just getting into urban skating , in the UK we've " blind man cobbles" at pedestrian pavement crossings , how would you overcome these ? love your videos 👍

Hey Tiago. We have friday night skate in Copenhagen aswell. Every 2nd friday from late April until September. Would love to see some freestyle slalom tutorials from you. Cheers 🙂

Tiago, quick question about my next skates to get, ive lived in the city for a while but moved to the middle of no where, i used to really like aggresive inline skating but dont have many sweet spots for it anymore, so im getting new skates but im really hesitating on wich ones, it will be long distance skating mostly with occasional freestyling, now the 2 im hesitating between is Rollerblade Twister X, or the Rollerblade Tempest 100 2017, any advice or other pics?

In Bulgaria the skating community as huge as it is in other countries, but there quite some people practicing it and in my city of Sofia (the capital) there are city flows being organised regularly. And yes going uphill has its benefits, I can practise my sprinting uphill and it is indeed rewarding.

Marrant de voir que tu as commencé le Roller grâce à Air Gear, comme moi !
Ce Manga est tellement motivant. Et heureux de voir que tu arrives à rider avec autant d'aisance.

À Lyon on a la même chose que vous à Paris le Vendredi soir !

Great speedy flow there. And dude i didn't know there was a skating anime! I also love anime. I'm totally gonna check that out. Maybe i come to Paris roller this summer we should meet then 😉

In Barcelona we have the luck that there are free classes, activitives, and tours every single day a week, skaters gather and go for a ride. What I hate it´s paviment, in many places is just awful. In Paris looks in many places smooth!!!

hey Tiago I just wanted to ask your opinion for my next pair of skates: seba fr1's or flying eagle F7's?

oh so envy to see you do it so nicely :(. Yet here i am, still want to start and already 25yo 🙁 ! and in i don't know anyone here in Antwerp. I wanna start but i think i might be a lil too late 🙁

brother hi!! big hug. Hey if I went to Paris would you show me around on skates of course. I promise I can keep up. Just wonder if you can skate on the weekends?

I wonder how paris Friday roller event is. I like it a lot here in Brussels because there is music at the roller parade and it's really fun

Dude, I looked up air gear and watched it non stop till the end. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

Hi Tiago ! Est-ce que tu sais si en tant que débutant on peut venir au Paris Roller ? Je sais vraiment pas si j'ai le niveau, j'avance pas ultra vite et je sais pas trop m'arrêter. 😀 Mais j'adorerai y aller !

I confess Tiago, Air Gear also got me hooked back into inline. At the time I haven't skated in about a good couple years. Now fast forward to today, I'm super rusty, wobbly beyond my liking but thanks to your little tutorial and just watching in general I'm slowly picking it back up. Thanks TIago! Oh and don't worry to much about your English. I live around Toronto and there are a lot of people who's first language isn't English. So keep practicing but know this guy here can understand you.

I love your vids – there's so much fun and freedom in your skating. I started skating 2 years ago and right now I' m thinking about taking by gear to Paris next time I'll be there. Hope to meet you as well.

Salut Tiago!
I'm a super-beginner skater [I live in an area with huge hills so I have nowhere to practice nearby]
Have you played Jet Set Radio? It's a game where you skate around and graffiti places and it got me obsessed with skating. Also when I was last in Paris I saw loads of middle aged people going to work on skates and I thought 'I want to be like that'

I live in Kuwait and United Arab Emirates, and we don't have any skate events, let alone even rollerblades sold in shops here. :/ I found one shop that sells skates in Kuwait though and I'm going to make it my mission to popularize skating here!! 😈

Not alot of people watch Air Gear! it really gave me inspiration too lol I actually cosplayed Akito one time!

Air Gear made me wanna buy my first pair of skates in 2012, I stopped for a while and somehow ended up on your channel. Keep up with your content, I'm rooting for you from California!

What camera do you use tiago? If you use GoPro 5, what field of view do you use in this video?
And how long your stick in centimeters?
Sorry for too much questions 😀

I live in Quebec Canada which is the only french province in Canada. I have lived in this province for three years and still far from being bilingual, but I do try. Your english is better than my french. Our town is a huge biking town, but I have seen a couple of skaters this year and have started up again myself after 13 years. I can't believe how rusty I am.

There are no events in where I live in America it's just not really popular so only the skating rink and somewhere outside

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