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Inline skating Q&A

Inline skating Q&A

I like to speak in english; it’s a good way to improve But I think I’ll say a few sentences in french sometimes to make things more original with subtitles; but yeah, I really want to improve at English!


Fun drawings to do a Q&A with! Question: can you do 360's? I want to learn them, but they take a lot of effort and i can only do them very slow.

Another question: You have a rockered setup, so what is your take on the wizard frames from Leon Basin, seen at the Mushroom Blading channel? I love the way they skate with it and i think large wheels and rockered go fine together 🙂

Haha thanks for answering my question! ^^ Looking forward to the High Light Carbon review! Oh and btw I finally bought a pair of hardboot/freestyle skates to replace my old softboot/recreational ones! I really like them and just like you told me the shorter frame gives much more control over the motions. So I couldn't be happier, thanks for inspiring me! 🙂

Je pense m'acheter des Skate Doop (parce que je suis un flemard ^^), est ce que tu en a déjà essayer?
J'aimerais avoir ton avis sur ce genre de skate?
Sinon cool ta chaîne ! keep it up!

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