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hi morning I don’t know if it’s gonna
rain or not but if it doesn’t I want to teach you how to slide on triskates
today let’s see hopefully it’s not raining if it does I’ll do it indoors it really seems like it’s going to rain
check that usually in Cape Town where you have the clouds moving fast like
that around the mountain like usually rain so
I don’t know about that I’m gonna do it outdoors I want to beat you outside
outdoors but not up to me well the thing is if it’s raining the
wheels the postcard better right I don’t know the ring good it needs to
be under the roof tip number one be confident being asleep doesn’t help you
to learning how to slice so ever coffee your skates on and dressing your skills so this is going to be my Christmas
present to you how to slide on these things it doesn’t need exactly to be on
trice case same technique for these skates or for four wheels kids but I’m
going to try to teach you how I do it the first thing is obviously you need to
know how to turn if you know how to turn you know that usually if you’re turning
left you should have the left foot in front need to twist my hips and please
my shoulder my left shoulder back once you know what to have to turn but I
always say you want to learn out to slime and we’re talking about a parallel
slide which means your feet will slide like this for this type of slide you
should start turning wide and then you go tighten tighten tighten that until
you feel like your skates are going to get that somewhere when you’re filming
your skins are about to get stuck by then your wedge is usually more on the
front wheels and that’s why you you bring your way to the back wheels the
most and then just push push with your heels and at first you’re not expecting
to do like a perfect side what you want to do it first just kind of like a
little slide 180 so it’ll go from forward
you’re turning wide wide wide and tighter and tighter than tight pattern
and when you’re super tight just spin and you start rolling backwards and that’s what you want to learn at
first and then once you start getting that momentum of the little slide you
want to keep that slide a little bit longer and that’s how you go like so you
know that you go from the front two wheels if you are trying skids to the
back two wheels when you get super tight from two wheels to the back two wheels
when you go tight and push with your heels other people start by doing just
power slides I can also have the power slide when one of your skates slide and
the other one just the other one just roll so it goes something like this but
this way you’ll be sliding along on your fast light foot and you wanted the
Royale fit to slide 2 so basically you want to go
we both that’s why I say you should start turning start turning Sun Titan
timed and thought that when you feel it’s really tight then you pull your
heels and that will make you turn backwards by sliding a little vision
that little bit will need to go longer and longer and longer until you start
sliding like longer distances we’re going to bring our weight from the front
wheels to the back wheels that will make you start sliding once you learn how to
slide it’s called parallel slide which means that your feet should go on the
side of your child a lot of times people just put one foot too much in from that
they’ll make it turn if you want to keep that parallel slide like the name say
your feet need to go further so you need to keep that in mind and your weight
needs to go on the same side of the wheel length on these skate which is the
fast light food your weight should be on the inside on the Royal food it should
be on the outside basically your wheels into yours your
boots need to turn and then you need to trust that part of the wheels easiest way to start looking just doing
a little slide and then go backwards slide and then go backwards and then the
more use you get to it and the more confident you get and you got to start
sliding and learn how to stop like you gonna be slide inside as I introduce top that’s like the next step it might be
the final step of course then once you have your fast slide fruit unlocked in
the back slide along and you can play around with those you can go from
unities to just fast large or just backslide or whatever but it’s I’m not
gonna say it’s a new thing but only now it’s becoming more like training and
more people are starting to explore all slides on these type of skills so I’m
quite excited of what’s to come in the future but even 8:00 a.m. and already at
this video field and done I’m now going to edit it and I hope I’ll do somehow
this was my Christmas present to you I hope it works I might have liked some
some cool stuff in the next few days I’m just waiting on an email to know if I
can make a really nice contest with you guys so hopefully I can do it I hope you
enjoy it is one if you did you know what you got to do you guys subscribe the
channel like this page comment let me know what else you want me to teach I
hope this was helpful and let me know what you’re going with your size let me
know if you really learn them or if there’s you still struggling with
something maybe I can help you with that see you next video
Merry Christmas movie


I'm learning how to do it, whit out really put my attention and effort on it for the moment. But yeah, yesterday I heard about pushing the hills I never heard about it before and today you confirm it ! I will try when the ground will be dry ! These days are rainy in France. Btw I land the 360 thanks to your tutorial ! Just do not have the opportunity yet to make a quick video ; ) . Lino I think you could even better improve your tutorials by instead of showing the move with your hand, show a quick video or image of what you talking to, to illustrate it… I don't know.. just something witch cross my mind, I'm probably wrong. In all case great job, your tutorials help me ! Merry Christmas to you !

And you know some people don't even know how to choose their inline skates, I mean if they want to do fitness, or just for fun simple thing like that, thy don't know the different type of skates, ( I was lost a few months ago ! ) or don't know how to lace their skate in a good way. Maybe it will be helpful for them if you make some basic tutorials, I don't know, just posting ; )

Very useful tutorial, thanks! If you could do the same for the magic slide it'll be very much appreciated worldwide, I'm sure 🙂 Merry christmas and Happy new year from Bulgaria! 🙂

Great video, my slides are inconsistent at the moment but they're getting there. Speed makes a big difference too right? Thanks!

I find it easier to practice slides when there is less friction around! I mean, when it has been raining and slightly wet on the ground, do you not recommend doing this? 🙂

Lino,thank you so much!!!.I'll put it in practice next time I skate.Thank you so much again and happy holidays brother!!

I stopped power sliding on my aggressive and PB setups because doing it would shag my wheels after a couple of slides. Surely it mus do the same on big wheels?

Great vids man. I'm just getting back into skating since my teens, now 36yo, and am looking to get back into my zone here in the states. Thanks for your incite sir.

Gonna try and nail this soon, always wanted to be able to do a proper parallel side, and stop powersliding. Thank you wheel addict 😀

Dude you're videos are really nice. You can see you put a lot of effort into them. Gonna practice this one soon!

Hey Lino, great tutorial!. May I ask what's the hardness of the wheels you are using for the slide? I'm on 100mm 85a wheels and find it difficult to do the slide.

Hey! How hard do the wheels have to be? Mine are 84A and i am kind of stuck at the tight-turn stop stage.. All the best

Lino, can you do a series just about how to fall? Some does and do not, how to be prepared and maybe how to get off in one piece…

Oww that's how it is.. thanks for the lesson. I have been working on this stopping technique and keep falling on every attempts. I think I will make it this time.

I have a question. I used to skate a lot when I was little on regular skates. I'm 32 years old now and have my own two little ones and want to get back out there and skate again but, lol buying skates are different now where back then there was skates and roller blades, now there's inline skating. I want to get some inline skates but don't know where to start. Would love the feedback 😊

Great video I’ve been trying to execute the slide on my tempest 125 3wd and they’ve been giving me some trouble. I know that I’m on speed skates but hey why not. Bad idea? You make it look easy. I keep sticking and falling

I wanted to skate so bad!! Butt! It had to be cool skates, so i bought hockey-skates. Its not going so wel. Its so darn hard!! The ground. Is it me or the skates. i hope you'll say the skates 😀

Dear Lino

Thanks for your parallel stop tutorial video.

I practice this trick on Hockey field.
But the coach who teach kids skate on the field suggest I should use harder wheels for slide/parallel stop.

My skate is POWERSLIDE SWELL which equip 85A 110mm wheels.
I'm not sure the hardness is enough or not.

My question is should I use even harder wheel like 90A ? or even harder level.
Or I should practice on asphalt road for better slide ?
Do you have any suggestion which surface is better for this trick practice?


Dear Ricardo, I became addicted to your page. Buy a Senana powerslade swell 110 but all your videos are in English

Thanks for the tuto, Lino, if you still follow this thread, maybe I can benefit from one advice: how to keep the balance? My issue isn’t to make the wheels lose grip, but I keep falling on my inner(back) side. I heard from another instructor on YouTube that the majority of the weight has to be transferred on the front foot. So now, I’m trying “almost” to lift my inner foot when I attempt a slide so that I can subconsciously put my weight on the front one.
Does it make sense? Because when I try 50/50… I never reach that balance. Any thought? Thanks a lot

Does this chip your wheels? / flat spot them?
I keep doing little slides and just chipping my wheels haha

Thanks, Lino, for the video. I have just gone through the 40mins session of the slide learning. It was my 4th time on skates this summer after 18-20years of break in the activity, so there is still a lot of room for imprpvement. Here is what it looks like:

hi lino. im getting some roces m12 skates. I am a size 9uk. what size should I get? I have to order, cant go try them out.

Hi Lindo, I love skating but stopped because the roads where I live are really bad. I have been using K2 fitness skates and would like to try triskates. From your experience will they give me a smoother ride. I would love to get back riding in my area.

Hello! Could you please tell me your wheels hardness and your weight? In addition could you please suggest wheels hardness for 155lbs – 72kilos person to do power slides and stops.

This was very helpful. One thing that I noticed that was not explicitly mentioned here was that: On ice, You try to pivot your blades perpendicular to the direction you're moving (90 degrees) as fast as possible and slide, but it's very helpful on the road to start your slide at a diagonal (pivot your blades 45 degrees) and then transition to 90 degrees. That really helped me gauge how sticky the ground was and prevent falling

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