Inline speed skating in incredible india (pascal briand vlog 142)

tonight I’m an intern a Hindu I’m gonna do a little teach English and Slovak meatballs and kids tonight we will walk little bit about the pulls so first walk out we make group of – skater first Gator just keep skating position second skater is pushing the first one okay every two laps you change the first goes again and the second go first hey let’s start [Music] we [Music] when you do see this exercise yourself to use your head and try to think where you are pushing if you just do the exercise without thinking it’s not gonna walk the things you have to do when you when you’re pushing someone is first you have to try to push down in the ground and then to the side okay so we’re gonna do this every time you will push for the next try first you push down and after you push to the side to the side okay when you push down you will feel more grip okay you have to feel like your foot is going more flat or more flat it’s like you have to feel like you will this going into the ground when you feel you will go to the ground you can push to the side we do the same things to skater you push the other one but I want to feel that you push down and to the side I show me how you do it three down and to the side down and to the side Oh [Music] and it down then to the site [Music] we [Music] I could make a change [Music] nice Iblees down then push to the side this is quite nice down degrees push to this side okay so these two line it’s the track okay it’s a straight line let’s say we skate in we skate in this direction okay so the road the road is going this direction you understand this I’m moving this way so the road is going this way when you push down then to the side if your skates they’re a little bit open okay this is straight this is closed this is open if my skate is open he will go very fast behind me because the road is going this way okay so my skate is straight my skate is open if your scale is open you will lose the push it will go away very fast so when you push you want to keep your skate in the same direction as the road okay so we’re gonna try this I want you to push to keep your skate as long as possible in the direction of the lining okay not like this you understand okay it’s very important for the push this when you push sorry when you push push to the side but keep your skate in this straight direction [Music] okay that’s quite good whose try to give me escape remember the little drawing [Music] used to decide try to keep your very good okay so more or less it’s my foot okay it looks like my foot when you skate you need to have the pressure in the back part of your skate okay so the pressure need to be around here okay you understand the pressure the pressure need to be at the back part of your skate when you push if it’s in front most of the time you will open and you will push back so when we do the exercise now we have to think little bit more and try to put the pressure in the back of your skate so what we’re gonna do now same group of two one is pushing but when you finish the push you have to lift the front you push you leave the front then you bring back your skate you push you lift the front then you bring back your skate [Music] you can’t also go a little faster and professor and you know the same once on the corner [Music] okay you can try also stopping you push manually straight without stopping them [Music] [Music] that’s quite good very good [Music] okay that’s good but don’t make a stop on the end of the movie [Music] look all of my Twitter [Music] okay next exercise is quite easy in the corner we skate normally we cross in the straight line we keep the skate to the ground we skate with keeping the skate to the ground all the straight line its corner we do normal okay hey let’s go for this one easy [Music] you [Music] okay so next exercise we make group of two skater the skater in front we have to skate no money he skate like he doing a warm-up okay he lifts his skate across in the corner okay about the same as the warm-up speed the skater who is behind you need to follow in the corner you can skate normally but in the straight line he has to keep the skate on the ground every – lets you change the one in front you’re trying to say good sex them are in [Music] [Music] [Music]

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