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inline speed skating: set up your skate (Pascal Briand Vlog 19)

inline speed skating: set up your skate (Pascal Briand Vlog 19)

baby [Music] [Applause] [Music] turn from a okay to test it’s a trait I’m under 25 and it’s a good opportunity to try to learn you how I do my the setup of my skate let’s see how to fix a new frame on your case do the setup so the first thing that you do when you want to this new frame to put some good marks on the actual position on your frame so you can use a pen and I write under your shoes where is your frame at the moment so you have to put some mark really on the side in between the train and the shoe and you’re sore too much to make a little knot exactly in front of the screw here and here is a position for the frame front to back and it’s also quite important to always use a very good key where the hand of the key is in a good shape so you’d also destroy the screw on the issue [Music] the good point with the girlfriend with the comments they always arrive with some very nice cool that specific to the shape of the frame and it’s very secure to protect the upper part of the frame the first point we’re going to focus to the setup is I will set up your frame front to back like this if you do a straight line Anna mainly I recommend to a little more frame in the front it will ask for the straight line approach if you are the track and you want to call a setup that fits better four corners it’s going to put like 50/50 that Manor I’m not sure which is in front of the cage that at the back of the price of the a so I look the front one of the shoes like this and I try to have as much waste going in front that is going to the back let’s do a little better hi when this is a ready front to back the next point you have to focus is to set up your frame side to side most of the time I start to put the frame in the middle of the hood and grow a little line on the back of the shoe oh I miss this little mark at the back of this case I want to draw a line in the middle of the shoe to show with the middle of the frame and make sure I have a good I know where is the middle I recommend when it has a window that you start by putting the setter like one or two millimeters to the inside of this line so when this is let’s say in the middle and then I put the frame later to the inside of the shoe one millimeter to stop and after I do the setup from the front part and here I try to have a position where my friend is always in a let’s say close position is my frame is opening like this if it’s going like this from the front to the back it’s the open if it’s very straight compared to my shoes then it’s natural and it’s little like this it’s a close it’s a wonderful skating in a closed position it will help me to push better on the side in the straight line actually also in corner but actually I think for the Technic ladder so if your frame is in open position it’s going to be difficult to skate if your frame is in a closed position when you scale like this it will help study I just check little bit the bottom of the scale so I check this balance and I like that it’s little more weight going on the outside it’s also depend on the shape of your foot not everybody’s confortable like this but when you have two possibility to do it I think it’s really helping a lot for your technique so the frame is a bit inside and in a closed position so it’s and four sigh push ok let’s prepare the egg on the scale and then I make a little test outside with a simple indices to show you exercise to show you how I make sure my setup is also one more detail when you test your setup it’s much better if you can do it with a new set of wheels because then you know the shape of the wheel is perfect and it will give you the right fitting on the scale if you some ways that are already used the shape here is the be destroyed and it will not give you the right feeling that you want so you can probably get a wrong information okay almost release so it’s time to go outside and test the setup I have a little exercise for this so we will do it and here we go so the little test I use to check my setup these are take liters I take some speed not so much and I stay on one foot and I make a little jump and make the reception on same foot if my skate is falling to the inside that when my frame is probably too much outside it from if my skate make the reception straight it’s quite good but it’s going to be perfect if when I make the reception it’s slightly falling to the outside edge [Music] [Applause] [Music] so we can set up we would like you want front to back and side to side and you feel I he relating I cannot do the setup of my scape I never find the right position it’s possible that you have a wedging problem so wedging problem is when the flat of your foot is not really in a good position compared to the other part of your car balance possibility there is a little Delta and filigrees like this we give you french winning and then it’s very hard to fix escape it’s very common for level and it can happen on every page under our support them a small fan on a custom shoes and so to solve this problem you have to do a little wedging adjustment and make sure that your frame is 90 degree to the under part of your foot so to do this we use some little aluminium paper and so we take okay Ninian paper and we’re gonna make a little piece that goes in between the frame and the show we need to find how much of Dominion paper you want in between don’t make it too much anyway because it’s very difficult to screw the frame to the shoe is very good then and there is a little risk that you lose the phrase it has to be quite a small adjustment if it’s the root of the problem then they are probably a little magnitude so it’s possible option so make a little piece of aluminium like this and when you are when you finish with the 12 mm a little piece of aluminium here you have to put it in between your frame and your sure like this or you put it to the inside or you put it to the other side depend what is the wedding program in which direction basically if you need to take more outside edge and then put it to the inside of option framing it will make your foot move little bit to the outside and it will ask for the outside edge but if you put too much or so it will be a modification at the right push remember so I show you how it looks like it’s a small adjustment it’s not so good evil but I recommend that the top skater they use this little tip to make the filling on the skate perfect [Music] you


Salut Pascal je viens de voir la vidéo de montage de châssis peux-tu me dire : Que pense tu de l'utilité de décaler les châssis sur l intérieur du virage pour une utilisation en Indoor. J'ai vu que certains utilisent ce type réglage. Merci à toi.

Pascal… what reaction do you get from the skates (in your skating) if you move the rear of the frame more towards the inside (medial) of the foot or towards the outside (lateral) assuming the front end of the frame stays under the same spot of the skate? And viceversa… what reaction do you get if you move the front end of the frame towards the inside or outside of foot, assuming you would keep the rear end of frame on the same spot? Do I explain myself?

Bonsoir Pascal, j'aurais aimé savoir si ce type de réglage pouvait solutionner les problèmes d'ampoules au talon, as tu des conseils pour ça, merci à toi ( je roule en sur mesure mariani pour info )

Cool video , I have been trying to adjust my left skate as it's difficult to roll straight. I have urban '' rollerblade RB80''. I'm trying to figure out how to set up my frame to have a more balanced and straight roll but my left skates it leans to the left the outside edge than staying straight.

Je n ai qu une paire de freeskate, car j ai toujours recherché une certaine polyvalence.
Et malgré tout, depuis que j arrive a rouler avec de la puissance,et que je prends de la vitesse,je trouve ça terriblement grisant 🙂

Bonjour Pascal, quelle est ton impression des platines dual box, en particulier des CadoMotus TR? Est-ce que ce système offre la même rigidité que les ponts convetionnels des platines Powerslide triple X? Merci!

"You zhould try widh new wheels" and show a set of blue new wheels, then he puts on the old ones… Just kidding, I actually learned a lot from your channel… And I also have a strong (not French) accent which is apparently quite funny for others…

Perfect video, I started skating at 8 and stopped at 16. Now I'm 30 and I bought a pair of powerslide to start again, this video is helping me a lot to remember how to set it properly! Thank you a lot! +1 subscriber

Bonjour, je me présente je m’appelle dominique je suis passionné de roller ! Je vous suis sur YouTube régulièrement. J’ai une question concernant les réglages platine le faites de régler les platines légèrement en biais par exemple deux ou trois millimètres pourrait améliorer sensiblement la qualité du réglage selon les personnes. Ex : Mettre la platine au centre a l ´arrière et au contraire la rentrée vers l’intérieur a l’avant ? Qu’est-ce que cela pouvez apporter ? Merci et continués à nous faire de belles vidéos Sportivement dominique

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