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Intense Hoverboard CHALLENGE

Intense Hoverboard CHALLENGE

So what is going on guys today we are back
and today we with Elijah and Jusaiah we are going to be
doing hoverboard obstacle course who wants to demonstrate (I will) come on so to start
off you go around the table go around the table all the way then you swerve through
the slides, not circle, swerve, then you spin three times 1-2-3 5 or 3, 3, 5, no 3, 1-2-3 and then you just go swerve back through then
you turn around that one and straight into the hallway for the W and we got a stop watch he swerves 10 second mark 1-2-3 15 second mark swerve back through around 20 second
mark and I stopped it 22 seconds (the crowd cheers) 3-2-1 1-2-3 watch out rosie watch
out rosie (crowd cheers) 3-2-1….GO 1-2-3 (crowd cheers) that’s basically it for this video
guys do no forget to leave a like comment subscribe share with friends if you enjoyed
I won Elijah and Jusaiah how do you feel Ah, That was fun um post notifications shout out goes to someone
right here if you want a post notification shout out comment that you have notifications
on and i’ll be checking so don’t lie we’ll see you guys in the next video peace out BYE

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