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Are you looking for an affordable yet
reputable company to buy your electric skateboard from. In this video I’m going
to be interviewing an awesome electric skateboard company out of the UK. Coming up! What’s up you esk8ers it’s Neil with Big Kids and on this channel we talk
about DIY tips, vendors and the electric skateboard community. If you’re new here
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the description. In this video I’m going to be interviewing the founder of Slick
Revolution, Robert Simpson and his long awaited Kickstarter for his Flex Eboard.
Let’s get into it! So I actually started following Robert on Instagram. Slick Revolution showcases all of their boards and everything on Instagram. So I
followed a Slick Revolution and I direct messaged Robert and I knew that I wanted
to interview him. And to my surprise he was super down-to-earth and it’s great
to be with them today. Congratulations Robert on your your crowd funding! You guys are at 352% for your Kickstarter which is really exciting! And just to kind of start
things off we wanted to get to know you like what is it that got you into
Electric skateboards? So I I went the university instructure I went to a small
agricultural uni and fairly soon into my second year I knew it more than what
I wanted to do; although I knew I wanted to run my own business. And for a while I
had my heart set on a microbrewery and so I was traveling after University and
I was in Australia and I saw someone ride past on what turned out to be
electric skateboard but I’d not seen one before. I had myself down quite into my
tech and gadgets and that kind of thing and I’ve not seen one so I thought well
I did a little bit research and found out who made them and thought well I’ve
never heard of it why is that? I think this is sell really
well in the UK and that’s that’s what sparked the idea to and start selling
electricity skateboards basically. So it was that moment in Australia that trans moment
that I’ve seen that board riding past and realized actually there’s probably a
market for something like this in the UK so that’s what it started really in yeah.
Yeah, for sure and you know there’s definitely a market for it in the UK I kind of feel
like you guys have kind of filled a gap could you kind of describe to me what an
electric skateboard community or the scene is like out there? Yes I think it’s
a little bit like anything the UK is always 3-4 years behind the u.s.
in terms of the latest tech and gadgets a lot of stuff and a lot of products
emerge out of California. And I think where the UK is at the moment it’s still
catching up on the Californian market in the US market but I don’t think we’re
too far behind. But then again eboarding is perfectly shaped for color fine you’ve
got beautiful leather a lot of small beaches than us and it’s it’s not only
lot smoother roads it’s not raining all the time which is what we find in the UK
so the UK. At the moment it’s still picking up on what electric skateboards
are and within you sort of get trapped in this bubble of the eboarding community
and you sort of forget that a lot of people don’t even know what they are. And so we
want people when they come across one for the first time for it to be us
basically so I think yeah I think it’s been right behind the U.S. but I think
Europe certainly catching up so they catch up to America. But I think yeah it
still small it’s got a lot a lot of room for growth! Yeah definitely a great thing for us yeah a A lot of the a lot of the viewers that are
from the UK they’re always kind of asking me for like expertise on where to
buy parts and things like that and to be honest if you like
don’t have a ton of resources for that and I don’t really have the reliable
resources that I’ve actually personally used. So I could have just imagine you
know kind of what it’d be like for for someone to see an electric skateboard
kind of going down the streets like woh that’s amazing what is that! Yeah exactly
we get quite a lot of people saying you know send it an email and say oh so glad
we came across here it’s nice to see this little bit then you can selling
this kind of thing and people like to buy locally. And I think that’s helped
our growth. I think because eboards and a lot of people who buy that kind of thing
understand that they don’t last forever just like if you buy a bike or a car.
People need that support and they need to know it’s fairly local and so… It’s
just the same as you for example if you looked on a website and saw that you
were buying it from the UK and no matter how good the reviews were you know that
if something goes wrong you have to deal with someone on the end of an email and
then expensive shipping so I think people like to see a local company. You
know with next day shipping available for them so I think that’s where where
we saw done so well in the UK that there’s not too many others in one
market place at the moment. Nice, nice! Cool, so you guys have a Kickstarter out and
at this point you’re offering yeah I got you guys got four offerings for electric
skateboards. That’s the the Mini Eboard, the Max Eboard which is a single motor
the Dual Max Eboard which is a dual motor on I believe bamboo and then the
Flex Eboard Rough Stuff and that was the one that I kind of wanted to focus on.
Because that’s the one that you guys are featuring in your Kickstarter. With all
like the kick starters that are out there and all of the electric skateboard
companies that are kind of popping up out of nowhere. You know, what are you
guys most excited about with your guys’ offering? Yeah so we didn’t want people
to be tied to a single design so we wanted to introduce the Ruff Stuff wheel
which sort of contracts that problem in that you’ve got 110mm as opposed to a
normal road wheel which is about 80mm. You got a lot more cushion in you’ve got
a bigger diameter which means you’ll roll over
pebbles and rough terrain more easily plus we’ve got a flexible deck we’ve
managed to maintain a flexible deck and have the bat racket underneath so in the
way that boosted keep a flexible deck they stick all the electronics and bits
to the sides and then have the wires running down the middle we have the
battery case spread out along the bottom and it’s all a bolt of design so just
the same way that you trucks both bolt onto the deck our battery case bolts on
so it means that you’re not tied to one single deck design like you out with the
dual maxi pod we can introduce new shapes new designs we’ve got the cabin
of grid is made by Russell at solar long bars we don’t want to pay anyone to a
single design safe in the future we introduce a new battery case we’ll make
sure that it fits on to our current customers boards and also the the rough
stuff wheel that also fits onto a current customers pod so anybody who has
a maxi board or jewel maxi board this will fit right on there so wanna look
after everyone who’s purchased from us before basically see the two main
features of the Flexi out the the flexible deck hence for the in flexi
bars and roofs of wheels which it gives a really nice ride on on non smooth
tarmac which is pretty much 99% of the UK really right right nice and so for
like for the noob that getting into Electric skateboards you know could you
tell us you know tell the viewers what they should expect if they buy a board
from you guys yes I’d say it’s the same with any business it doesn’t matter what
resources you’ve got or how much money you’ve got behind you all your
facilities what every product is offering great customer service is free
and it’s fairly easy because it’s something that I want to do anywhere to
you know for a great experience my customers so if ever any customers do
have problems we’ve got a 12 month warranty on all of our boards
and we’re more than happy to fix anything we offer free shipping
customers get sensitive back to us more often than not we can send path to the
customer to them to fit if they do have a problem but we also want to sort of
let customers know that not you know nothing less forever people crash boards
people right into curbs stuff bricks you know but yeah we is something that’s
helped our business grow is offering a great customer service and upholding our
warranty and that’s good to hear I mean that’s what people want to hear a lot of
times with these electric skateboard companies you don’t see the face you
know behind the company itself so you can have all this great marketing which
you guys do have but if you don’t see the face behind it you know it is it is
one of the things that is a kind of you know is it drawback to company so this
is good that we’re talking and you got to get to talk to some of the viewers
that if DIY isn’t you know their cup of tea then you know this might be the next
best step for them and I don’t mean yeah I think exactly right I mean a lot of
people a lot of companies out there so there’s a couple in the UK I won’t
mention names but they’re after a quick book sell cheap bulbs and you self never
hear from them again and they move up the next thing well I want to be present
as the face behind the brand will be taking one or two people on towards
Christmas I want them to be on the website
we obviously Russell makes our carbon pods he he’s done Instagram account so
the long boards he makes all the cabin next rows you always want to get our
name out there and not hide behind a website and a automatic email kind of
thing it must be personal and I want you to be chained to me rather than some
customer services and that you can’t get through you know that kind of thing so
yeah so one more thing that I was looking at on your Kickstarter pages
that you guys had a deck hook could you tell us a little bit more about that
yeah so we included it in the video for our code Kickstarter but this is an idea
of mine came off the back off we’re doing a
photo shoot around London with the boards and we’re carrying them round and
the width of six eight kilos which after a while under one arm gets quite heavy
so I thought there going to be a better way to carry them on a board bit on the
on the backpack basically looked at the options out there normally have to buy a
scared rucksack or backpack that’s got straps across there’s a company that did
them with Velcro but you had to put velcro on your deck so that have got to
be a solution that can self fit any truck and trucks FL Universal so this is
the debt cook which it clips on to your rucksack because it’s round the straps
you call them backpacks over there right yeah so the concerns in a strap on your
backpack and these are cool attachments made by a company called CID lock the
clip in place and magnetically but then the hold mechanic lifts so each one can
hold up to 40 kilos so those could pound you straps and then that fits on the
back of your backpack and then the trucks have you bought whether it’s
reversed kingpin our traditional kingpin they just sit in that valley and your
boss hangs off the back of your backpack so launching this hopefully in sort of
missed me to the end of August and but yeah that this is another sort of
business idea that came out of slicker evolution villain the need for an
improve you know a better way a better way to carry abroad basically so see
that’s another kick stuff that we’re launching quite soon as well so so that
would go well nice nice so if we could kind of just talk shop real quick I
wanted to get back to the flexi board and and ask you the question that
everybody wants to ask is what is your guys’s take on outrunner mortars versus
hub motors I believe you guys have outrunner Morgan’s is that right yeah
that’s right so all of our folks is well a Belgian what belt drive all the
outlets so the north is mounted outside the wheel and yes so if you look at any
video online you will find that I have a lot more talk than hug mortars
and ass that’s just a fact it’s just basic principles of physics in that you
can gear up that ratio and get a lot more talk so I think hot water is
definitely out of future and there’s plenty of stuff out there without water
you can buy electric scooters of are incredibly powerful electric motors but
the sort of that big at the moment and until they can squeeze one into wheel
that big that’s how powerful I think Bell Drive will always be a step ahead
because if you can squeeze one into a hub motor like that and get a gear ratio
of one to one why not take that out give it up three two one
so until it reaches a point where it’s powerful enough to take you up some
thirty percent Hill the steepest hill anyone who want to ride up I think until
the electric motors get to that point then belt drive is the future for now
but as with everything battery technologies improving most of they’re
improving all that kind of thing plus all the prices coming down I think belt
belt will sort of fade away in the future and but I think not for a while
until until motors reach that optimum power that’ll allow you to get some
serious speed and talk from from the hub so that’s that’s my nails on here yeah
you know I personally have belt driven motors out runners and I’ve seen a
couple companies they’re far and few between that actually could do hug motor
as well or direct drive something like that are some you know some derivative
of hub motors another another issue as well with the whole ball to which we
wanted to avoid the flexibility is all about comfortable ride as soon as you
say that’s the the most as soon as you put a motor inside a wheel it only gives
you a few millimeters of polyurethane on the outside so again that increases the
soft bone shaking experience you’ve got a lot less cushioning
and if that’s something you do and see that’s another reason that we wanted to
avoid what waters Fidel yeah no for sure it’s so close to you know the motive the
the wheel and your thing is so close to the motor just it was something that
bothered me and like you know that the biggest thing for me is that you’re not
going to hear the awesome noise from the belt anymore if you go hug me I lied
about and I like to see it working mechanically I mean Hamas is they do
look great it’s literally got a wire going into the battery and they look
fantastic and really sleek but yeah until it’s a little bit more powerful I
think they’ll still I mean the perfect for flat riding you can get the top top
speed fairly quickly on flat but Sussie hit hills that’s where they sort of like
behind a little bit yeah for sure nice man so I’d like to do
this little kind of quickfire questionnaire called electrode round are
you ready I think so nice all right and let’s go Facebook or Instagram Israel
texting or talking it’s okay first celebrity crush don’t alter that
it’s Street Fighter or mortal common multiple that evolve or boosted boosted
um hub motors are out runner motors out word is the now right and then last meal
before you die steak nice nice service today
nice blouse fun man hey you know thanks a lot you guys have a lot to offer
you’re an awesome guy you know like I like you had mentioned there’s a face
behind the company and a lot of the kids out there that are buying Electric
skateboards but I guess the most common thing that they’re looking for is trust
and my cue is mentioned you guys are trying hard to innovate and bring a good
product to the market good luck to you guys
doesn’t look like you’re going to need much luck for your kickstart at this
point but let’s keep in touch and hopefully we could do another interview
in the future yes definitely thank you for reaching out to me I think it’s
great what you’re doing getting more people involved in kneeboarding and
getting the word out they’re going to spill forget a lot of people still
haven’t prepared it and electric skateboard so it’s not only the brand’s
completing it letting people know that it is a thing and the easiest way to do
that is riding past the 25 mile an hour rayray right so go ahead check the
description below I’ve left some links for slick revolution that you guys can
check out if you have any questions leave some comments in the description
and we’ll see you guys next time


Hey do you know of a setup that can ride in a really hilly neighbor hood thats relatively cheap. i don't care if it goes 15mph as long as it can go up the hills in my neighbor hood.

Awesome! Nice to see a re-newed skateboard revolution. I finished and repaired my BTTF E-Board just gotta edit!.I've also been busy working on a new project, it involves a bike and a gas 2 stroke motor……hmmmmmm ,stay tuned.

the guy from slick revolution should of def looked into enertion raptor 2 before stating that hub motors are weaker than out runner motors. there is a video out there showing the raptor 2 destroying boosted duel plus. evolve gt. and even custome high end stupid fast eboards. and the great thing on hub motors are you can actually get wet. also having hub motors doesn't necessarily mean you need to have thin rubber around the Hub Motors look at enertion Raptor 2 it's a dual Drive hub motor system with massive rubber Wheels. everyone should really go to the nurse inside and see what it's all about they just hit over 25 mile range at just a little over 30 miles per hour destroying every OutRunner motor out there. also the Raptor to did a 30% uphill incline.

well thats not true about hub motors. maybe his research is based on the hub motors released in 2016 but ones that are being released now or later on the year all have great power and hill climb. best example is the xtnd board they released videos of the boards performance based on 1 hub motor and the one i am getting is dual hub motor. At a blistering 28mph and climbing 25% hills and changable battery with a IP 66 rating that thing will be the best for uk, hence why i backed the xtnd board over the flex eboard. Also the board being so flexible is dangerous for high speed (20mph+) riding. though i will give it to him that belt driven motors have slightly more faster acceleration but with a hub motor once you reach cruising speeds you can just easily glide with little to no resistance since there is no belt, where as a belt driven board will reduce speed dramatically the second you take your finger off the throttle.

also xtnd offers terrain wheels that have a slightly larger wheel and also the urethane on it is 10mm and not just a few mm. one last thing about the sound from the belt driven boards. just like a sports car it may sound kl and awsome to you but it is annoying to people you pass by and cause uneccessary noise. hub motors on the other hand are like tesla's nice and quiet

Seriously, where is this guy's enthusiasm; you went from wanting to own a brewery to producing electric skateboards, act like you enjoy it! Facepalm*

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