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Interview with Franky Zapata on the Flyboard Air (English Subtitles)

Interview with Franky Zapata on the Flyboard Air (English Subtitles)

It’s like the original Flyboard. With wakeboard-style shoes. A board. In the middle there are 4 jet engines. They’re turbojets. That can be used for either drones or missles. They’re pretty powerful. On each side there are electric fans for stabilization They manage the board’s stability And they also help control the board’s orientation with respect to my body. How much does does this contraption weigh? It weighs 20 kilos. What kind of gas does it use? The gas is kerosene, carried in a backpack, with an additive. It’s an turbine oil that helps lubricate the turbojet bearings than kerosene alone. The idea is a little airplane for a single person. That’s it! Personal flight! At the moment, it’s just for me (!)


man, I want him to make the goblin glider so bad now. If he adopts the goblin glider's winged design, he can put the kerosene in the wings instead of carrying it on his back

Hey Franky what are you going to do when the engineers who know about jet turbines and physics call you a liar !.

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