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Interviu cu cea mai tanara freestyle skaterita din Europa / Rhiana Grigore

Interviu cu cea mai tanara freestyle skaterita din Europa / Rhiana Grigore

Name, age and city Rhiana Gricore, Slatina city and i`m 12 years old. For how long have you been skating I skate for about 8 months now … Why did you chose to start skateboarding and why freestyle? I was with my roller blades and i was passing in this spot all the time and i saw you guys with the skateboards and you where a lot here, friends all together and skating really cool After this i said that i want to try it too because i saw that it`s a creative beautiful sport. I chose freestyle because they are just a few that skates like this and you can really get notice this way here and i think it`s more beautiful then street. Do you want to compete in international contests? And if so, when? Yes, next year in Paderborn. Skate edit, when? If i will make a skate edit right now, after just one month it will be outdated because i learn new tricks all the time I`m still at the begining and i didn`t settle down with my own style yet … What is your favorite trick and what is the next one to learn? My favorite trick is butterflip and coco wheelie and a trick that i wanna learn in the near future is handstand fistflip and carousel. Favorite skaters? My favorite skaters are : Marius Constantin, Mike Osterman, Anthony Simm and Rodrigo Araujo. Any other hobbies beside skateboarding? Yes, basket and karate. You are the youngest freestyle skater girl from Europe, how do you feel about it? I fell special .. Do you have a message for those that wanna start freestyle? To buy a freestyle board and if they are from Slatina, they should come in our group, if not, they can watch tutorials on youtube. Last words? Follow me on instagram And subscribe to this channel! – Andrei!!! Can you shot up already?


Eu ma dau street si nu cred ca se pot compara stilurile,ambele sunt la fel de frumoase a si street ul este mai frumos😁!

Future legend in the making right there! 👊

Keep skating, always keep it fun and enjoy the times with your friends, I hope to meet you at Paderborn next year!

Marius,am o placa mid 500 wolf green oxelo tinand cont ca am evoluat în trickuri ar trebui sa imi iau o placa noua??

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