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Intricate Stencils for Custom Painting | Custom Skateboard

Intricate Stencils for Custom Painting | Custom Skateboard

We’ve gone over all different types of stencils. What I want to go over right now is a little
more advanced with the stencil and the artwork, as far as skateboarding goes. You know, you don’t always have to be the
guy going down 14 sets of stairs. You can be the guy designing the graphic of
the kid using that board. Or maybe he’s wearing your sweatshirt. So I’m going to show you some examples of
some, basically a next-level stencil. And the funniest thing about this stencil
is that it’s from the 80s. Here’s an example of the artwork. The artwork was done by a friend of Shut’s
in the mid-80s. From there, this all-over print on a board,
kind of ahead of its time. This one here we’ve created from the negative
space off of this one here. We’ve done some artwork with this one for
t-shirts, sweatshirts, a lining of a jacket. Here’s the example of two hoodies that were
made with this similar graphic. We’ve also done the hat in multiple colors,
as well as this one here, this. And it’s kind of cool where you can paint
a lot of the original graphics and create stencils with them. We’ve even gone as far as taking some of our
stock logos, right here, so matching here from the stencils. This kind of stencil for the grip, the best
way to do these is if you print out the image or take the image and upload it into your
computer, and it you reverse or turn it around. You can do that in Photoshop. Once you’ve printed it out, then you can apply
it to the back of this to get the cutout so it will show the correct way.


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