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Introducing Frozen Fortress Skating Rink at GLOW

Introducing Frozen Fortress Skating Rink at GLOW

Wonderment. That’s what we’re trying to
create at GLOW. If you like ice skating, we’ve got a custom-built ice skating rink with a three-story Frozen Ice Fortress over it and an epic viewing platform. So you can take the bridge, across the ice skating rink, wind up to
the viewing platform and experience an absolutely visually stunning Christmas moment. The Frozen Fortress will be one of the most impressive elements inside GLOW. It’s a three-story, 32,000 pound steel structure with an ice rink around it. So not only will you have viewing capacity on the second & third levels, but you’ll also have a chance to skate underneath the Frozen Fortress as well. I think they’ll be overcome with the size of the Frozen Fortress in general, and
just the installation itself.

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