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Introduction to the “Skatefresh Videos” channel

Introduction to the “Skatefresh Videos” channel

Hello and welcome to the Skatefresh Videos Channel with me Asha Kirkby. I want to help you skate well so you can feel alive! On this channel you’ll mainly find short tuition videos for inline and quad skaters of all abilities beginners, intermediates and advanced – in English, Spanish and Portuguese. You’ll also find videos of me skating, discussing various aspects of skate technique and reports from my skate travels. I want you to leave this channel feeling inspired and eager to put your skates on and try new things but mainly I want you to gain better skills so that you look and feel great on your skates. I hate hearing about people getting injured while skating, so for me this is also a personal mission to increase your safety as I firmly believe that the technically correct way of doing something is also the safest. I’ve been teaching skating full-time for 15 years and before that I was a figure skater in my teens. I’m an examiner for the ICP, the Inline Certification Programme, where I qualify and train skate instructors worldwide. I love teaching skating and I’ve discovered some really useful techniques which you can start using straight away, whatever your current ability level. I understand wheels and bodies very well and I hope to help you understand yours better by watching and then practising with these videos. When skating, technique is really important as without it you’re leaving your learning up to chance and that can be a painful way to learn. I think your learning should be structured so that you start easy and then gradually progress on to the more difficult aspects of a skill when your body is ready. Skating is a complex mix of forces working on our bodies, namely velocity and gravity, and our bodies have multiple moving parts. So learning to skate takes real concentration power to control your body doing different things simultaneously. So my job is to help you focus on what’s really important in each skill that you’re learning, plus I’ve also seen all the mistakes possible so I can help you fix those common problems that keep coming up again and again. So I hope you enjoy these classes here and come and find me on Facebook as Skatefresh Asha and on Instagram as Asha Skatefresh. And finally for even more free articles, interviews, skate tips and a free e-book written by me, come on over to and sign up for email updates in either English, Spanish or Portuguese. And remember: skate well, feel alive!


Thank you Asha for great videos and amazing apps! I've bougt them all and my progress is fantastic (I've started skating at the age of 40). My goal for this year is backward-crossovers 🙂 I must say that your "secret scissors" are priceless. Also your analytical approach me gusta mucho y además gracias a tus videos puedo mejorar mi castellano 😀 ¡Muchísimas gracias otra vez!

Keep up the good work! You're running one of the few skating channels out there, so your lessons are essential for beginners like me, thanks a lot!

congratulations Asha. thank You for everything You do. My GrandChildrenhere in australia are  8,6 and 3 They are beginning to skate and much of what i share is thanks to Your teaching. will subscribe to site and purchase Your apps ( when i work out my new phone !!)) kind regards stephen

Thank you for your channel! I just bought a new pair of inlines after a 20 year hiatus and look forward to learning with your videos. So excited, happy skating.

Здравствуйте! у вас очень хороший канал и стиль катания (мне он очень нравится) Но есть очень большая просьба ставьте Русские субтитры) :*

I am learning how to rolling and i have checked many channels on youtube…..honestly i like very much your videos and your way to teach…very clear…very short…very easy…congratulations fr SPAIN!!

Thanks for your very nice and educative videos. I improve a lot thanks to theses lessons.
Practice make perfect…..I must do more….hehehe

Love this channel. Certainly some of the most consistent footwork on YouTube!
Asha, I was curious about the wheel durometers in your outdoor, inline videos. Do you maintain the same wheel-hardness or does this vary per video?

thank you; i just got skates and i want to learn how to skate; have fun and get moving more! i am so happy to have found your channel. I have a question; I am quite overweight; will that effect how good i skate? or how I learn it? thanks!

Dear Asha,

First of all, thank you very much for your useful videos. I'm a quad roller skater and I'm taking artistic roller skate classes. I manage roller quads fairly good and I would like to start practising rollerdance. I was wondering if you could advise about the type of quads (plates, boots, wheels, etc) I should use for that purpose and suggest brands I could buy where I live, in Madrid (Spain).

My actual quads are a bit specific for artistic and I'd better use other pair of roller quads more appropriate for roller dance, indoor and/or outdoor.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Kind regards.

I'm 23, and just now started skating for the first time .. I know I'm old to get started with ! But I need your advice .. Will I b able to do skating when I've started at my 23?

I've learned the very basics , that's it !

Please advice !

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