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Israel aggressive skates, trying new ledge…

Israel aggressive skates, trying new ledge…

Hello there! You are on the channel ISWHEELS! And before we start a new episode You know what to do, Subscribe the channel Click on the Bell Don’t miss new videos from ISWHEELS! Good mourning Now is the time 5:35 am I’m heading to the Skate Park in Netanya Before I go, call Denis That’s all Missed Dear audience, issue breaks on breaking news Literally after my last cal tol Denis Three minutes passed and the miracle he called me So I am now going for him And we’re going into the Skate Park togethe My channel is not 18 + Denis your impressions? Go [email protected]#K YOUR SELF!!! 6 am [email protected]#K!!! For those who do not believe that we outlaw gangsters Denchik is a karate warior WTF!? Get up! Very slow shooting I heard A what? How are you ready You break my self-esteem It was broken Probably the scariestthing that I’ve done skating, jumping In the hospital. All come on! Well, I was ready to! You sound a bit like… this way it is scary this way is not this way it is scary When i get closer it is scary Come on come on come on let’s go!!! I can’t imagine how I ride it [email protected]#K!!! This is Andrei/ And he afraid DA MAN.DA MAN!!! Good job!!! I submitted for a second that you did it I have grinded little bit I saw you cheat I have knowing that I cheatl so again. You turn on the codes WTF!!! Are you OK? You caught by wet crime What happened Andrew? We heard a very detailed explanation It was the channel ISWHEELS Thank you for watching! Like this video, SUBSCRIBE the channel Share your friends and don’t miss new videos from ISWHEELS! See you soon!


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