Jackass: The Movie (4/10) Movie CLIP – Rocket Skates (2002) HD

Hello. I’m johnny knoxville And we’re about to test
my rocket skates. Go! (rockets whistling) (explosions) (chuckling) All right, this is
rocket skates, take two. (rockets whistling) (explosion) (grunting) (whistling) (explosion) This one’s gonna be
a little more powerful Than the last one, so… Why, these are
different bottle rockets? No, there’s
just more of them. (laughing) (whistling) (exploding) (groans) (whistling) (explodes) Ow. (men laughing) Oh, fuck! What’s wrong? I fell and busted my ass,
that’s what’s fuckin’ wrong. (men laughing) That’s it. No more rocket skates.

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