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Jacuzzi® Performance: Speed Skater Joey Mantia

Jacuzzi® Performance: Speed Skater Joey Mantia

I remember my first world title on
inline skating, it was the greatest feeling I’ve ever felt in my entire life, the feeling of fulfillment that you have when you reach your goals. You have to find motivation, and for me, that’s my motivation. It always has been. In inline, I was a twenty-eight time world champion, multiple record holder. My transition from inline to ice actually came out of necessity. I found myself wanting a new
challenge. I needed another step in my life. When I discovered speed skating, it was naturally just a good fit. My name is Joey Mantia and I’m a long track speed skater. My ultimate goal is to become Olympic champion. My training regimen is pretty rigorous. I think to be a high-end athlete of any sport, you have to have that as a key component, that’s not only just putting in hours, but it’s putting in quality work as well. A lot of high volume stuff, and high intensity, plyometrics and isometrics , mental preparation, all that plays a big role. When it comes to speed skating there’s just a lot of ailments and pains that your body goes through, and you’re experiencing, you’re hunched over, you’re in a real low squatted position, you have to be in a very tight and
strong position all the time. The static build-up that you have, it really does a number on the back, it does a number on the shoulders even, the hips, IT bands get very tight, knees, basically everything from ankle to neck I would say is involved in that on some level. Especially for me, the older I get, the more sports science comes into it, and the more you have to actually pay attention to your body and recover correctly. Hydrotherapy is a great way to keep absolute zero impact on all the joints, and still recover in the way that you need to recover. I am in a sport where is a completely outrageous, stressful environment when you’re racing, It’s hard let’s have your body perform and recover, and do all the things it needs to do when you’re not in a good place mentally, and on those long days when I come home and I do have all those aches and pains in my back and in my neck, and my tendons are screaming at me, I’m just gonna hop in there get in the
lounge and just been 30 minutes decompressing, and just let the spa do it’s job. Being able to go out in my backyard, and just hang out, to stare at the mountains
and put myself in a good place to rewind and reset is gonna be the most beneficial for me. Ultimately, just bringing peace of mind and putting my body back together when I need to, to get ready for the next training session, is going to be absolutely indispensable.

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