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Japanese Up-and-Coming Skateboarder Ryo Sejiri

Japanese Up-and-Coming Skateboarder Ryo Sejiri

I remember he was about 5 years old skateboarding crazily in a red T-shirt. He was really tiny then,
as if a living T-shirt were skating. He’s just really crazy
about skateboarding. It’s awesome. He’s a great guy. He’s honest, speaks clearly and has the good heart of a Japanese,
not Americanized. I like that “samurai-essence” in him. Above all,
I can clearly see in him how much he loves skateboarding. It’s OK. All right. Well, when I see Ryo skateboarding I see his style is very delicate. That’s why he does so well
in competitions. You need to make a lot of tricks
in these competitions but he can nail them. He has the fineness and precision. As you see he checks out other people’s tricks
to get an image first. He’s been going around the world
for various competitions and getting to know many people. I think he will be making contracts
with overseas brands and participating in bigger competitions
in the near future. Besides, he’s my rival and a big influence so it would be great to
keep raising the bar against each other. He’s still so young that
he could become however he wants to be. I hope he keeps up his skateboarding. Then, everybody should
naturally back him up. His people will want to support him as long as he stays the way he is. I’m sure he will make it. From my perspective I want him to come up
with his own project, actually. People should also expect so. Currently, the people around him
are coming up with such ideas. But in the future,
I’m sure he will become a skater who can lead others with his own projects. That’s all! I think he will be the one who carries the hope of Japan
as a skater in the future. I’m sure he’s aware of it. I want him to be a competitive skater
at a global level. I think he’ll become a skater
who can give dreams to others. So I want him to achieve his goals first and then good results will follow.


when i watched it, the views were up to about ten in 30 seconds, I think that is a sign that people love skateboards, and shit, more skateboarding on this channel would be great! yay!!

I love the way his friends talk about him. I can hear that japanese culture in the way they present their thoughts, I like that! Nice skateboarding!

Good heart of a janese not American?! Aahhh Americans have evil hearts makes sense……I guess they're still pist about the Hiroshima

Probably a cultural thing that his peers put a lot of weight in the interview. I believe he will keep going as long as it is fun.

He's chilled and solid with what he does, but I fail to see what makes him stand out of the crowd? I could name a few other young gents that got what it takes…

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