JD Bug Eco Scooter Explained –

Hi my name’s Ben and today I’m going to be chatting about the JD Bug Eco scooter. This scooter is perfect if you’ve got a young child who’s not really ridden a scooter before and wants their first scooter. It’s a recreational scooter, which means it’s not suitable for skatepark use But it’s brilliant for getting from A to B and as a means of transport as well You can fold it down very easily to put it into the car, or take it to school and leave it in a locker, because it folds up nice and small. The benefits of the scooter include the easy folding mechanism here, so it goes all the way down just like this The other great thing about the scooter is its adjustable height. Quick release clamp here, to choose any handlebar height you want. There’s a little nipple/button to push in here to release the handlebars back down, and you’re done. Lovely foam handlebar grips here, and lovely large wheels. These are 125mm wheels, and what you’ll find is that these are easier to ride and you’ll also be able to go faster and have a smoother ride which is important for your young child. It’s got a larger brake on it as well, making it easier to brake when you need to. This is a great starter scooter for your youngest and your young children. It comes in a range of different colours as well. It comes in pink, blue, red and black. If you’re looking for a perfect starter scooter this is it. If you need any more information at all, just contact us at!

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