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Jet Engine VS FACE (Flying Like Iron Man Update)

Jet Engine VS FACE (Flying Like Iron Man Update)

Oh my god, oh myyyy god 40 Celsius 44 52 56 60 64 68 You want some? Ah he did it! Hey guys I’m the Hacksmith and my team and I take fictional ideas and make real working prototypes one of our biggest projects yet has been trying to build a system to let me fly like Iron Man. It all started out as a joke when we cracked a hundred thousand subscribers I tried strapping model rocket engines my wrist to see if I could hover It almost worked – in fact if we got bigger model rocket engines We probably could have hovered at least for a few seconds, but unfortunately that wouldn’t have been very legal So we decided to move on to a more sustainable idea using EDF’s (electric ducted fans) They’re basically electric jet engines the issue however is the smaller they are the less efficient they are. Which means you can’t get very powerful EDF’s. That being said I was able to hover with a counterweight system Unfortunately, I was just too fat I’m too fat to fly without counterweights, so we’re looking into something a bit more powerful and that’s a jet engine. Now, the tricky part is jet engines are kind of hard to control not very ideal for vertical takeoff situations like this. So our revised plan is to use EDFs to stabilize my flight and a jet engine or two to provide the majority of the thrust. Now thanks to you guys for supporting our last video sponsor we were able to order a jet engine, and it should be coming… (doorbell rings) I think it’s here! Get this thing open Is this the edible kind? Ian: Only one way to find out. Oh, no, it’s not the jet engine Its the oil for the jet engine so you mix this with the jet fuel Then how are we gonna play with the jet engine today? Ian: It makes sense, that box seemed a little small. All right back to being bored. We think this is the jet engine now. I don’t think we have any more jet oil fuel coming, right? I don’t think so. Hopefully well there might be some in here. Maybe so this is what we think it is. It’s the King Tech GE 310 J or the J-310 G Someones gonna get hurt Purchasing this was a bad business decision… Its even got that burnished coat… do they purposely do that? It might be just from the heat actually Thats tiny! It looked bigger in the picture. Hey, that’s the this looks like the fuel pump I’m surprised this is able to put out enough fuel these things guzzle diesel Is it is this the electric motor? Think this might be the electric motor for starting hey, it comes with its own Lithium-Ion battery! It’s so cute How do you charge this stuff? Yay plugging random things in we should probably set this up properly before Messing around with it Its time to test the jet engine! So the manual says to stay fifteen meters behind feet 15 feet, okay This look like 15 feet All right, yeah, everybody ready So it’s gonna go through three stages First it’s going to spin it up and ignite the fuels that are already in the chamber So thats ignition it warms up the glow plug Now it’s on stage one. So what its gonna Do it’s gonna put a little bit of fuel to get the engine up to 75 degrees Celsius Chances are it’s cold outside, so it might actually fail Stage one Because it takes it has a time limit. Heating up. It’s at… Forty degrees right now, so it’s at 40 degrees is trying to get to 76 degrees Love the smell of fresh diesel in the morning Ignition: 74 degrees Celsius *High pitched jet engine noises* Just drank a liter of gas in this test a whole liter. It’s gone now! I don’t wanna strap that to my body… I bought that gas can just for you. I was like that’s a cool gas can Bogdan would like that. This is 5% turbine oil Way it’s spilling and the rest is diesel because this actually runs better with diesel than it does with jet fuel How awesome is that? *painfully high pitched jet engine noises* That’s a lot of fire The neighborhood must hate us Like how loud is this out on the street? All right So the purpose of that test was to actually measure the thrust output from the jet engine to make sure we were hitting the specification from King Tech and To do that we’re using the thrust test jig that Bogdan designed Which records all the data From both the jet engine and the sensor to tell us how much thrust is actually being produced and as you can see the graph Looks a lot nicer than our EDF test The thrust and throttle pretty much stay next to each other and as you can see we actually hit a total thrust of 32 kilograms, which is pretty good because the specified thrust on King Tech is 31 kilograms, so it’s actually over spec which is awesome. So now that we know that the jet engine produces enough thrust Let’s do a few safety tests One of the issues with the jet engine is the heat of the exhaust it’s really high And you can literally burn yourself quite badly not to mention that you’re supposed to stand 15 feet away from these things And I’m planning on strapping them to my body..? Let’s see exactly how dangerous these are This will give us about two minutes of run time. Probably less because the startup sequence is 30 seconds. This Ivan has seen better days But we don’t really want to wreck a brand new one so we’re gonna use this guy who survived the rebar crossbow video I mean the back of his head didn’t but his face is still pretty good so be able to see the face melting in action. Ivan head will live to see another day… not for long Can we screw down those pieces of bone, I’m gonna strap down maybe 40 Celsius 44 52 56 60 64 68 70 hundred more butter OAH STAGE 2 spin up! His face is gone. It’s gone Its gone! That only got to 600 degrees! That wasn’t even max temp! Alright so for test two we’re just gonna use a regular Styrofoam test in retrospect this is probably should have been the first test we did but Think it’s like completely. Gone. Are you thinking? See what happens? Wow and for a final test roasting a hot dog do not try this at home It ripped itself to pieces more than cooking… Some nicely cooked sausage You want some? Alright that was freaking awesome, though I am getting a bit nervous about strapping jet engines anywhere near my body Anyways, you guys might be wondering. What exactly is our design? Well we have this really rough mock-up that we made in SolidWorks showing the basic concept for our initial tests now This is this is basically a platform. We’re going to build to see if we can actually make a system That works as a hybrid between jet engines and EDF’s Once we have that working is when we can start shrinking it down and hopefully end up flying like Iron Man Anyway, we should be getting the Schubler EDF very soon Which can put out about 24 kilograms of thrust and we’ll be doing similar tests that we did with a jet engine And then we’re gonna start seeing if we can get them to work together as well as probably a few more Sponsorships to see if we can get more jet engines Because remember the goal here is to not need to be a really good pilot the system should do all the stabilization for you hopefully resulting in my life continuing and not ending in a fiery ball of fire. For ian’s 3d model animation of platform, you might need some sound effects so


Hmmm, I have a technical question : why the "fire" from the jet engine disappeared after some time ? Is it a limit of our vision ? or what ?

Can you build out the turbine a ball matching gun in this the balls falling down and shoot out from the wind and sorry for my English im in the 8 class in Germany

Yes it melted the Ivan heads face off

And then the dude got his face super close to the engine

Got worried for a sec

Super late to the show but have you guys considered high bypass jet engines? They provide more thrust and are more efficient at the cost of having a larger 1stage fan diameter

Neighbours are probably wondering why they are hearing a jet flying by but the noise isn’t getting any quieter XD

the Hacksmith, do you think you will be able to make the Titanfall pilot's jumpkit using Micro Jets? I would love to see you guys do a 7 second wall run.

Haha! ^^ and into movies the actors only have floating hairs or falling to ground! 😀 That is the real life! IN-YOUR-FACE

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