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Josh Darnit vs JohnnaMazing Quick-Change Hoverboard Challenge 2017

Josh Darnit vs JohnnaMazing Quick-Change Hoverboard Challenge 2017

– [Both] What’s up, the Internet? – I’m Josh Darnit and this
kid claims I’m her dad. – You might be wondering
why we’re half naked on hoverboards in our cul-de-sac in front of an obstacle course. – An obstacle course. I’m wondering the same thing myself. Actually, no I’m not, I’ve
got the answers for you. It’s almost back to school time and you know what that
means, getting up early and having a great first day of school, but before you do that,
you gotta get dressed. And I’m gonna be honest, my
kid sucks at getting dressed, and sometimes she wonders
how I get dressed so fast. We’re gonna have a race,
who can get dressed faster while standing on a hoverboard. We’re calling this the Back-to-School Quick-Change Hoverboard Challenge. Basically, we’re gonna get
dressed as fast as we can while standing on these hoverboards. If our foot touches the ground, we have to drop what we’re doing, do a lap, come back, keep going. First person to be
dressed from head to toe, shoes tied, wins the challenge. Johnna’s probably gonna win, but I’m gonna put up a good fight. Are you ready to do this, Johnna? – Yep.
– I’m ready, gimme five. Ha! Psych! Let’s go! (recorded cheering) Like I said, normally
Johnna is really slow at getting dress, oh God, she
is already kicking my butt. Kick, stop. – Stop. – Stop it. I don’t even know if I’m gonna
be able to get my pants on. Ah! Whoa! (laughs triumphantly) I don’t know if I’m gonna do that again. Why did I, why did I
do the hard leg first? This is impossible. This, there’s no way I’m gonna do this. I’m gonna. Ah! Ah! Whoa. Stop it. Ah! Dang it! – Fun fact about me, I
always wear mismatched socks. (recorded booing) (intense music) – I was so close, I was so close! – Oh, my left leg is so much harder. – Really, I know, that’s what I thought. All right, I’ve gotta
do my right leg first. Oh my gosh. Why, who thought of this idea? – You. – This was my idea? – Yeah, wait, what
happened to my other shoe? Did you throw it? You threw it, didn’t you. – No way, I think the wind
just carried that off. – I think you threw it. Whoa. – No! – Hey! Stop, cheater!
(recorded booing) – This is like, oh! I’m not okay with this. She chose easy socks! – You could’ve chosen easy socks. – Oh my God, what was I thinking? I thought, whoa. She’s going easy on me, is she? – Yeah. I need to grab my shoe. – I have never felt so old and incapable. All right, one sock on, oh my God. No! – Hey! (intense music) Hey! – Oh, you touched the ground! – [Cameraman] Oh, lap. – Johnna has to do a lap. Gotta take the shoe off! – No, I don’t! – You weren’t done, you didn’t tie it! – I was tying it, I wasn’t putting it on, you little cheater. – Hey, until it’s tied. This is impossible. – I need to get away from you. – Whoa! (exhaling) You are so cheating. – How? – By not putting that shoe back, ah, ah! Ho, ah-ha-ha-ha! – Okay, fine. If I finish this lap before you tie your, oh wait, no, I’ll do another one while you’re tying your shoe. If I, after you’re done with that lap, if you tie your shoe before I get done with the lap, then you win, okay? – You’re giving me, like, a
do or die kind of situation? Like a double or nothing
if I can get this on and tied by the time you
get done with your lap? – Mm-hmm. – Okay.
– Ready. – I accept the challenge. – Set, go. (intense music) – Made it.
– Done! – That was a tie! (laughing) That was a tie! (laughing) – All right, I say sudden death. – What do we have to do? – Whoever can get re-undressed and back to the initial state they were in and do a lap gets a triple or nothing win. And go. (intense music) What am I doing? – Oh, God. – [Cameraman] I’m pretty
sure that’s cheating, Johnna. – No, I was just getting ready to put it back on the table. – [Cameraman] Uh-huh. – I wasn’t holding it or anything. – [Cameraman] Right. – This is ridiculously hard. – Oh, gosh. I can’t untie it all the way. We’re pretty even. Oh, no! No! – You gotta do a lap and start over. Ugh, what am I doing? – Great, this was a bad idea. – Whoa, whoa, hoo, look at
the skills being born here. It’s gonna amount to a race. ♫ We are the champion Oh, I can’t sing that. – [Cameraman] Copyright. – Wah, ha! Ooh, that’s like a photo finish. – Whoa. – Whoa-ho-ho-ho. – That was a tie. – I dunno. Did I win? Did she win? You guys decide. Leave a comment, let us
know who the real winner is, if that whole second round was just bogus and Johnna was the clear winner, or if you think she agreed
and she’s under contract. Verbal contract, confirmed by this video, and I’m actually the victor. – I totally won. – The bigger lesson
here is what’s coming up is back to school and we are prepping for the best first day of school ever. Do you feel like you have
expanded your skill set? Are you gonna be able to get dressed and be on time, look your best, and be ready to go back to school and tell your friends about all your amazing adventures you had this summer? – Well, I mean, first,
in order to get ready… – Great, well, guys, that was fun, so thank you so much for watching, if you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe, and leave a comment, let us know what you thought of this, let us know if you have suggestions, let us know what we did
right, what we did wrong, and what you’d like to
see us do next time. Until then…
– And who won, bye. – Until then, peace out, the Internet.

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