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Jump Street podcast, Salomon 2018 review & buying skates on Amazon

Jump Street podcast,  Salomon 2018 review & buying skates on Amazon

k ola youtube my name is Ricardo Lino and
im a wheel addict and these wheel addict today is really really excited so I just
got to my office and when I connected my computer when I looked at my facebook I
just saw there’s the new inline skating rollerblading whatever you want to call
it podcast we couldn’t ask for a better podcast basically there’s a podcast with
Austin paz and Billy O’Neill and it’s not the regular podcast that we usually
have which is mainly audio so the out is amazing but they do a live stream
podcast with a camera on Facebook and they also started a YouTube channel
which they will upload probably today or tomorrow with like multiple cameras and
like really really nice sound and what did they speak about skating basically
they speak about what’s happening in the whole skating world maybe not in the
whole skating world more like in the aggressive skating rollerblading
whatever it’s cool it’s amazing it’s like there’s this exists in other sports
like in skateboarding there’s the nine club in BMX they added with the the no
Jumper in inline skating well I’ve been trying to do this podcast which is
mainly audio the mushroom blading guys are doing some stuff and there’s more
people doing it but no one was actually doing something like this which is a
really really cool thing super entertaining and a really really nice
show so please go like the page on Facebook and they gotta need us they’re
gonna need me they’re gonna need you and they got need the rest of whatever
skinny community which is not watching these for them to have like a custom URL
something like double double double that YouTube / Jump Street podcast something
like that they need to have at least 100 subscribers and all these little things
like I said in other videos these are these little things will help them to
have more views and to have more people watching their videos because the more
customized the more time you spend on your YouTube the more YouTube is going
to suggest your videos so all these things are important for
scaling to spread out there so make sure to click on the first link in the
description of this video and subscribe to their Channel and if you’re not
liking their page on Facebook do it now I think they also ever Instagram page
again it’s like two legends from New York
Billy O’Neal and Austin Pass they’re gonna invite people to the show and I’m
excited about this one really really excited now
the second one you might have seen the skates in the back right let me tell you
what happened this morning before you either start firing on me before you
even start complaining about anything a few months
ago I made a video about Salomon skates it wasn’t really about just Salomon
skates it was about when we support a brand which is in producing skates
anymore bla bla bla the whole thing is I keep saying the
same we should support the brands that support the sport ahead of that there’s
a lot of people skating Sullivan skates and most of the people that scape the
Salomon skates they don’t skate them stock anymore so what did I do well I
got these skates these are the same skates that I made the video these are
the Salomon St Feinberg which was one of the first pro model escapes the ufs
skate ever and I put it like a 2018 frame like a wish frame which is the
frame that I was using on my other aggressive skates and I put my favorite
liner which is the my feet second skin liner basically I changed
the liner I change the frame it has undercover wheels 68 in front 55 in the
middle riding flat no really flat there’s a little bit of rocking the
magic rock ring thing that I’ve done a video about and the whole goal was to
make a review about the skate kind of like how people are skating it but check
what happened yes it didn’t go that well so I went to
the park I was really pumped to film some clips and then I would come here
and this video would have been a review of this skate but I couldn’t do it
because the buckle on this skate is a little bit too short so I couldn’t
really tied it and I couldn’t go back to the park so well if you’re subscribing
to this channel you should know that soon there will be a 2018 review of the
Sullivan skate basically it’s me trying to understand why people are skating I
believe it is an amazing skate and I stand with what I said before I just
wish that Solomon was still making skates that’s it so now now that I’m on
fire already because I spoke about these I’m gonna speak about a touchy subject I
know that a lot of people don’t like about this I’m gonna talk about Amazon I
have a skate shop I am right now in the back of my own skate shop my
opinion is 100% that you you me everyone who needs skate products should be
buying their skates on a skate shop it’s a completely different experience to go
to a place that has someone with expertise in something like imagine you
go to a skate shop and there’s someone that knows about skates and you can try
your your size and usually you don’t have problems if you go to a skate shop
so that should be the priority if you’re looking for skates no matter where you
are try to find the closest skate shop and that’s always the best way to go but
there are some places that the skate shops are not that close so I would say
something like when I first started skating I remember that in my town
really tiny town in Portugal called scene ish there’s like about 10,000
people living in that town but even in such a small town a sports shop with
sell rollerskates and a few years later when I started
inline skating they will also sell inline skates they even sell the brand
roses but back then there wouldn’t be all these open balls these all
these crappy companies that have nothing to do with skates they basically just
producing skates to make a quick buck they have nothing to do with inline
skating and they don’t want to have nothing to do with inline skating it’s
just want to make money so nowadays we have a lot of those and a lot of those
companies how they make money is through Amazon but now what I’m gonna say next
it goes against this because I just started a little I wouldn’t call a shop
basically I started a page at Amazon but didn’t you say that all these brands
sell the skates on Amazon yes I did and that’s also one of the reasons why I
made it is Amazon page basically there’s also a lot of really good skate products
like the good brands like rollerblade k2 power slide Roces most of these big
brands they also have their products on Amazon yes I keep saying the same with
would always be better to buy your skates through a skate shop you can test
them you have someone that really knows about skating explaining you why you
need these or why you need that there will always be your best option
but sometimes it doesn’t go that way I don’t know about you are no hole you are
imagine like if your parents don’t want to pay for your skates in the shop they
don’t know what’s going to happen next if you’re going to buy online or some
people just feel safer to go with such a big platform and if you gotta go to a
big platform it’s really really easy that you get lost so that’s one of the
reasons why I started this page and I’m not going to be advertising this page
the whole time or anything like that it’s basically a selection of products
that exist on Amazon USA which they are trustworthy basically there’s a link in
the description you can just scroll around it if you want or not I’m not
trying to sell it those products you should know if you buy anything from
their website I can make a little cut I don’t even know how much it is should I
don’t know if it’s like 2% 5% it doesn’t really matter but what I’m trying to say
here is like I tried to make the connection between you and good skates I
do not want to if you guys buying crappy skates because in the end the whole goal
with this is to have more people skating some people that have skate shops in
their towns I would much prefer to have a skate shop in every town in every
neighborhood that would be amazing that would mean that skating is up there and
I believe it’s going to be up up up up it’s there’s only one way to go and
that’s up so that’s going to happen soon until they’re well if you’re lost in the
Amazon world there’s a little suggestion page which is the link in the
description again if you can just go to a skate shop it’s better or if you can
swap if you can find your local skate shop online way better than buying it
there but if this is your only option go for it I guess that’s it for today
now you can farm me with your comments I know that some people won’t be really
happy about it I’m not trying to kill anyone’s business I want all the skate
shops in the world to be super successful and I want more skate shops
to come and whatever I want someone to be back I want to make a review of a
skate which is actually being made and I don’t know I guess you get it so with
this exciting video that started with a new show that you should follow I’m
going to finish this video I don’t have anything else to say
just poke me with your comments I’ll try to answer as many as I can and if you
want to see the Salomon skates 2018 review of a skate that is not made
anymore well subscribe to the channel there’s that there’s somewhere here a
little tab saying subscribe if it’s red that means that you’re not subscribing
press on it it’s gonna become great once it’s great there will be a bell on the
side if you press on that bell you’ll get notifications every time I upload a
video including the Solomon 2018 review and
don’t forget to give me some thumbs up to this video so that YouTube is going
to suggest this video to more people and more people is going to see skating
content other than that like I always say just don’t forget why we all started
skating and that is because it’s fun cheers guys and Caeser if you’re not in
America if you don’t want anything to do with Amazon but if you want 10
discount on your skates you should know that you can go to the website blade
will calm or to a dance Kate calm and if you use coldly know you’ll get 10%
discount on any product that you want so thank you for watching


Im fat! (240lbs lol) broke and want to start urban skating. I know you get what you pay for.. But What are some good affordable ones.

Hi my friend , hi from Moscow!!!i love your chanel!!!👍👏💪😆 I wrote you on instagram!!!
What is this brand on your yellow shirt!!??? Maaan!?

Gracias a tus videos comencé a patinar de nuevo. Muchas gracias por excelente contenido. Abrazos desde México!

The Amazon page you made is awesome, I'll be great if you can influence the providers of the skates you selected, to ship to other places… maybe Mexico? Cheers!

The nearest skate shop to me is 40+ miles, but even some skate shops if you buy from them online will do size swaps for free so you can sort of try skates on. the platform you buy on doesnt really matter aslong as its from the right person.

I understand and appreciate your point of view regarding supporting current companies still making skates. I am also glad that you are keeping an open mind and trying to understand Salomon fans. There are some longer Salomon buckles that might help.

i just bought a pair of rollerblade NJ teams for $173 shipped off amazon. i tried to find a shop and was willing to drive as far as Denver ( 4 hrs away) but no luck finding any skate shops.

Look at the 5th Element ST 80s.

I ordered them and so far I'm not having any issues.

I am a beginner, but the rocker isn't troubling me much and I love how maneuverable they are!

Here in Japan we dont have a skateshop that sells actual skates just shitty exercise or kids skate skateshops.

Thank you so much for the amazon list! There isn't a skate shop anywhere near me, and I've been completely lost looking online. I think I'm going to get my first pair of skates from your page. I'm so excited to learn!

My friend, love your videos. They bring light and joy to us all!
I've got a question, between the Sebas FR2 80 and Powerslide Imperial Evo 80 (those with inner white weels) , which is the better skate and how about durability? Greetings!

Make a down stairs tutorial please, Im still afraid to try that move,,
And is it possible to skate down stairs with agressive Inline skate (anti-rocker + 59mm wheels)?

Hello, one question I just tried my new set of Seba street invader wheels. I had these 2 times already and never got a Problem with them. But as I tried to skate now I realized, I can't move like before. They are on the ground like carwheels and it's rally hard to choose direction now. Could u give me a solution?

Here's a thumbs up from the Lowlands! Understand your point, and agree with you up till a certain point. We good, that's all we need to know, right! 😉

I’ll always support my local skate shop… (I live on an island just off the coast of France!.. I have to shop online) Loco skates are a great crowd in the UK.

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