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Jungledyret Hugo Skateboard Song (English)

Jungledyret Hugo Skateboard Song (English)

But if there is cats around, then I’m leaving. Come on! Come on Hugo! Rita wait up! Rita you’re okay? Yeah! It’s called a skateboard. Come on! I wish we had skateboard’s in the jungle. Well maybe you should take one then. Yeah! On the streets out in the park, speeding through the dark. We’re two friends! In the city! There’s excitement in the air, we feel powerful together. Two friends! In the city! Our friendship’s just begun, but I think your number one. My true friend! In the city! Zoomin’ on our skateboard, freedom’s our reward. We’re two friends! In the city! We look up at buildings, climbing into the evening sky, the night is young. We’re flying high! There’s lots more to see, and no one tells us what to do, it’s great to be so free. And we’re having fun just two friends in the city! Having lots of fun we’re two friends in the city! Yes we’re having fun just two friends in the city!


god the english version makes me cringe 🙁 its so  different from the original. so different that it doesnt even make sense.

This is not a bad dub even by Miramax. The absolute worst one was their depiction of the Thief and the Cobbler. At least right here, there was some effort put into the voice acting.

Why does everyone hate this version?! I personally like it more than the Danish one!

Oh no, shouldn't have said that…*Prepares to be hated*

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