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Justin Hartley Shares a Humiliating Clip of Him Learning to Ice Skate

Justin Hartley Shares a Humiliating Clip of Him Learning to Ice Skate

-I love having you here. Congrats on the season finale
of “This Is Us.” -Thank you. You can finally
stop hiding whatever spoilers — I don’t even know
what you can even say ’cause every time
a question gets answered, a new one flips around. You’re like, “Wait. What?”
-Oh, 100%. And the worst is when —
when you’re filming. So, when we start back
filming season four and we haven’t aired yet —
so we’re in, like, you know — Say, we’re in
episode five or six, and so we have a ton of things
that we’re hiding, and not even episode one
has aired yet. That’s when it gets
really difficult. -Yeah, because then you’re like, “What am I even doing
right now?” -I don’t know even what
people are talking about. It’s, like, unbelievable.
Yeah, and everyone’s like,
“What’s happening here?” And you have
so much information. -I know that you were — And
there’s no spoilers for this, but you are alive in the show. -I am. Yeah, spoiler alert.
Yeah. Thank God. Well, what happens with me —
You never know. Which is part of the brilliance
of the show. But you start to see
on the call sheets, like, so-and-so is going
for a mold of their head for their old-age makeup thing. And so-and-so is coming in early
for the age makeup thing. And here’s another person coming
in early for the age make– And I’m not on the thing.
I’m not on the list. -You’re like, “Why am I not
aging?! What’s happening?!” -Yeah, so my theory was —
I asked Dan Fogelman. He’s like,
“Well, this is how Kevin ages.” You know, I’m like,
“That makes sense.” So, no, I am — I am alive.
And so that’s good. That means that we can —
-He’s great, Dan Fogelman. He’s fantastic.
-He’s amazing. -Keeps me guessing
for every episode. Another great season.
Well done, pal. And congrats on the SAG Award.
-Thank you. -You won another SAG Award.
-We did. [ Cheers and applause ]
Thank you. We did.
-For Best Ensemble. -There we are.
It’s our second one in a row. And the first one —
-Good for you, man. -Oh, thank you. The first one we won,
we were at, like, table 2, which was right next
to the stage, so I felt pretty good about it. I was like — We were
all shocked when we won, but I was like, “We’re kind of
close to the stage. We’ll get right up there.” We come this year,
and we’re at table, like, 76 all the way in the back. And I’m looking
at Chris Sullivan, and I’m like, “Dude, there’s no way.”
-“Not our year, this one.” -And sure enough, it happened. So we got up there
and got another one. -It was great, and it was
actually a beautiful speech. Mandy said nice things. And you thanked
all of your parents. -Well, yeah, because without
our parents doing the nasty, none of us would be
accepting these awards. -Yeah, all right.
It was something like that. But I thought that was a nice — Are you getting any time off now that “This Is Us”
is not filming? -I am, yeah, so, well,
I’m working on a film right now up in Canada called
“The Exchange,” where my character has to —
He’s a former hockey player. So I have to learn to skate,
ice skate, and so I don’t know
how to ice skate. But I thought,
“How hard could it be?” I see people do it all the time.
-Sure. -Gliding around.
It’s like — I’m athletic. -Yeah.
-It’s not that difficult. So — Yeah. -So you’re out there,
and you find out that it actually is
very difficult. -It’s nearly impossible, Jimmy.
I’m not kidding. Like — I had three hours. I had three.
I was like, “Three hours? Three hours? I’m gonna be great,
give me three hours.” -“Give me ten minutes,
I could learn how to ice skate.” -You could have three years
and not be able to do it. It’s unreal.
-Thank you for doing this. You brought us in a video. Here is Justin
learning to ice skate. Take a look at this.
-Yeah. Just the speed of that
is amazing. -Oh, my God.
-This is going to work, man. -Now, that —
-This is going to work. -What you’re watching there
is hour three. -It’s hour three.
-I couldn’t — -That’s going to be
a great movie. -You can’t move. Yeah, yeah. So they have me wrapped up
like Bubble Boy. They go like this — I get off
the ice, and the director goes, “So I — You know, I saw the
video of you skating up there.” And I was like, “Yeah.” And he’s
like, “So we have a work-around. So don’t worry about it.” And they pulled me on a cart, and I was just, like,
kind of moving. -He’s not an ice skater anymore.
He’s a Zamboni driver. And he’s really good at that. They made it work, right? -I hope so.
I think they made it work, yeah. I was trying to make it
look like I was — He was like, “That’s not
even what it looks like if you were actually skating.” He’s like, “What are you doing?”
-Speed skating. You’re like… -But it was a good time. You could just see, like,
all the color on their face. They were like,
“Oh, we are screwed. -“It’s going to be a long movie.
Oh, no.” -“We need three years
to get this guy.” -Tell us about your other movie,
“Little.” -Yeah, so,
coming out on the 12th. And basically
it’s about this woman who kind of — She’s overworked. She’s stressed out,
and she kind of gets overcome by everything that goes along
with sort of being an adult. And she loses touch with kind of
how she’s treating other people. And so she gets transformed
into — It’s hilarious. She gets transformed
into the, like, sort of, kid version of herself.
-Yeah. -And then kind of receives all of the stuff
that’s she’s been getting. -So she’s like a little —
Like, a 13-year-old girl. But with the brain of — -Yeah, and it’s perfectly cast,
and this girl is amazing. -Yeah. And you have a good
slow-mo entrance, I will say. -The slow-mo entrance is
difficult because when someone says, “You’re going to have
a slow-mo entrance. We’re gonna slow it down
and everything.” You want — You’re like,
“Okay, I can do that on my own. I don’t need you guys
to do a slow-mo…” -You’re like, “Dude, have you
seen me ice skate? Hello?” -That was actually —
-“I’m pretty good.” “I know slow motion. Perhaps you haven’t seen me
on the ice. Hello?” But I still can’t —
Right now, sitting next to you, I can’t believe that I actually
let America see that clip. -No, it’s the best.
We love that. -Yeah, there’s no
taking that back. -No, no.
At least the good news is that no one’s going take that
and make that into a GIF. -This will be one of those
moments where it’s like, “Remember before
you let people see that? And then there was after
you let people see that.” -No. We’ll see what happens
in the movie. But I want to show everyone
this clip. This is you — This is you
being introduced in the film. -Yes, yes.
-Here’s Justin Hartley and Issa Rae — Oh, we love her.
In the new movie “Little.” Take a look at this. -There’s your teacher,
Mr. Marshall. ♪♪ -I get detention.
-Hi. -Hi. We are so excited
to attend this school. -This is Jordan. She’s feeling nervous
about joining your class. -Oh, yeah. Hey, listen.
Don’t be nervous, okay? Perfectly normal,
but don’t be nervous. I’ll be with you the whole time. -Promise?
-I promise. Your daughter’s adorable.
-Oh, it’s not my daughter. Ugh! That’s my niece.
-Oh. -And I’m April.
-April? Gary. -I’m single, but not looking.
I’m not desperate. Just hoping and available. [ Laughter ]
-They’re hilarious. -Oh, that’s great.
Justin Hartley, everybody!


I thought all Americans could skate😂😂 now I dont feel sorry for myself because me and Justin couldnt skate perfectly🤗🤗🤝

Yo, you are supposed to be in Ottawa filming!
See you in a couple of weeks. I'll be a townsperson extra. We can discuss my role for next season This is Us… plan to ask out Mandy Moore is almost complete.

Seemed like the kinda side swiped Little with all this other bull ish he was talking about….white privilege. BTW how in the H is he 45!!!! Damn!

He’s too underrated — he is 42, he is handsome, he is a pleasure to watch as an actor, he was an amazing Green Arrow, he is fun, he is unproblematic. This is Us is good too. I hope to see him in bigger stuff.

It's hilarious that the award given to a group of people who are famously obsessed with their looks and youth is called a 'SAG'.

Since Kevin is an actor does anyone else have a hard time telling the difference from "Kevin" and the actual actor??? Lol I feel like I'm just watching kevin

Passions, Green Arrow/Aquaman, Adam Newman (Y&R), to This is Us. He will always be Ollie to me. Love Justin he's so funny. He's BFF's with Booster Gold.

It's hilarious that the award given to a group of people who are famously obsessed with their looks and youth is called a 'SAG'.

That was funny ! So good and humble actor, whitout filters but always so "chic" & hilarious in the same time ! What an actor !

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