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Karate America De Pere Whiteboard Program Overview

Karate America De Pere Whiteboard Program Overview

Alley has always been a bright caring
kid but she was also a little shy. With her own friends and family she was happy
and engaged, yet she had trouble tackling new challenges and meeting new friends
at school. What Alley really needed was to be more confident in herself, to develop
the qualities of true leadership. And Ali’s not alone. Studies show that over
60% of children suffer from low self-esteem and its consequences. At
karate America we help kids like Alley discover the confidence they already
have inside. Our innovative and fun programs use martial arts, blended with
core learning strategies, to teach kids to be their best. Cultivating confidence
to handle life’s daily challenges. Focus and discipline to excel in academics and
sports. Respect and courtesy to treat others appropriately. And courage to know when to say “no” and make wise choices. Over the years our friendly and
experienced staff have witnessed countless positive transformations.
Through our karate based leadership programming shy children become more
confident. Children with ADD and ADHD become more focused. And all students
learn how to stand up for themselves, to live with integrity, be of greater
service to their families, their communities and their world; and become role models with real character. If you’d like your child to be part of America’s next generation of true leaders call us at (920) 983-7477 to learn more about our innovative programming today.

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