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Kevin Bacon is related to WHO?!?! * 18 true weird news stories! #DDWN

Kevin Bacon is related to WHO?!?! * 18 true weird news stories! #DDWN

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to let the world know that you’re a Weirdo! The island of Guam is experiencing a high
level of anxiety over North Korea’s threat to hit it with a nuclear missile. ***But, on the bright side, hotel prices are
now a real bargain. A bakery in California is refusing to make
a pro-Trump birthday cake for a 9-year-old boy.  ***Wait a minute… so it’s NOT okay to
refuse to make a cake for religious reasons, but it IS okay to refuse to make a cake for
political reasons?  Did I get that right? Kyra Sedgwick recently found out that her
husband of 29 years, Kevin Bacon is a distant cousin. ***Awkwaaaard! Researchers say that co-workers who hug get
along better and are more productive.  ***When they’re not being sued for sexual
harassment, that is.  The government will relax its rules that protect
the endangered sage grouse.  ***Finally!  Sage grouse… it’s what’s for dinner. McDonald’s is planning on doubling the number
of restaurants they have in China. ***So now they’ll have FOUR! The house that was featured as the setting
for “The Beverly Hillbillies” is up for sale — and has the most expensive real estate
price tag in the country: $350 million. It’s in the Bel Air area, near Beverly Hills.  ***But it comes with its own cement pond,
and that’s pretty cool. A study says the hearing rate loss may double
in the U.S. by 2060. ***For those of you already having trouble
IN THE U.S. BY 2060!!!! South Korea has introduced the first tax on
robots, out of concern they’re going to put people out of jobs.  ***So be looking for the robot uprising
in retaliation of taxation without representation.  In Southern California, 42-year-old Andrew
David Jensen made one bonehead mistake while allegedly robbing a home. He went to the bathroom – number two – and
didn’t flush. That left a nice pile of DNA evidence for
police that led to his arrest. The DNA profile put together by investigators
matched another profile in a national database and detectives tracked Jensen down at his
home in Ventura. ***Let this be a lesson to you, parents!  If you don’t teach your children to flush,
and they choose crime as a career, they might incriminate themselves when they poo-poo.  NBC’s comedy streaming service, Seeso, made
its debut in January but will be shut down before the end of the year.  ***If you’re fan of NBC’s comedy streaming
service — you’re probably the only one. Tuesday was election day for Kenyans and while
some citizens dealt with long lines and others protected themselves from rain and chilly
weather, a woman gave birth — and still voted. Shortly after the woman arrived at her polling
place she went into labor and, with the assistance of bystanders, gave birth to a baby girl. After a trip to a local health clinic, she
returned and cast her ballot.  ***She was inspired by people in Chicago who
often vote as two people.  Spike Lee is going to hold a rally at NFL
Headquarters to find Colin Kaepernick a job.  ***How awful of a person must you be that
Spike Lee has to come in and help you find a job?  Maybe move out of the country to somewhere
that hates America as much as you do, and look for a job there.  What’s for dinner? In Indiana it was 22,000 pounds of frozen
ravioli and jalapenos that went up in flames on an Indiana highway. The semi driver said he saw smoke and hit
the brakes. He stopped his truck, unhooked the trailer
and said the fire started shortly after that.  ***Uh oh, Spaghetti-O’s!  The longest personality study of all time
(published in Psychology and Aging) suggests that over the course of a lifetime, just as
your physical appearance changes and your cells are constantly replaced, your personality
is also transformed beyond recognition.  ***Meaning there might still be hope for that
brat kid at the next table who ruined our romantic dinner at the restaurant the other
night. New York City is excited about The Spotted
Cheetah, a pop-up restaurant (from August 15-17) that is completely Cheetos-driven–including
Purrfectly Fried Green Tomatoes, Cheetos Mix-ups Crusted Chicken Milanese and Cheetos Sweetos
Crusted Cheesecake.  ***Ah the power of cheese! In Fort Pierce, Florida, a woman bought a
couch through a Facebook ad. As soon as she got it home she decided to
call police, because along with the pillows and cushions she found a “greenish leafy substance”
that officers later identified as marijuana. The buyer also told police as soon as she
got home she got a text message from the seller to “call her as soon as possible.” The seller said she left an “item of value”
in the couch and wanted it back. When the buyer texted back that she was calling
police, the seller “began texting her using vulgar language and advised her she was stealing
from her.” Oddly enough, when police went to the seller’s
home and spoke with her, she suddenly did not want to file a report on the item she
had left inside the couch or report a theft.  ***In other words, “it’s my marijuana…
unless you’re calling the police, at which point I have no idea what marijuana is.” The city of Portland, Maine, is looking at
paying panhandlers $10.68 an hour if they’re able to work.  ***This makes perfect sense.  They are already spending all of their waking
moments looking for strangers to give them money – so working for government is the
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I "reddit" somewhere kevin bacon invented bacon. Hhmm. Also that mr teapot book sounds like its a small offshoot story from alice in wonderland

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