Kid Pro Skateboarder Vs. Amateur Adults

(rock music) – Hi, my name is Brighton Zeuner. I’m 13 years old and I’ve
been skating for 5 years. I’m a professional skateboarder. I won the Vans Park Series
Championship in Nammo, Sweden and I’m the youngest ever to
win a gold medal at X Games. (rock music) – What’s up? I’m Brett Hamilton, I’m 47 years old. I’ve been skating about 40 years. She’s only 13. I’ve been skateboarding three times as long as she’s been alive. I can do this. – Hey, what’s up? My name is Kenneth Leon, also known as Kenneth Lion. I’m 25 years old and I’ve
been skating for 12 years. I haven’t yet done any professional stuff, but I feel as if though I
could step up to the plate and I hope I come out this winning. – I’m going to challenge these guys to a kick flip over the hip, a drop in on the mini ramp, and a front side grind in the combi. I do these tricks all the time, so I think I’ll be able to land them. (upbeat music) – All right get ready. Get ready. (upbeat music) (ding sound) – Yeah, first round, ah shit. Here we go, I’m going
to try to back it up. – Bless the board. – Bless thee, bless thee. (rock music) (buzzer sound) (loud moans) – You got this. (buzzer sound) Ah shit. We’re in trouble right now yo. (buzz sounds) – I just landed the kick flip and you guys tried the kick flip. (slow sad music) – Who did better? Between the losers? – You flipped the board, but yours was harder because
you were going front side. – Mine was harder. Man, that challenge was super hard. I don’t ever go front side flip that way. – I need to cut back on all the fast food. I felt all the cheeseburgers in my stomach when I tried to jump up that thing. I’m ready for the next challenge. (rock music) – Do this, let’s go. (bell rings) Look at this. All day, let’s do it. – Wait, have you ever dropped in, ever? Go to the bottom and pump up to the top. – [ Brett] It’s like Medusa, don’t look. – [Brighton] Bend you knees. (beep) – How long did it take you
to learn how to drop in? – I’ve been around this huge skating scene so there’s like little baby ramps. I just started on the baby
ramp and worked my way up. – Let’s do it. Let’s try to. – You got this. – Do not lean back. Keep centered, okay? And you got it. – Ah shit dude. I’m (bleep) scared as balls bro. I feel my balls in my lungs right now. (bleep) everything. I’m not going for it (bleep) that man. I’m going to have to ride a bike home man. (bleep) that shit. I’m forfeiting to a 13 year old girl. She’s fearless. I am full of fear. – So me how it’s done. Come on. Killed it. – Thanks. You succeeded. – Thank you. – You tried it, unsuccessfully. – The next one, that’s going to be the hardest of them all for sure. – This is the last challenge, a front side grind in the comi bowl. – It’s super challenging for me because I go backside most of the time. Front side can be done, but it’s been a long time. I’m up for the challenge. I really want to do it though. – He’s going to be able to do it. Yeah. Well, yes, because you got it. (rock music) (buzz sound) (buzz sound) – Just got sketch out. (rock music) (buzz sound) No! What? No! I’ve done three tries so
this will be my fourth. – This is your last try. You’re fully padded, you got it. (rock music) (ding sound) – Yeah. Yes, what can I say. That felt really good. – That’s pretty intense,
intimidating and crazy looking and you did it. And now? (trumpet music) Drop ins are hard. I get it. – I really appreciate her
kindness and her skill. – I’m just blessed to have
her show me how to do it and push me to get back out there. – She won the X Games dude. This girl knows how to fly. She’s being real cool. I like her, hell yeah. Hell yeah. (upbeat music)

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