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– It is time to show Moon’s face. It’s time, it’s been long, How long have you been
on the channel now, Moon? – [Moon] No. – What? Over a year. Two years? – [Moon] Mhmmm. – You’re allowed to talk. It’s your face. – [Moon] Not allowed, no. No good Moon face reveal, no good. (laughs) – It’s been too long. We need to show Moon’s face. Moon has picked 30 memes
and I have five lives. She’s gonna show me those 30 memes. I have not seen those memes yet. Not at all. I have five lives to laugh. If I laugh five times or
more, we do not get to see the Moon face reveal. And I want you guys to see it. Obviously Moon doesn’t want us to see it, so she really needs to make us laugh, so these better be some good memes, Moon. – [Moon] Oh, it took me ages. – So we’ve got, I can’t, I really. If I laugh five times or more,
there’s no Moon face reveal. So, I’ve really got to try my best. I’m trying for you all to
get this Moon face reveal. So I’m gonna do this, okay. We’ve got them all on here. They’re all loaded up. I have not seen a single one of them. Moon picked them all. – [Moon] I’m reading the poem. – You’re reading them? – [Moon] I’m reading, the
picture comes up, I read it. And you like, not allowed, you’re allowed to grin. You’re allowed to talk. But not like not, or not– – No noise. – [Moon] No, no laughing noise. And your not allowed to hold, your like hand in front of your mouth. – No covering the face. – [Moon] No. – Alright, okay, we’ve
got the basic rules. We’ve got the memes, let’s just do this. And you’re reading them. Have you got them on your
phone at the same time? – [Moon] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Alright, okay.
– [Moon] The first one is. Oh, my favourite. Schmoop. (laughs) That’s it, you lost already. That’s one X. That’s good for me. It’s really good for me. Look at it, look at it! Schmoop! (laughs) It made me laugh. – No! – [Moon] It’s really good. – You’ve gone straight in
with your favourite one. – [Moon] Yeah, look,
look at his little face. Just look at it, look. – Oh, Moon. – [Moon] There’s gonna be no face reveal. – I’m sorry.
– That’s it. – I’m sorry everybody. – [Moon] They’re all gonna hate you. Loads of hate for Kill’em – [Moon] Gonna unsubscribe and all. – No. I got this, come one. – [Moon] Alright, next one. – Wait, wait, wait. I’ve got
to calm down from that one. Let me just calm down a sec. – [Moon] Me right now. Look at little dough baby. It’s a little dough baby! (laughs) It’s little dough baby! Okay, okay, you won that one. ‘Cause I already would have laughed out. That’s it, that’s it. Next one. – Yes. Next?
– Yeah. Thick. Look at nature being thick. Alright, ya done good, ya done good. – Where you get these from? These are really good. – [Moon] Yeah I know, I
know I know, I got my, as you call it.
– Are they all this good? – [Moon] Yeah. – This is gonna be so difficult. – [Moon] They all made me laugh – Okay, next. – [Moon] Alone in the bus. Suddenly think of a
joke from 9 months ago. Or he looks like he had
a really sour treat. Look. – I’m covering my face. – [Moon] Half one. – Can’t do halves. – [Moon] Yeah, it’s half. Look at his face, look. – You actually showed me
that one the other day. – [Moon] Yeah, I know. But it was still so
good it made you laugh. So I thought do it again. – So I’m one and a half down. – [Moon] Yeah. When teacher walks up
to you during an exam, looks at your paper and
shouts out guys please. make sure you read the
questions carefully. We all got that teacher don’t we? Look at his face. Alright, it’s not too funny, I know. – I like him. I’ve seen this, I’ve seen the meme before. With a different, I like
his face, that’s a good one. – [Moon] Yeah. Me pausing my music but
leaving my earphones in to eavesdrop on people’s conversations. It’s good on a bus or something. They think you can’t hear him. – Let me know in the comments below. If you’ve failed already,
this is difficult. This one. – [Moon] Next one’s me, next one’s me. When you decide to stay
in and save money instead of going out. I just like it because of the cat. (laughs) – [Moon] That’s it, another point, Thomas! (laughing) Oh yeah, I’m good at that. – Moon, how long have
you been saving these? – [Moon] I’m not long saving it, I’m looking for it long time. – Oh god! – [Moon] If you pull
yourself together big time. – Let’s go. How many have we in? – [Moon] I don’t know. When the teacher asks you if you have any questions, can you repeat
the part of the stuff where you said all about the things? – It’s hard because I can see your face laughing at me. And it makes me wanna laugh. – [Moon] I’m getting
married only after I finish school, get a job, and
stabilise emotionally. Go on. Next one’s me, next one, and you. I know it. How it feels when you go to the bathroom without your phone. Yeah. Next one’s long but really funny. I like it. What would you like to order today? I’ll have the pasta. Wow free bread tastes delicious. Here is your pasta sir. I forgot about the pasta. Do you why it makes you laugh? You know why? (laughing) Tell them the story! Tell them the story and
why that makes you laugh. I’m crying already, ’cause I’m laughing. ‘Cause that’s something
personally, tell ’em. – When the waiter brought us some bread to the table and Moon
thought it was her starter so she ate the whole thing. And then the starter came. (laughing) – [Moon] I swear it made me laugh so much. – Three and a half now? – [Moon] Yeah, yeah, I don’t know. Just keep goin. – I only got one and a half points left. – [Moon] Yeah. The next one is just funny. You have to make it, it’s
kind of a creative one. The nearest object to
your left is your weapon for the zombie apocalypse. What’s your nearest object? To your left. – Vape pen. (laughs) – [Moon] Here’s a really funny picture. So people know how he could help you in a zombie attack. When you eat cause you’re
sad but you’re not just fat, but now you’re just fat and sad. Alright. Typhoon is coming, I asked
the helper to have some precautionary measures, tape
the windows with adhesive. In large crosses, here’s what she did. Oh we can pray. – The Christ is on our side. – [Moon] Next one’s good. When you’re in the kitchen at
2:00 AM and you drop a spoon. (laughing) – [Moon] These aren’t even the best ones. It was just the warm up. – Oh what! I’ve only got half a point left. – [Moon] No, that’s the warm up. Next, ’cause I know next
one you’re gonna fail it. Next one. – No Moon. – [Moon] Next one. – Come on then. – [Moon] What’s Ice Cube’s real name? Icelandic cubicle. Alright, go on, next one, next one. Carbi B’s full name. Cardigan Backyardigan is really good too. (laughs) Benedict Cumberbatch real name. Benadryl cucumberpatch. Next one, next one. – Yo, if you’re enjoying
this we do similar stuff on second channel so make
sure you go subscribe. I’ll put link in description below. – [Moon] Next one, next one. Looking at posts from people
trying to sell mirrors is my new favourite thing. Look at bottom right, bottom right. Look at bottom right,
you have to look at it. You have to look at it. It’s hard though, isn’t it? I never thought about it, I
think I Googled it on eBay. I’m not even reading it,
just look at picture. Safety first. – I’ve seen that one
too many times already. Still makes me laugh. – [Moon] Ricky Gervais asking
the tough questions to god. Why did you make chocolate kill dogs? (laughing) – So nice. – [Moon] I don’t know why. It’s really terrible. Alright, oh god no, no. Next one. – No, I can feel all the blood in my face. This is, this is dangerous. – [Moon] The next one’s dangerous. – I can feel my eyes slightly pop when I hold laughing in so much. – [Moon] I know exactly that
with animals you get him. This dog looks exactly how
renaissance painters thought dogs looked like and I’m in love. My daughter just tried
pizza for the first time. The next one, the next one is a bit much. But I just liked it. I’ll sing for you, one to one only. Original songs about the moon and stars. Never before heard and I will pay you. He’s gonna pay you if you listen to him. – He pays you! (laughs) – [Moon] I would go for it, alright. Ed Sheeran’s new album. 15 cheesy singles. – That’s good. – [Moon] That takes you one,
my mom still hasn’t noticed. – What? – [Moon] When you see it, when you see it. – Yoda. (laughs) – [Moon] It took me, I
think I wouldn’t get it. I think I wouldn’t get it. Brace yourself for next
one, make a little break. Make a little break. Really think of something
sad, ’cause the next one’s gonna get you, it got me big time. My dog got a haircut
and now it looks like he gave up drinking. It looks like he’s sober. He’s like a different dog. Shout out to this hustler who tried to sell merch at the Crucifixion. – Nice.
– [Moon] That was last one. – That’s it? – [Moon] Yeah. – I did it! – [Moon] Half a point. – Oh yeah! Moon! – [Moon] No. – This is it.
– I’m goin’. – You for real?
– Yeah. – It’s time, I can’t believe it. – [Moon] How we end this video now then? – I just put a picture of you on and then fade it out. – [Moon] And I say bye. – Here’s a picture of Moon, enjoy. – [Moon] Bye. – Go subscribe to second channel. Link in description below. – [Moon] It is for real, bye. – Here’s Moon. (upbeat music)


Wow, you're a Lucky Guy!! Moon, you're Stunning Darlin!! You're hilarious as well, the two of you are very entertaining.

Imagine this wasn’t even her and for the last 7 months people thought that this is what moon looked like lol 😂

Moon is really cute. No offence to her, but I always thought that she was like 34 because she has such a deep voice. Now, when i say that, I do not mean to make moon feel bad. I hope you and moon have a nice life together!


From the sound of her voice, I would imagine she is a really Beautiful lady, I love the sound of her voice.

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