(KingSong) FutureWheel Switch Hands-On Review 2016

With the measurements of a briefcase, this unique and green electric unicycle is the best travel partner you can find. Now you might be thinking: “How do I keep my balance? And could I do this?” There’s a gyroscope in the monowheel that keeps it front-to-back balanced when you shift your weight. And yes, anyone can do this. Anyone? Yes, you heard me right. I said: “Anyone” Reach your destination in a flash, with a top speed of 25 km/h The unique switchable batteries allow you to adjust the maximum travel distance. Freezing temperatures, puddles and light rain are no obstacle for the IP65 tested FutureWheel Because of the precision-engineered shell. The Bluetooth Quad Audio System is capable of bringing the party anywhere you go. The comfortable feet rests are custom made for European sizes. FutureWheel keeps their riders safe by tilting the pedals back when reaching the top speed and when the battery is low. Driving in the dark has never been safer with the unique light-sense technology that automatically turns the lights on. You can say farewell to fuel prices. The FutureWheel is fully charged within an hour and has a maximum range of 23km per battery * You can see here, there is an USB port on top of the wheel that charges your gadgets and also your phone. Connect the FutureWheel to the Android app and experiment with adjustable drive-styles for different road conditions, to see what works best for you. For more information, or if you’d like to order one right away: go to All that’s left to say is: Love life, Enjoy the ride. And to all the viewers: Keep it wheel, baby!

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