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Luì help me!! I can’t move on! i Brake,brake Sofi Brake, brake brake Sofi Heeelp Day 149 Yes, sir. Yes,sir Good morning everyone!!! Help me Luì. I bang my head!! Heeeelp me Help meeee!!! Goog morning!!! I’m blocked! Help! Oh!!! I did it! Hi everyone!! He is Luì and she is Sofì and welcome to a new daily vlooog! A daily adventure to tell you our crazy lifeee! And he is my little Ray ! We also have to present him!! He has a diaper . If you don’t know why , I suggest you see plpl ll?Kj? STOP!!! All right, watch the video! Baby, we have to wear a diaper We have to put a diaper So, rise up this little leg. In this way, my lady Now…. come here, come here cat I hold him!! kitten Done!! oh oh!! He wears a nappy…. but he doesn’t tolerate it That’s right! For those who lost yesterday’s vlog.. we had to put this nappy on our little poop-haired ball becouse he did not stop pissing at homeee.. everywhere..continuously Look!! What a beautiful day loook!! there is the beautiful sun on Sicily!!! UH And this wonderful day represents our state of mind Indeed,(applause) “Signor S” has reached 8 millions of views And we are very happy Happy uuuuh The song “Signor S” likes everyone “Singing” What are my two fur balls (kaka pepe) doing? We are sunbathing, we are relaxing ourselves My dear, sweet artichoke (love), you still do not know it But, today is your great dayyyy Bigger than that??? YEEES!! came here! came here! What do I have to do? Sit down! Sit down! Look!! I’m watching.. I was going to break myself into a thousand pieces Let’s do it again! So, an hoverboard. I knew it very well, He is Scoot:our friend yes, I know you know it. As everyone knows, our dear sweet
“artichoke” Sofì can’t use the hoverboard mlm… Give me your hand! Please! Don’t hurt yourself!! How I get off??? Nothing.. Incompetent Looser… I’m a looser What are she doing?? I’M A LOOSER. Everyone can use it. (also my cousin, that has 5 ) Everyone knows that you are a looser . For this reason, why did I tell you that today is your great day? I don’t know. Why? Becouse you can use the hoverboard without falling Have you bought me a helm? ahahah no you don’t understand, Today we write the history : you will use the hoverboard without falling. Everywhere. Forever. I don’t understand. Did not you notice anything strange in your room today? How you did not notice it? It’s here. It’s enormous What’s that?? My dear little laboratory mouse artichoke poop-haired ball pee-pee Maybe, you wanted to say : looser Today, it’s here the best creation of all time. Are you ready?? I’m ready I don’t understand Ehmm.. I have to say that it is disassembled and it seems broken It is not clear But this is, my darling, the Scoot’s transformation From simple, stupid and dangerous hoverboard to go-kart Go-kart? Go-kart!!! I don’t know if you know what I mean. You sit down and you run, you speed!! Run and speed? Do you remember that I don’t like driving? I can’t use the hoverboard I’m a girl Make up, shopping, hair.. I don’t know if….. I understand. You don’t undestand. I have to became Armando to make you understand. No, no please. No Armando. That’s right. I will be a sports girl. Ok??? Little man Goooood!!
I want you like that!! Yeeeees But, there is a little problem. First of all I have to assemble that mess. Oh yes. You have to assemble it, becouse now it is disassembled WHY NOW??? (crying) So, time lapse in 3 2 1 …. Finisheeeeed!! Scoot has done his transformation An now, it has become Kart Wow!! Now, I understand what it is It’s cool.. very cool Can I sit on Scoot? Absolutely yes. It’s your moment! You must try it A foot.. The other foot How does it work? There are 2 levers But we need to know the most important thing, that is : how it brakes. First of all let’s light it Ohhh.. It is moving. Help! Help! Help! Help! What do I do? Forward Foward Brake! That’s right!! Ray move away!!!! help! help! help! help! help! She is leaving!! She is going to Ray!! Come with me! In this way, there aren’t dangers OK! STOP! Stop. We have a problem: this room is too small to drive a go-kart So I recommend to go outside Luì you are right. We have to carry Scoot in an outdoor place. But, where are we going? Between the mountains Uncontaminated nature, climbs and discendents Here you can drive Kart
quietly Climbs and discendents???I hurt myself Keep calm. We are going to Diana. Are you serious??? I’m so happy… who knows if she will recognize me after all this time we do not see each other I hope for you..otherwise…… You know your end Help! shortly after Dianaaa.. You are beautiful!! Come here!! I missed you But she is enormous!!
panda puppy I have to admit that I missed her wish of caresses. Look here! I think that she recognize you and It’s all right. Yeee.. Little Diana.. what beautiful are you Ehm.. How can I say? I’m scared becouse as soon as I stop caressing her, she gets agitated How can I stop? Do you caress her?? Come on Diana.. Stop I come in ! Byeee I’m ready for Scoot go-kart.. Scoot-kart I notice that you wear the pilot suit What’s that??? What would you say? This is a wonderful rainbow sparkling jacket, and I love it. Team trouts, Do you think like me? Is not wonderful? It’s new. Does it sparkle in the dark? I don’t know. I have to try it. Enough small talk. It’s your moment! Are you ready to speed between Heidi’s mountains with Goka-Scoot?? Yeeeeeesss I,m very ready 3 2 1 …go go go How does it go forward? It goes to the right or to the left You have to press both forward Cooool I can’t go forward. In my opinion, it is broken It’ broken How is possible??? Noooo you can not break yourself….. Kart-Scoot I try it!! Kart I believe in you.. Gooo It’s cool I can also slide. Look here! Luì, Are you ok???? Yes, I’m arriving Damn!! I can’t turn this side Is not the most amazing thing we ever done??? I have done it!!! Let me try again!! Wonderful surely it’s wonderful but only if you go fast.. I am afraid of speed Heeeeelp!! But little artichoke.. I believe in you! Put your feet here….. Goo!! OK It’s working! Help meeee I turn …. forward Luì help me! I I can not go on anymore Brake Brake Brake Brake Sofiii Ok.. I’m stopped.. All right.. It goes very fast!!! I go forward again Hi!!! My dear team trot I am pleased to tell you that Sofì finally an happy child…. LOOK HER Ok but now .. brake!! I want to try it too. You have already tried it.. It’s mine! No no no .. Where are you going? Came on Luì.. take a ride..
I’m getting up (LUì: finally!!) Nooo.. I was joking. Byee on foot loser My turn will come I assail you! Help, help , help Come on! I’m joking again!!!! How do I do??? I don’t know if it’s more amazing to drive the go-kart or to watch Sofì while she drives the go-kart Oh oh .. I found a branch and it doesn’t go forward anymore Team trouts, It’s official.. This absolutely is the most wonderful hoverboard in the world. Very well Scoot!! Yeah Today we had fun, so if
if you have not already done it, click on the button “subscribe” and let it explode!! How, Sofi? Pem pem pem !! However
today’s adventure finished and see you tomorrow with a new videoooo!!! Byeeeee You should not carry around it, but it should carry around you. That’s right!


Sofi Lui per frenare quando andate tanto veloce con scout dovete mettere tutte due le leve indietro mi mettete un cuoricino vi prego vi amo

Vi adoro ma ieri non mi avete messo il cuoricino vi siete fermati alla persona prima di me.Cmq vi ADORO 😍😍❤❤

Bellissimo il giubbotto di sofi'!!!!vorrei tanto provarlo anche io😂😂😂😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😝😝😛😛😛😜😜

Sarebbe bellissimo se sofì comprasse un hover board tutto suo e anche i pezzi, e vedere entrambi andare in giro così. Peccato che cosa un mucchio di soldi😑

Sofi lui il signor esse a degli agiliti loro sono bravi volevano scappare ma il signor esse il a scoperti il dobbiamo Abano agliutare andare sul canale si chiama signor esse

Vi amoooooooooo siete uniciiiiiiii Luìesofì la famiglia più bella di sempreee💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓#teamtrotre💛💛💚💚💙💙❤️❤️vi voglio bene yeyenininini🤙🤙🤙🤙

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