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La Bicicleta Electrica mas Barata ! Xiaomi Himo V1 Review

La Bicicleta Electrica mas Barata ! Xiaomi Himo V1 Review

In this video I will show you, an electric bicycle as I had not seen before. It’s probably the cheapest in the market and it is still great; I think you will like it a lot. The first thing that strikes you when you see it, besides its color which I think is amazing, is its size, which seems small. It has very small wheels and a very low frame; it looks like the Playmobil bike, it gave me that impression when I first saw it in pictures. But then, it changes a lot when you see it in person, it is more compact than small. That is, if you put a normal folding bike next to this one with 20inches wheels , the frame is the same height, what changes are the wheels, which are twelve and a half inches, it may seem small, but it isn’t that bad. What you achieve like this, is having a frame that occupies as little as the one of a folding bike, already folded in half, for example kept in a closet. Having no hinge mechanisms, the frame is lighter and resistant, as a BMX. Another thing is that the wheel, being this size, when you turn the handle the wheel has the same size of the pedals, so you can leave the bike very close to the wall. Then the handlebar has the same height as any normal bike and the saddle as well. So it’s as a compact car, where the driving position doesn’t vary, only the size of the car, or the bike in this case. By the way, the saddle is very comfortable, it is very soft besides absorbing all the vibration. Below, you have the edge nicely topped with a plastic, which is great, so that when you lift the bike you don’t break or dispel it. It is adjustable in height, with a quick fastener, as in almost any bike today. The only thing is that I doubted that it could be lowered down to the top, because the frame has a curve. Moreover, in the central protector, they have left a gap to put the hand and use it as a handle; this makes it very comfortable to lift. It weights something more than 16kg, but since you take it from its center of gravity, where you find the balancing point of weight, it doesn’t cost you anything to lift it and take it up the stairs comfortably; and if not, as you’ve seen, it fits perfectly in the elevator. One thing I’m going to criticize are the brakes; yeah, the light is great, when you press the handle it turns on and if you put the lights all around is illuminated. It has a rear disc brake, but in the front wheel it doesn’t have anything. And even if it slows down very well, cause it has regenerative brake at the back besides the disc and all that… I would have preferred that they had put at least a v-brake in the front wheel, just in case. The pedals are fine, they are the typical folding ones, which you pressed inwards and it they are “saved”. I honestly prefer the fixed ones, because you don’t save that much of a space and you avoid the trouble. The thing is that they don’t creak or anything, as it doesn’t the rack; in this aspect the bike is very resistant. You can lift it from there and it doesn’t move a thing; you can even get on it, which I wouldn’t recommend, but we’ve all done this sometimes. If you are wondering if you could go sitting there… it isn’t viable, not comfortable at all. The handlebar has a button for the horn, which sounds like ass, and one for the light, which illuminates very well. I don’t know if it is because it has two led lights, one which focuses above and a lower one, but even with the daylight, there is a difference when you turn the light. I can assure that the mudguards work well, I went through sandbars, took out the bike after it had rained and I didn’t get a drop of dirt or water on my clothes. Besides, they are resistant, you can hit them, bend them and they won’t break, they regain their form. The wheels don’t have a very deep drawing; they are mainly designed for the city, they even have roughnesses so it doesn’t slid in the turns if the floor is to plain. However, they work nicely on land, without any problem even when the wheels are from a brand I didn’t know a Chinese one, and I thought that they weren’t quality. At the beginning, I didn’t like the wheels, first for its design, which I prefer something more straight and second because I prefer it to have spokes; the good thing is that these are more resistant and you won’t loosen nor bend them. The electric motor is integrated in the back wheel, with 36 volt and 250 watt to make it legal. It has no gears, but you won’t miss them at all since you really don’t pedal in a bike like this. The pedals are as more as an ornament, now I’ll tell, and this makes the chain to be super tight; it isn’t going to get loose and you won’t have the typical wiggles when you go down anywhere. Besides, the ends of the chain are protected by some pretty soft rubber bumpers which are great, because if you carry the bike in the car, this part usually rubs with the tapestry and you can break it; however, with this one this won’t happen. Now something important: the pedals, as I’ve already said, are an ornament. First, who is going to pedal when you have an accelerator? And second, because this chainring is very small compared to one in a normal folding bike. Look, I’ll put one in front of another so you can see the difference. So the pedals are thought to use them in case you run out of battery or you don’t want to use it and you prefer to pedal at some point, you can do it being comfortable and able to climb slopes or do wheelies. The thing is that you won’t be able to reach high speeds, or change the chainring, because there isn’t space for a bigger one. However, I don’t see this as a big drawback, because having the accelerator and pressing it at its maximum, you can almost forget about the pedals; you will only need them to start, you need to pedal one time, and as soon as the bike feels that it is in motion, you can start using the engine. The finishing and fabrication quality is very good in general. The cables, for example, are inside the bike’s frame, so that they aren’t hanging or it doesn’t look ugly; everything is very well finished. It has a curious thing: the charger comes built in inside of the bike, only coming out the plug’s cable. It is inside this little bag, made of fabric and with zipper; then, the cable is springy-like, as in old telephones. The plug, at least in my country, needs a European adapter. The thing is that, when you plug the bike, you’ve to leave it very close, because if not, since the cable is springy, it can be disconnected. So what I did was cutting it… and boy! The cable is quite strong, it cost me a lot to peel it.The idea was to put the plug that I used, to avoid using adapters. Now, when I connect it, it doesn’t disconnect due to the spring tension. I could also have glued the adapter so it didn’t disconnect itself, but it seemed a bit lame. The battery has a light, which is red when charging and green when it is charged. You can also see the level of the battery on the screen, but I don’t find it very reliable. Its autonomy is up to 50km. This is real, if you aid it a bit pedaling on the outputs and all of this. Even so, what I did was to test it. The manual also says that you can do up to 30km without pedaling, which I think is a lot. The case is that I put it to the maximum, didn’t pedal at all, and to avoid trusting only the odometer screen, which has a total and a partial as in the car, I used a mobile phone with GPS to do the route, to actually see how much it lasted. The bike’s odometer said that I started with 9.5 in total; I also want you to take into account that it was really cold, about 5ºC and that affects the performance of the batteries. So, it probably showed less battery than it had in total; to give you an example, in electric cars, when in normal conditions the battery would last 527km, if temperature dropped from 20ºC to 0ºC it would last 473km. I also used it all the time with the throttle to its maximum, at maximum speed, which by the way is 23km/h even when it is announced as 20; and 22/21 if you go through soft land or stones, which makes it harder for the wheels. I went like this practically all the way, about 95% of it, and as you can see, compared to someone walking, it goes faster. But I also compared it with a normal mountain bike ridden by someone with experience, or at least it seemed so by the clothing and his legs, and then he told me that he did many kilometers and all of that. The case is that with the throttle, without pedaling I could maintain his speed all I wanted. Afterwards, in the slopes it was hard for him to go up, he had to stand up and he went slowly, and I could climb them without any effort. After checking that I could keep up with him, he told me that he was going on the road and there I said goodbye to continue my path, because what I wanted was to go through places you don’t usually go with a bike like this one. I wanted to test the battery as well as the bike, physically, to see if something broke, got loose, if it had slacks… test it to its limits. So with the exception of a couple of tranquil and beautiful bridges, the rest were stones like fists which can easily destroy a cheap bike from the supermarket and I say this from experience, it wouldn’t be the first time that I return home dragging the bike, even being a 26-inches one. So having smaller wheels, and going with it through more difficult places, I though the same would happen, and I would end up dragging it back home. And I wasn’t the only one, because I came across other people riding bikes with 29 inches-wheels and they said “how are you going with that around here, you’re going to break it!” “It sounds bad, you have it bigger than me!” (*the wheel) “It looks like a toy” “Yes, it is a bike for the city”. However, when I told them its features and they saw how goof it works, all of them where charmed with it, the same as with the drone, each time I used it, everyone asked me about it, they are things that caught other’s attention and which are cool to use. But of course, if you don’t like this and you don’t want to talk to anyone, or be looked at and these things, you’d better use a normal bike, and go as unnoticed as possible; but, I don’t care, if I like something, I don’t care what others think, but anyway everyone loved it. One thing that happened was that I didn’t pay attention to the kilometers I had made, or the battery rods in the screen, I was doing my own things. So, once I left the sand, and entered a park, I had travelled more than expected, and I had run out of battery when I was farthest from home. The battery lasted 25.5km, it said that at an average of 13.5km/h, but it was more 20km/h. It took me longer because I stopped a couple of times to talk to people take photos and to climb some rocks, which I found The thing is that it going at 20km/h average, going through rocks, with cold, etc, its battery lasts 26km, which I find great. The only thing I didn’t find great was having to return home cycling, because pedals aren’t very usefull to go fast and besides, I was surprised I didn’t get a puncture, because the way was full of thistles and spiky plants; but the bike arrived home perfectly, and the backpack, instead of carrying it in your shoulders you can put it by the chair fastened in the carrier baggage. Another thing I want to emphasize, is that even when the bike run out of battery at 25km I could do another 3.5 in eco mode, which is the minimum assistance, but I don’t recommend drain so much the battery so it lasts longer. Another thing I recommend to avoid having little creaks on the handlebar, where the fold is, is that you fix this piece, it is a lock so it cannot be opened without raising it up, but you raise it, squeeze the screws and it stays like that. And to settle better, since all things which are folding are basically two metal pieces almost rubbing, it’s good to put a rubber between the pieces. In this kick scooter, for example, what I did was taking a piece, printing it in 3D and it was perfect. But you don’t need this, you can take a bike wheel, the inner tube I mean cut it measuring to the place where you are going to put it, and then you avoid the creaks that appear with use Now about the price, I bought it in an offer at 395€, I ordered it two weeks before it was actually on sale, as soon as I saw it on the shop, because I had seen the news and I said “as soon as I see it, I will buy it”. The only thing is that the wait was very long, because I ordered it very soon and until they had stock, sent it and I received it, it took almost two months. If you order it now, it surely will arrive in a couple of weeks, but don’t be in a hurry when you buy things like this, and don’t pay fast shipping or anything, because with the free shipping you avoid to pay customs. For those who are two meters high or are not convinced by its size, there is a “plus” model. I haven’t seen it for sale, but it exists. And it has larger wheels, a better gear ratio, bigger chainring and frame, and also a brake front disc. It has everything to be perfect, but it is more expensive. Is it worth it? It is up to each one. I am delighted with this one and for me it isn’t worth it; and if I had to pay more, I would directly but the other xiaomi model, the QiCycle, which even if it is more expensive with the same autonomy and power, for me its design is art. This is very handy, as a digital clock, and the other with the batteries inside the frame, all removable…much nicer and with gears, so the price is fair in both cases; each one chooses if they prefer luxury or practicality. is better idea to lift from the frame than the seat, yeah.. i go trought a kids excursion this is for small kids


Respondiendo las preguntas tipicas.

* "Que es mejor, el patinete o la bici?"
Depende de tus necesidades, son igual de buenos.
– Quieres ir de pie, por ciudad, y meterlo plegado en sitios pequeños = patin
– Quieres ir sentado, por el barro/piedras, y te da igual que ocupe algo mas = bici

* "Te paga xiaomi? te regala los productos?"
No, ni siquiera he hablado con ellos.
Si sabeis de otra marca fiable y barata que haga cosas asi poned enlaces que los miro.

* "Por que no subes un video de coches todas las semanas? o mas videos!"
– Comprar un coche = 1000€ (minimo) / mantenerlo cada año 1000€
– Restaurarlo = Se tarda semanas o hasta meses, depende como este.
Voy a mi ritmo y haciendo lo que me gusta.

* "Para que tienes tantas bicis? o patinetes y cosas similares."
Si tienes 4 coches a ojo son 4000€ menos al año aunque no los uses.
Una bici no cuesta "nada", la compras, la disfrutas, y luego la vendes casi por lo mismo.

* "Me gustan las tomas falsas, pon mas"
Eso solo depende de cuanto la cague, igual en un proximo video hablo del tema.

Hola, he leído que la batería tiene una vida útil de 500 cargas entonces se puede cambiar la batería? Porque he buscado información sobre eso pero no he encontrado nada

Como mido casi 2 metros fui a mirar el precio de la plus y la diferencia con la Qicycle de precio casi es inexistente. Como que me sale mejor cuenta hacerme con el hermano mayor.

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Hola vicesat, puedes hacer un video trucando esta bici que sirva también para la himo v1 plus que coja más velocidad o que tenga más autonomía?.

Tuve una parecida la dyu, pero la cambié por el patinete de xiaomi porque no me daba mucha autonomía, pero esta creo que si que da una autonomía decente

La bici la dejabas fuera en la calle cuando querías entrar en un super o algo así? Porque en España hay mucho amigo de lo ajeno. El patín lo bueno que tiene es que puedes meterlo donde quieras, en el super o donde sea

Muy buen review, como siempre pero se echa de menos un poco de demo con los regimenes de asistencia a la pedalada. El Low y Mid se refiere a que asiste en lugar de ir solo con batería o simplemente es velocidad mas baja?
Por ejemplo, si pillo un poco de subida empinada y los 250 no dan, pedalear ayuda?
Gracias y feliciades por tus estupendos reviews desde Barcelona.

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Me gustan tus videos pero pones barata yo se que no va costar 1 dollar no pero cuesta 495 dolares dondo yo vivo son 359 mil colones tu piensas que uno es rico no quisas tu si pero porfa no pongas titulos falson gracias codigo en la tienda grefg esta muerdo si ya me pase casi se me olvida abajo a la deracha en apolla un creador pones grefg ya esta muerto y wooooo

Hola Vicesat, grandes videos! Quisiera saber como puedo contactar contigo para que me cuentes como conseguiste esta bicicleta antes de que saliera a la venta a ese precio, ya que quiero comprar la Himo C20 y me interesa mucho el precio de partida que tiene ahora, por eso que aprobecharia para pillarla ahora. Gracias!

A ver: eso para una persona de más de 170 cm No Sirve. Y con esas "ruedecitas" se te queda pillada en una alcatarilla. Especificaciones: Peso M= 100Kg.
Bicicleta para Chinos o Niños. : -) Lo que mola mazo es Trike Recumbent : -)

Podrías decir ventajas e inconvenientes de las dos bicis eléctricas de Xiaomi, la plegable y esta que pruebas en el vídeo y cuál recomiendas.
Es que en el vídeo no has hecho alusión ninguna a la otra bici que pruebas en otro video.
Cuál recomiendas??


Esa bici esta muy bien,pero a más el kit imortor,lo que pasa con lo del coche es que si..Un coche es más gasto pero siempre es 1000 veces más cómodo y rápido que cualquier bici moto patinete..Además la industria de los coches es una estafa piramidal venden coches nuevos a precio de oro cuando son una mierda. Mi coche es del año 1999 y es duro como una roca..chasis..Las suspensiones tienen 160.000km y todavía no suenan mal…eso si…Un coche antiguo consume 8 uno moderno consume 4…pero el moderno se te rompe a los 150.000 el antiguo a los 300.000…he visto un opel astra 1.6 16v gasolina como el mio con 550.000km y no tenia ni una pieza de serie solo el bloque motor…y caja cambios reparada …El coche sonaba a gloria. ..voz fuerza como el primer día. ..La conclusión es que una bici eléctrica puede ser útil si eres mensajero o vas al trabajo y a por el pan…pero el coche sigue siendo el mejor invento jejeje
..mi conclusión es

Jajaja la más barata claro casi 1000 euros pa eso me compro un patín que cuesta 200 euros y va igual y más cómodo y moderno

Enhorabuena por el canal , me gustaría que hicieras un vídeo sobre lo que comentas de impresión 3D para hacer piezas como la goma para evitar ruidos …Un saludo

Esta bici es una mierda. Me ha llegado hace poco y lo que no dices en el vídeo es que no sube cuestas sola ni con la ayuda al máximo, hay que pedalear. Sólo sirve para ir en llano, porque tiene muy poca potencia para lo que pesa. La misma cuesta con el patinete de Xiaomi se sube sin problema y a 20 por hora.

Mi consejo: compraos un patinete eléctrico y no esta mierda!

Hola! Estaba interesada en la Inmotion P1F (sin pedales). Veo que esta bici es muy similar aunq la batería ocupa todo el cuadro. Creo q la Inmotion es más ligera y más pequeño. Veo por tus otros vídeos q eres bastante experto en movilidad en general, con este modelo no creo q sea posible pero me gustaría preguntarte tu opinión sobre la Inmotion P1F lo siguiente: ¿crees q se podría modificar para q se plegase por la mitad? (Teniendo en cuenta q por dentro del tubo van cables y desplazando la batería un poco hacia un lado). Muchas gracias.

Que tal? Hemos visto que te paseas por el parque europa jejeje sitio que nosotros visitamos de vez en cuando. que envidia sana nos das con tanto invento jejeje. Un saludo

Al no tener amortiguador te se hace el culo duro? Y Bajo una intensa lluvia funcionaria sin problemas? Y mejor la v1 plus? Gracias

Yo mido 1,82m ¿Es comoda para esa "bici"? Te lo pregunto porque he chateado con la empresa y no me han sabido responder. Gracias y muchas gracias por compartir tus videos.

No se si es el mas barato – yo me compre fiido d2 en enero 2019 de gearbest ( china) por 398 euros con 7,2Ah bateria 250watios motor .

No estoy de broma . Estoy a punto de vender mi coche y pillarme una bicha de estas . Ya estoy hasta el pene de pagar impuestos , gas -oil , multas , impuesto de circulación

como se nota que te han pagado un paston por lamerle el culo a esa marca porlomenos no seas tan comeculos y critica un poco que no toda la bici es perfecta

Porfavor necesito saber cuanto cuesta y donde comprarla ,llevo mirando un tiempo y va cambiando mucho

me parece bien yo necesito uno para ir al trabajo y como no tengo plata mandame esa ya que tienes bastante bici mandala a venezuela

QUERIA COMPRAR UN PATÍN POR CONSIDERARLO MAS PORTÁTIL Y PRACTICO PERO ME ESTOY ENAMORANDO DE ESTA BICI Y COMO MIDO 1.50 NO importa que se vea pequeñita lo único es que ya tengo 40.años no vería muy ridícula en una cosa de esas? pero todo lo que me ahorraría de uber y camiones

Me gustan mucho tus videos, por casualidad vendes tu un monopatin eléctrico que no uses? Vivo en Italia

Tus videos son deslumbrantes, te felicito!
En el 1:03 se observa una Robstep racing pero no tenes ningun video hablando de la misma! Podrías dar cátedra y realizarlo, lo espero con ansias.
Gracias y saludos desde Argentina che!

Gran vídeo!! Gracias por tus aportaciones!! Yo la compre en aliexpress y me mandaron la v1 s en vez de la v1 por 415 euros. Estoy muy contento con las prestaciones de la bicicleta pero desde el principio cuando pasa de los 15 km por hora comienza un pitido que continúa hasta una vez esta parada la bicicleta por muchos minutos. En las instrucciones chinas no dice nada( mi chino es muy básico jejejeje) a alguien le pasa lo mismo? Gracias y un saludo

hubieses dado una informacion buena dando la velocidad minima. Saber si un minusvalido, puede seguir sus familiares que andan. Y como siempre. No se ve lo mas importante para uno,

Ese engendro no es bicicleta según normativa Vigente, y cada vez están mas inflexibles con el tema. Ni es bici ni es moto ni es nada. Al deposito municipal previa denuncia.

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