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okay Steve you ready to show them the
big surprise oh yeah I’m gonna go and get the keys hi let’s go oh yeah wow
what is going on Sharer’s welcome to the vlog if you ever noticed today’s vlog is
going to be totally crazy so you got to stay until the end because we have the
coolest most epic surprise ever so you gotta stay tuned it’s the coolest it’s
the cool say I promise you you’re going to think oh that was so epic so stay
tuned till the end of the video because it’s going to be one incredible epic
surprise alright nothing all this water trampoline wait wait wait I’m trying to
get on this is very hard to get on the water trampoline you got to jump from
this water mat onto the water trampoline and it is very high off the water
alright let’s try this let’s see if I can get on three two one jump oh come on
come on come on yes Oh oh yeah oh and there comes Carter whoa what’s going on curly just kind of stuck on the water
trampoline right now hey Steve do you want to do something epic today
oh yeah sure let’s do something epic today all right let me get off this
water trampoline ah I got to get down without falling in I know I got to be
careful I don’t want to fall in here we go three oh no I’m totally gonna miss
I’m totally gonna miss and fall in three two one oh okay I got a little wet oh
that was crazy almost fell in I made it off though just a little bit wet so
here’s what I’m thinking Cher’s we’re gonna do the epic challenge I’m gonna
try to do something and make it as epic as possible and Steve is gonna do
something as epic as possible and then you will vote whoever did the most epic
thing oh yeah sounds like a plan then we have
this super epic surprise to show you so Carter let’s get this vlog started I
can’t wait I’ll go first let’s go
my epic challenge is gonna start on the dirt bike Oh chairs for those of you who don’t
know Carter is really really good at there but he can do jumps he can do
tricks he is crazy on the dirt bike and he’s
also really good at riding bikes in general check out this ramp that we made
he does a backflip off it into the pond it’s so epic oh yeah
there Carter goes come on Carter go go go go go go oh yes all that was perfect
I think the first set of tricks card is gonna start with are some wheelies
you’re gonna do some real ease oh nice a stoppie okay he’s lining up he’s gonna
come up the hill and he’s gonna pop some wheelies let’s do this
oh yeah fresh fresh fresh whoa nice kata oh yeah Carter that was good oh he’s
going for a jump now okay somebody come up here the hill he jumps off he goes up
here and he gets so much air off this hill is crazy oh yeah he also goes super
fast it’s absolutely insane oh that was awesome do that again oh oh yeah here he
comes whoo he’s got some speed
oh nice look at that distance that’s so far that’s crazy
no the same jump that in the music video Oh Cher’s we should get carted to do
this ramp that’d be so sick go off this on the dirt bike or he gets so much air
hey Carter you think you’ll be able to jump off that ramp right there
oh yeah I can I’m gonna step things up and make it super epic today sweet let’s
do it I’m so excited he’s practiced in lining up for that jump so here is a
close look at the jump this is something Carter built himself it’s pretty cool he
welded the metal here and then he bent the boards and laid them on flat like
that so it has a perfect curve the next we’re gonna do to this ramp is paint it
and make it look super super cool so if you have any ideas on what cool colors
we can use to paint it what kind of stuff we should paint on it
comment below oh yeah get ready for Carter to jump off this thing it’s gonna
be crazy all right let’s see if Carter’s ready you ready to jump off this thing
Carter oh yeah comment #DirtBike if you think I can jump this bike already no no no okay never mind
whew he’s just warming up you can call that hill the baby jump he’s getting
ready for the big jump is he going is he going for it oh my god
she’s going for it oh no Wow oh my gosh car that was crazy
Wow Wow that was so cool that was awesome I got old like oh yeah oh that was so awesome shares that was
so much fun Carter that joke was so crazy I know
just shot me up into the sky I was like fly was like war this is crazy party
it’s so cool to watch you just like woo and then boom maybe you take off and
then really really woo sheriff’s that was my epic challenge of the day Stephen
now it’s your turn oh yeah my turn to something epic let’s go down to the pond
and let’s do it oh yeah according meet me at the pond
let’s go or I guess I’ll meet Carter at the pond he’s a lot faster on that who
actually before I go to the pond I’m gonna grab one thing to make this even
more epic let’s see oh yeah this should definitely do the trick I might be going
down to the backyard pond but I’m leaving this right here by this tree you might be
wondering why I’m gonna leave this all the way up here well shares if you don’t
already know you’re about to find out alright let’s strap in let’s get down to
the pond whoa okay I need one more thing yeah see how you get to the pond while
standing on the wakeboard oh yeah shares check this out in three two one oh yeah
here we go you’re crazy Wow
oh wow that was so cool oh there’s so much water splashing out that’s awesome
Oh Cher’s if you thought that was super epic told me to comment hashtag Stephen
oh yeah you did it that was so much fun you know what I can’t end the day
without they’re gonna flip off the trampoline oh you do a back water
trampoline let’s do oh let’s do it all right Stevie just gotta figure out
how to climb up there the trampoline so high out of the water it’s hard to climb
up all right you did it all right Steve do a back flip on the trampoline and
then a backflip off the trampoline in three two one whoa that was awesome
oh yeah I can’t wait this is my favorite when you jump off the trampoline into
the water it’s so cool all right Steve you ready all right give us a countdown
oh yeah that was awesome chairs let’s go back up to the house yeah we gotta go
show you that epic surprise Anatomy so crazy let’s do it let’s get up and show
you guys maybe that today’s epic challenge was
awesome don’t forget to vote for who you thought was most epic hashtag Stephen if
you think he was the most epic it hashtag Carter if you think I was the
most epic today yeah sharer’s now it’s time to show you the super epic surprise
we’ve been waiting for there’s this is gonna be so awesome we can’t wait to
share this with you don’t forget if you have any awesome ideas and what we can
do with this surprise we’re about to show you always comment down below we
always love your crazy epic ideas. Okay Steve you ready to show them the big
surprise oh yeah I’m gonna go and get the keys hi let’s go do it. you won’t forget (grabs new lamborghini key) my word has to understand (lamborghini start) whoo that was totally awesome Stephen. Yeah
we hope you love this epic (lamborghini) surprise yeah and if you guessed it right (new lamborghini) don’t forget to
comment in the comments below oh yes yours I just realize Carter we
got a name this thing oh yeah a car like this definitely needs to have an awesome
nickname mm you know what I’m thinking so it is a Lamborghini and it’s for all
of you shares so what if we called it the SharerGhini (lambo plus Sharer). Yeah, it is for everyone it’s for
all the sharers oh yes there is this Lamborghini is for each and every one of
us oh and share as you all set to comment
what crazy stuff you want us to do with this Lamborghini new car yeah hashtag Lambo (#lambo) and you’re
crazy epic idea well we hope you liked the
surprise it’s totally epic we hope you loved it yeah shares this new car reveal is a surprise
to celebrate 1 million subscribers and the “Share The Love” music video we’re gonna do some
crazy stuff with this car so give an awesome name and come up with
your crazy epic ideas on what we can do with this hey guys comment right now
what do you want us to do with this new Lamborghini
oh yeah and until next time you know what to do stay awesome and share the
love peace


W to be the first half of the day before Jimmy kk mm and I don't, I get point to be able and I have no clue how

But I don't know if you have a problem with the idea that you have to be 6AM to 1AM every time they have the opportunity

For the ramp you can put the share the love logo in the middle of the ramp and paint the ramp lime green

man your vlogs are so good 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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