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Lamborghini Veneno 1:14 Scale From Best Choice Products Review!

Lamborghini Veneno 1:14 Scale From Best Choice Products Review!

Wha-wha-wha-what’s going on guys, Dingy Dawg here! I am sorry I haven’t done an upload in quite a while, I’ve just been busy with other things, and today we’ve got an awesome RC review! This is the 1/14th scale Best Choice Products Lamborghini Veneno RC Car! It’s a very unique vehicle, it has this transmitter, which we will get to later. It’s 27 MHz, with a flexible antenna. Unfortunately you cannot race with friends, We tried doing different cars at the same time, and it didn’t work, some of them were stopping spontaneously- Yep, 27 MHz. The batteries are rechargeable, It’s 5 nickel cadmium “AA” batteries, and they are in the bottom We kept this on without a screw There is a screw, but we thought it would fit just fine, and it does. I hate screw battery containers! Yep here they are. They’re green, and Sam, do you have any words on this? This is not my car, this is actually Sam’s, and he brought it over here so we could do a review. YA KNOW GUYS, UM, I’m really impressed with the Veneno so far, and the quality of it. and I’m really surprised with the speed of it because I was expecting a very slow Lamborghini, You know very “elegant” you know, but I’ve got to say, it goes around, what Dingy Dawg? Like 12… 8-10 MPH it looks like it’s going faster since it’s not TOO big It’s pretty big, but it’s not too big. It’s actually more about the size of my forearm Just a little bit bigger than 1/16 scale so it does fit in 1/14th scale. You know guys, I gotta say it’s a very fancy car. You know, you gotta see you know the butterfly doors they both open and you know with the remote, that we’ll get to later, these buttons actually open up the butterfly doors, and if you look in the back it actually shows the engine! Right Dingy? Yeah, it’s got this awesome engine. It’s scale. It’s scaled down It doesn’t have any moving pistons or anything. It’s just a molded piece of plastic, but it sure looks cool! And you know guys this was on Best Choice Products for about $40 I think $39.99, free shipping and handling and you know I’m really surprised because it came very quick guys. You know, for free shipping It came in about two days, and I am very impressed with that right Dingy? Yeah, it’s great to have things that ship quickly! You know Dingy, I’m gonna show them the remote now, and you know guys, This is the probably one of the coolest remotes I have seen yet, because you know it shows that it’s got the turning right here And it’s got a brake right here And then this is the gear shift as you can see when I say and also It actually has signature Lamborghini Sounds as you go turn it on You have the setting to in Reverse, it makes a beeping noise, In Neutral it just shows the engine, in Drive it has like an engine noise, right? But if you go here, you have a mute setting, which turns it off, but you also have a horn setting Pretty cool, right? And then if you look here, as I was gonna tell you, As I told you before, you have the actual opening butterfly doors *car doors open* Automatic 100%! Exactly Dingy! And you know guys? What I’m very surprised about this car is that it actually has like two settings and it can go from It has a real just turning setting, but it also has a sensor setting right here! Which, you see, if I turn to left its gonna turn the wheels to left If you see here, see? It turns to the left, if you turn it to the right, it turns to the right But also, if you look here guys Dingy, look. If you look right here These buttons right here on the side here? This one makes the wheels go forward, and also the headlights work Fully working headlights, and this one makes it go backwards, the taillights Very neat car right? It’s great! Yeah, detailing is really good It’s back wheel drive, rear wheel drive, it also has suspension, which is actually kind of surprising for a $40.00 car however it is kind of stiff and It’s independent in the front, and in the back you’ve got a live rear axle, so it swings back and forth But you can press it up and down Good, also if you look inside the actual Lamborghini it has the actual seats and if you look inside You actually have the signature Lamborghini door which is a very surprising thing I? *He meant steering wheel, not door* I mean not door, the steering wheel if you look very closely see that it’s pretty cool Any words, Dingy? No remaining words, it looks like a very awesome car, it looks like a very great vehicle. Alright, well enough of us yapping about it, let’s just see it drive! Make sure you drive it in the frame! *wind* I am really interested with the performance of this car. You know of course you see again the butterfly doors? I am just addicted to these things, guys! And you know, now I will switch to the actual sensor setting for you So you see this of course and now look as you see here now it turns. See, is that super cool? I really like this setting because it allows you to get more speed in some ways. But in other ways it doesn’t Back to you Dingy, any words? Audio’s probably really bad, I’m sorry! *wierd laugh* All right, well yeah guys! That was pretty much the driving of the Lamborghini Veneno– *camera hit* *laughing* Yeah guys, you know I am really impressed with this car and THERE’S LITTLE BENNY! (the dog) No, I’m not gonna show him. Wait…where did the Lambo go? It’s all the way back there! Oh my gosh! Peace out! Be sure to subscribe for more videos Also like and share, share it if you don’t want to subscribe, maybe others will. BYE!


I have a question, I own one of these Lamborghini Veneno, Somehow I can't control it, Can you help me? Thanks.

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